Najee Laurent Net Worth [2023] - Check Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith bio, family, age and Phone number

Najee Laurent Net Worth [2023] - Check Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith bio, family, age and Phone number

Najee Laurent Todd Eugene is the most famous celebrity kid of LL Cool J and Simone Smith. Let us have a look at Najee Laurent's Net Worth and his Phone Number.  He is the son of an eminent and famous American rapper who once came to the limelight after he faced a rigorous arrest by police officials and his dear parents made all efforts possible to release their beloved son. In this article, we will talk more about his life and family history.


Real Name

Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith

Net worth

$ 5 million dollars

Date of birth

18th September, 1989


United States of America


33 (As of 2023)


188 cm




Businessman and actor


Najee Laurent Net Worth and Properties

Najee Laurent Net Worth [2023] - Check Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith bio, family, age and Phone number

Najee Smith earns roughly around $150,000 per episode he performs. Apart from this he also has a side income of around $200,000 roughly every year from his family business. His actual networth is still not yet known but it is estimated to be roughly around $ 5 million dollars or more in 2023.


Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith Personal Life

Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith came into the world on 8th September 1989, in the United States of America. He was born to Simone Smith and LL Cool J. Najee Laurent is the only child of his renowned celebrity parents and is proud enough to grow up with his three beloved siblings.


Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith Family

Najee is the popular celebrity kid of American rap artist, record producer, and reputed actors LL Cool J and Simone Smith. It has been known that Najee’s parents dated each other for a long eight years and eventually exchanged vows in the year 1994. Najee was born to them when the couple were dating for the term of eight years and got close to each other after the birth of Najee Laurent.

Najee’s parents have been in a married relationship for almost three decades now and continue to face every challenge together. His mother, Simone Smith was identified with stage 3 cancer but his father stood beside her throughout her journey of cancer treatment. She became cancer free and underwent intense rehabilitation after her bone marrow got replaced. 

His mother is currently living cancer free for over 15 years and has survived the rare cancer disease successfully. She then joined the American Cancer Society to help other women to fight a disease like cancer.


Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith Siblings

Najee Laurent has three beautiful sibling sisters. One of his beautiful sisters, Italia Anita Maria Smith decided to keep a good distance from the entertainment field, unlike her brother and parents. She started her own real estate firm and become very successful with a net worth of over $ 1 million. Currently, she is in a marriage relationship with Lamar Cardinez and has two beautiful children with her husband.

His other sibling, Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith is quite hardworking and made up her mind to keep a good distance from the entertainment field like her elder sister. She has her own vintage denim label in Los Angeles, United States, and has a projected net worth of over $ 5 million dollars currently.

His younger sister, Nina Symone Smith seems to follow the footstep of her father and enter the entertainment industry. She is currently 21 years old as of 2023 and the game gained huge fame with her own single “Call Me”. Plus she also earns quite a good amount from her YouTube Channel where she is gaining huge fame and popularity as an influencer and singer.


Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith Education

Najee Laurent Todd Eugene always kept a wide distance from the limelight. For this many people don’t know about his schooling and college life in detail. Although it can be estimated or assumed that been born to a reputed family, he has received a high-quality education from a good and eligible school in the US or abroad. Najee is very blessed to be born to a multimillionaire who had a huge income from his entire rapping career and entrepreneurial journey dated back to 2018. 


Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith Career

Najee Laurent Todd Eugene has not let go of the family legacy and continued to work in his father’s firm alongside his three siblings from where he earns a good amount each and every year. Although, the original amount is not known still it is expected to be quite huge.


Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith Relationship status

No one knows much about Najee’s girlfriend and wife currently. Many say that Najee has been married to a pretty young lady while others belief that he is still a relationship with her long time girlfriend whose name is not known yet.


The Arrest of Najee

LL Cool J’s son, Najee was arrested by the police officers of New York. This made a huge stir and made headlines for a long time throughout the United States. It is believed that all of this happened because Najee, Simone’s son, did not agree to leave the famous restaurant Catch in New York’s Meatpacking District and started to fight with the security officials. The restaurant officials then called the police on the spot. Investigators later revealed that Najee was intoxicated and so held by the New York police. His parent made each and every effort to help their son Najee get out of the jail soon. However soon the police dropped a jaw-dropping charge on Najee Laurent Todd Eugene.


Latest News

Currently, there is no news about Najee Laurent. Our officials are finding more information about Najee Todd Smith soon.

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1. Who is Najee Laurent’s beloved wife?

There is no such updates about Najee Laurent Todd Smith’s wife or girlfriend. There has been no news of his marriage in recent times and most news surrounding his marriage turns to be misleading and fake.

2. How much is the net worth of Todd in 2023?

According to reports, Todd Smith is currently holding a net worth of around $ 5 million dollars currently.

3. What made him so famous?

The news of his arrest made headlines all around the US and made him drag to the limelight overnight.