KMS Mean on Snapchat in 2023! - Explained!

KMS Mean on Snapchat in 2023! - Explained!

Are you looking for KWS Meaning on Snapchat - Slang which is used in social media can be tricky because it does not have a dictionary. So, there is no way to find acronyms. Acronyms are not uncommon on social media platforms. “KMS” is one of them. Acronyms are used in messages while two people are having conversations or in group conversations on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

So, the question is what is the meaning of “KMS” on Snapchat? Of course, the word “KMS” does not stand for kilometers on Snapchat. It means “Kill Myself”. Usually, “KMS” is used as a melodic expression to demonstrate faux to your beloved one, bae, or friends. It may be a threat of suicide or it might be expressing, melancholy, disdain, or grief on a more severe level.

“KMS” is used sarcastically to express dissatisfaction with someone or something. As an example, if your face ID fails to function while using that time you can use the word “KMS”.


What does “KMS” mean on Snapchat? KMS is slang!

KMS Mean on Snapchat in 2023! - Explained!

Exaggeration of sentiments is an elementary concept of acronyms. There are a lot of examples we can say such as WSG, WTM, KMS, or GTS. When someone uses the word “KMS” it does not mean that the person is seriously thinking to kill himself. It means the person who is using this word exaggerates or overreacts to an adverse event.

The word “KMS” is used in many places to express how distressing or incorrect something is. If anyone uses this word sincerely still it is alarming and should be considered. On the other hand, KMS is a famous app among teenagers. Presently, most teenagers use this word to express their dissatisfaction with any kind of post which is shared on social media platforms.


Another meaning of KMS

Well, we are familiar with the meaning of “KMS”. But along with this meaning, it has many full forms such as “Kill me slowly”, “Kiss my swag”, “kill myself”, “Killing me softly”, and “Kiss me silly”.

You need to know other terms on Snapchat

In addition to “KMS”, you should know other Snapchat terminology. Along with this term, the other terms are “GTS”, “WSG”, and “WTM”. Many teenagers frequently use these terms.


Kill Myself

“Kill Myself” is the most common meaning of the “KMS” on Snapchat. And this term is mainly used by teenagers and adults. This can be used to express exaggerated feelings of anger. As well as you can use this if you are upset and would instead choose to die though it does not mean you truly want to die.

Priya:  Maya will be at the birthday party too.

Deva: God! I’d rather KMS than see her face again!


Killing Me softly

When you are using the slang “Killing me softly” that means you have no choice but to do something unpleasant or something uninteresting.

Karan: Did you enjoy political science class?

Peter: our teacher was KMS with his monotonous stories.


Kill My Swag

The slang “Kill My Swag” is used as an alternative to Kiss my A*s. It is used to express that “I don’t give a f*ck about what you think” feelings. In every friend circle, we have one friend who says nasty stuff. So, the next time when your friend uses nasty stuff, just tell your friend KMS. Follow the below example:

Ravi: Oh my god Anish! Your dressing sense is bad! My pet wears a better one.

Anish: Oh Ravi, KMS!

Killer make-out session

People who are romantic use this acronym. you can use this abbreviation when you got to experience a make-out session with your partner and want to tell your experience to your best friend. You don’t need to tell the full phrase, just use the abbreviation “KMS”. Your best friend will understand this if your best friend knows about abbreviations on Snapchat chat which is frequently used. Follow the below example:

Jerry: So, how did it go with your boyfriend?

Maya: Oh jerry, how can I explain? It was just an intense KMS which we both enjoyed.


Kiss me silly

“Kiss me silly” represents that you want someone you like to kiss you continuously to the extent you cannot bear it anymore. So, depending on the situation of the conversation you are having can say KMS if you want your partner to kiss you repeatedly. Take a look at the below example:

Hema: How can I thank you for saving me from that worst situation?

Harry: KMS!


How to use the “KMS” on Snapchat?

You can use the “KMS” as an exaggeration of emotions. In general, the “KMS” is used to overreact to any bad event. But remember that you need to take it seriously as the user to whom you send this might use it as a suicide threat.


