Fix - Message Blocking Is Active on Phone - Unable to Send Message?

Fix - Message Blocking Is Active on Phone - Unable to Send Message?

Are you having trouble sending messages to your contacts and receiving a message saying Free Msg: Unable to send a message - Message Blocking is active? If so, this post from MiniTool Software will show you some potential solutions to fix this issue.

This issue can be seen on Android, iPhones, and T-Mobile users after sending a message. In this Article, you will learn how to get rid of this blocking Message and send your Message successfully.

What does it mean when Message Blocking is active

Fix - Message Blocking Is Active on Phone - Unable to Send Message?

After sending a text message, if you see the message "Message Blocking is active," it means that you have either blocked or added the recipient's phone number to a blocklist, which prevents your Phone from sending messages to that contact. Ensure the recipient's phone number or email address is correct if they cannot receive your Message. This Message is standard among Android phones, iPhones, and T-Mobile devices.


What are the Reasons for Message Blocking Is Active on Android/iPhone

Why is Message Blocking active? Here are some possible reasons:

If you have ever encountered the message "Message Blocking is active" when trying to send a text message on your Android or iPhone, there could be several reasons behind it:


How to Troubleshoot Message Blocking Is Active on Android/iPhone

You can't send texts when you see the "Message Blocking Is Active" error. Here's how to fix it and resume texting: Check your plan, or if you have an Android, ensure that your Messages app is set as the default SMS app. If you have an iPhone, delete the conversation, restart your Phone, and ensure iMessage is enabled. With these steps, you'll be back to texting in no time.

1. Remove the Blocked Phone Number from Your Phone - It was a good idea to unblock the phone number you're trying to send your message to see if the problem is resolved, even though the block feature is designed to help you stop incoming calls and text messages from a particular phone number.

Then later, if you want to block a number again, you can do that too.

To unblock a phone number on an Android device - 


For an iPhone - 

2. Enable Premium Message Access on Your Android Phone - You can enable Premium Message Access on your phone to ensure you can send text messages. To do this:

3. Install the SIM Card correctly on Your Mobile Phone.

4. Check Your Mobile Plan With Your Service Provider - If you're having trouble sending or receiving text messages on your phone, it might be because your mobile plan has expired or doesn't include SMS messages.

5. Disable iMessage on Your iPhone - On your iPhone, open Settings and select Messages. Here, turn off the iMessage toggle to disable the feature. Doing this can help resolve confusion between sending regular text messages and iMessages.

This might be necessary if your Phone needs help understanding which type of Message you want to send. To ensure iMessage is off, recheck the toggle after making the change.

6. Correct the Date and Time on Your Phone - You can enable the automatic options to ensure your Phone has the correct date and time settings. On an Android device, open Settings, scroll down to System and select Date & Time. Enable the Use network-provided time and Use network-provided time zone options.

On an iPhone, launch Settings, select General, and then Date & Time. Turn on the Set Automatically option to sync automatically with the network time. Doing this will help fix any incorrect date and time settings issues.

7. Request Assistance from the Support Team - Need help solving the issue? Contact the service provider's support. Professional use is available to identify the cause and fix it.



Message Blocking is Active is an error that can occur when trying to send a message on an Android, iPhone, or T-Mobile device. There can be many causes behind this error, such as a service provider network being down, the contact's number being added to your block list, or an issue with shortcodes. To fix this issue, We have provided you with all resources to help you troubleshoot this issue. If you still have trouble sending messages after following these steps, contact the service provider's support team for Assistance.

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