What does OBJ Mean on Facebook in 2023? OBJ Meaning?

What does OBJ Mean on Facebook in 2023? OBJ Meaning?

Have a look at "OBJ" Meaning on Facebook in 2023! - Facebook is a well-known social media platform where people post whatever they want. While posting something, you surely expect wonderful emojis to clearly show your Facebook friends what you mean. But what if it does not happen?

What you would do if the Facebook platform replace its emojis with a dotted box saying “OBJ”? you need to know what “OBJ” means on Facebook as well as you need to know why this kind of thing is happening to you.

First of all, this is a very common occurrence so, you can rest assured that many people have already experienced the same thing. Many users do not know why this kind of thing is happening and they are looking for an appropriate answer. Luckily, we are happy to inform you that we have the answer.

“OBJ” is nothing but a dotted box symbol. This symbol represents the “object replacement character.” It might seem weird as it is not previously an abbreviation. But Facebook uses “OBJ” to state an object. From a technical perspective, when you see anything on any web page is an object. The symbol “OBJ” describes those objects that Facebook is unable to display on your screen.


What does “OBJ” mean on Facebook?

What does OBJ Mean on Facebook in 2023? OBJ Meaning?

“OBJ” in Unicode

When OBJ occurs on Facebook, it is working as a placeholder in Unicode. Mainly, Unicode interprets thousands of symbols as well as emojis. But sometimes, it shows OBJ if there is an incompatibility present.


Why “OBJ” does occur on Facebook?

When you are wondering the reason why this kind of thing occurs on Facebook, you should know the technical details. Otherwise, you will unable to find the right solutions for this kind of problem. Sometimes Unicode interprets the emojis and Facebook shows the “OBJ” when you use emojis. 

Every time the “OBJ” is not displayed on your screen. The reason may be the software. It means your device needs software updates as the Unicode cannot display that particular emoji from another software.

Technical details are required to know to figure out why the “OBJ” is displayed on your screen. We will let you know some common reasons why the “OBJ” appears on your screen.


Reason 1: Software error in Android

Most of the time the problem lies with a bug that corrupts the system. It prevents the Unicode from interpreting various languages on your device. Thus, the “OBJ” dotted box popped up on your screen. If you are using your Android device and the “OBJ” dotted box still appears then the fault could be a software bug.

Emojis, images, or characters could have occurred due to an error that might be come from the Facebook app or might be a problem with libraries. This kind of issue is not tough to be solved with a system update.


Reason 2: Voice-to-text in iPhone

iPhone users often use dictation mode to compose comments or posts. Users who use this mode to compose comments or posts mostly face this kind of problem. When a user uses dictation to compose posts or comments often notice that an “OBJ” dotted box occurs instead of emojis. Before using dictation mode, you should know that Facebook is made the software that is different from the iPhone which is why this type of issue occurs.

IOS software is a different level of software than the software Facebook uses. The Apple translator interprets might not be possible for Facebook to show emojis. That is why the software display “OBJ” instead of characters, or symbols.


Reason 3: Apple’s emoji library

As you already learned a reason why “OBJ” occurs on iPhones. Apart from this reason, you can update your IOS when you see that the emojis and characters are replaced by the “OBJ” dotted box. If you update your IOS, then the emoji library of IOS will update automatically which is helpful to iPhone users.

But the process is might not helpful for Android users as the set of emojis does not have the same feature for Android. In that case, when iPhone users post emojis, the emojis may appear as the “OBJ” dotted boxes on Android devices. Only Apple users with updated Apple emoji libraries would be able to see the emojis.


The process of removing “OBJ” from the Facebook post

When you see that the “OBJ” occurs on your screen, the first thing that comes to your mind that how to remove “OBJ” from the Facebook post. Now you understand that this kind of issue come due to a software bug on the device or Facebook App. 

To solve this issue, you can update the OS of your device. if the “OBJ” occurs from the software, then after updating the OS of your software the problem will be solved as the emojis will display instead of the “OBJ” dotted box.

However, if you are an iPhone user and notice this problem while posting on Facebook then the Apple emoji library may cause the “OBJ” dotted box. Then updating OS is not the solution. In that case, updating the Apple emoji library might be the solution



We are optimistic that you understood what the “OBJ” mean on Facebook App. Also, what do you need to do when you see the “OBJ” appear on your device whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user? If you figure out the reason behind this issue solving the problem is very easy.

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1. What is the meaning of the “OBJ” dotted box?

The meaning of the “OBJ” dotted box is the program can’t interpret the emojis or characters. Most of the time it happens because of outdated OS or Facebook.

2. Why does the “OBJ” occur on Facebook App?

“OBJ” is a placeholder in Unicode that replaces the character or emoji when the software of your device cannot decode.

3. What is the full form of “OBJ”?

The full form of “OBJ” is “Object replacement character”.

4. How to remove the “OBJ” from Facebook?

Updating the OS of your device may remove the “OBJ” from Facebook if you are an Android user. If you are an iPhone user then update your Apple emoji library which most of the time causes the “OBJ” on Facebook.