What is the meaning of the “KMS” for Teenagers?

The “KMS” is not a curse word. The actual meaning of the “KMS” is far darker than it was seen for the first time. The “KMS” is an abbreviation for the “Kill Myself”. Teenagers who are active users on Snapchat use this word for fun.


You need to know other terms on Snapchat

In addition to “KMS”, you should know other Snapchat terminology. Along with this term, the other terms are “GTS”, “WSG”, and “WTM”. Many teenagers frequently use these terms.


Similar acronyms to “KMS”

People who are active on social media especially Snapchat use various terms. Those are FML which stands for F*ck my life, GFY which stands for Go f*ck yourself, and KYS which means Kill yourself.


Different features on Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media platform where thousands of people share photos and videos. Also, connect with other Snapchat users. This social media platform is customised with text, filters, and drawings. The uploaded photo or video will expire after a certain amount of time.

On this platform, you can use any given features you want. Various filters are available on Snapchat such as Brighten, Sepia, High Contrast, Neon, Black and White, Location Overlay, Time/Date Overlay, and Special Occasion which will be available until a certain amount of time. Special Occasion feature highlights holiday seasons or events. These features can be used in photos and videos as well.

Along with these features, there are many features available that you can only use in videos. These features include Super speed, Speed up, Slow speed, and Reverse.


Benefits of using Snapchat

All we know is that Snapchat is a famous social media platform. There are a lot of benefits to using Snapchat. Millions of users love to use this app. One of the major benefits of using Snapchat is it offers its users various ways to target local demographics.


Geofilters let other users add the feature you use in your post if the location is the same

 An attractive filter you can have in this social media platform is Geofilters which are also known as Community Filters. Users who use this social media platform within a specified location (Geofence) can see the filter you use as well as they can add your filters to their posts.


Less competition

In this social media platform, competition is less for businesses. If you look at other social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram, the competition is very high compared with Snapchat. The major competition is to establish accounts and make larger followings.


Accounts will never stale to new followers

When followers come across your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, the posts you shared will be visible to them with timestamps. If it’s been a long time since you posted, your followers will know as well as any inactivity could turn the followers away.

In the case of Snapchat, the posts you share on this social media platform are ephemeral which describes users who are not confronted with a stale newsfeed when the users go to your account to follow you. Otherwise, the user can connect with you and the user need to wait for your next post.


The easy entry point for AR marketing

Researchers in this industry have found that nearly 7 out of 10 media planners want to incorporate Augmented Reality features into their digital marketing campaigns. The reason is 1 out of 2 media partners believe that these experiences are engaging which will help to minimize ad-blocking efforts.

Every day there are more than 180 million active users on Snapchat engaging with AR, as per the report of Snap Inc. This social media platform is a treasure trove of free Augmented Reality marketing resources with several new filters as well as features available practically daily.


A lot of opportunities to build brand awareness

Snapchat has a short lifespan. A lot of users spend a hung amount of time watching new posts in their feeds. According to Snap Inc., every active user spends nearly 30 minutes on this App and watches around 4 billion new videos that are generated on this platform daily.



Slang words like “KMS” keep appearing as much as we use them. You never know when the word “KMS” become a standard on the internet upcoming days. Next time, don’t be confused if you see this word in anyone’s post as the meaning of “KMS” you learned in this post. 

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1. What is the meaning of “KMS”?

The meaning of “KMS” is Kill Myself.

2. Is Snapchat beneficial?

es, because on this social media platform you will get lots of filters, as well as the competition is less than other social media apps.

3. What are the names of other terms?

“GTS”, “WSG”, and “WTM”.

4. What is another meaning of “KMS”?

“Kill me slowly”, “Kiss my swag”, “kill myself”, “Killing me softly”, and “Kiss me silly”.

5. What is the meaning of the “KMS” in Automobiles?

In Automobiles, the meaning of the “KMS” is Kilometers.

6. What is the meaning of the “KMS” on Discord?

On Discord, the meaning of the “KMS” is “Kill Myself”.