Tee Grizzly net worth in 2022 - House Address, Phone Number, Career

Tee Grizzly net worth in 2022 - Today we gonna discuss Tee Grizzly's net worth income in this topic. As of 2022, American rapper and songwriter Tee Grizzly has a net worth of 2 million dollars. Born in Detroit, Michigan, the 27-year-old rapper took to music while in prison and launched his debut single, ‘First Day Out’, in 2016. The song was an instant hit. Then onwards, he has never looked back and rose to fame in no time. With a humongous net worth of 2 million dollars, the young American rapper has gained popularity among the young and the grown alike. He has even been nominated for several awards.

Tee Grizzly, whose birth name is Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., has had a difficult childhood as his parents were frequently in and out of prison when he was growing up. In fact, he went to prison in a case of attempted robbery to deal with the financial crisis. There obviously is a stark contrast between the life he has lived and the life that he is currently living, with an even brighter future that awaits him. Now that we have a brief idea about the life and career of Tee Grizzly, let us dig deeper to know the young and famous rapper more.

Tee Grizzly net worth – career, early life, family, and more

Tee Grizzly net worth in 2022 - House Address, Phone Number, Career

Birth Name

Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr.

Stage name

Tee Grizzley


Singer, songwriter, rapper

Tee Grizzly net worth $2 Million


27 Years Old


March 23, 1994

Place of birth

Detroit, Michigan, United States of America


5 ft 11 inches


95 kg

Eye Colour

Dark Brown

Hair Colour


Relationship status


Girlfriend’s name

MyEisha Agnew

Father’s name

Terry Sanchez Wallace Sr

Mother’s name

Latoya Perry




College dropout




Tee Grizzly net worth

American rapper Tee Grizzly has a net worth of 2 million dollars, which rose from 0.3 million dollars in 2018. Brand endorsement, songs streaming and album sales are some of the sources of revenue for the American rapper. With 1.82 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Tee Grizzly is surely earning a handsome amount of money by streaming on the channel.

The rapper’s style of storytelling through his songs is what has earned him adoration among the masses. Tee Grizzly is mostly a solo performer but collaborates with other rappers and songwriters, such as Moneybagg Yo.


Tee Grizzly early life

Born in Michigan in 1994, the American rapper has had a tough childhood. As Tee Grizzly's parents were always in and out of jail in drug cases, Tee Grizzly's grandmother took care of him, along with some relatives. Tee Grizzly's mother was sentenced to 20 years in prison in a drug trafficking case while Tee Grizzly's father was murdered in 2012. Tee Grizzly has a brother named Marcellus Wallace, who was released from jail in 2020. He had developed an interest in rap while growing up in the Joy Rd. and Southfield neighbourhood. He furthered his passion by creating a band of three in middle school. The band members used to record songs and upload them on YouTube.

After school, he joined a course in finance at Michigan State University. However, the financial crisis had him drop out the college. He got involved in a robbery with his friends. They used to visit other students’ dorms and steal electronics and money. Once they stole electronics worth 20,000 dollars in 2014 and were put into prison. However, they were released a few days after due to a pending investigation in the case. Later, in 2014, he was arrested for an attempted robbery at a jewellery store and sentenced to nine months in jail.


Tee Grizzly career

Tee Grizzly’s life changed while he was in prison (mentioned above). He became even more passionate about rapping and created his debut mixtape while he was a jail inmate. The moment he was released in 2016, he launched his debut track titled ‘First Day Out’. It was then that he adopted the name Tee Grizzly. In 2017, Entertainment 300 and Atlantic Records partnered with him, and his second track was then released. Tee Grizzly was nominated for the best hip hop award twice in 2017. He also released several other tracks and music videos in 2017, including ‘No effort’, ‘My moment’, and ‘Detroit’.

The string of releases that topped the chartbusters is what led him to create a net worth of 2 million dollars in no time. Apart from several hit songs, Tee Grizzly has to his name several brand endorsements, adding to his net worth. In 2018, he went on to release another song, ‘Colors’, and was nominated for MTV video music awards and Push artist of the year award in the same year. In 2020, he released two songs, ‘I spy’ and ‘Mr. Officer,’. The tracks were inspired by the death of George Floyd and the police brutality, featuring members of the Detroit Youth Choir and Queen Najia.


Relationship and kids

Tee Grizzly, who otherwise kept mum about his relationship status, last year announced his relationship with MyEisha Agnew on Instagram. He had also created an Instagram profile for his newborn son, named Terrey Sanchez Wallace III, with his girlfriend. Tee Grizzly is embracing fatherhood with grace.

Tee Grizzly once took to Instagram to advise fellow rappers to take life insurance for the sake of their families in case of a tragedy. He went on to claim that the Black people are the most targeted, yet most unprepared in case of an eventuality.


Tee Grizzly lifestyle

The popular American rapper is known to have a luxurious lifestyle. He owns several high-end cars, including Bentley Bentega,  Lamborghini Aventador, and Dodge Challenger. Grizzly also owns a clothing line, which adds to Grizzly's net worth of 2 million dollars. Tee Grizzly gifted 10,000 dollars to another rapper, PNB Rock, on the release of his ‘2 get you through the rain’. Grizzly asked the rapper to come over and collect a gift, a cologne. However, the cologne was actually a stash of cash.


Another controversy

As we already discussed regarding Tee Grizzly's Net Worth let's put light on the Tee Grizzly Controversy! In 2019, several rounds were fired at Tee Grizzly’s car. He was accompanied by his manager, who died in the incident, and the driver. Grizzly and his driver were unharmed. Tee Grizzly had taken to Instagram to express condolences over his 41-year-old manager’s death.


Tee Grizzly's social media

Tee Grizzly has 1.82 million subscribers on his YouTube channel

On Instagram, Tee Grizzly has 5.4 million followers. The link to his Instagram profile is 

On Twitter, the 27-year-old American rapper has 6,878,000 followers. The link to his Twitter Account

The link to his Twitch ID is https://www.twitch.tv/teegrizzley. He has 757, 000 followers on the platform.

To conclude, we can say that Tee Grizzly’s story is worth telling as it is a tale of someone from a humble background and not-so-normal childhood who is rising to become one of the biggest names in the rapping industry. With a net worth of 2 million dollars, Grizzly sure is a star. Grizzly is a success not only on the professional front but also personal front as he maintains an awe-inspiring relationship with Tee Grizzly's girlfriend and son.

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