Mr. Beast Phone Number in 2022 Updated - Age, Height, Bio, Girlfriend, Wiki!

Mr. Beast Phone Number in 2022 Updated - Age, Height, Bio, Girlfriend, Wiki!

Let us have an idea about Mr. Beast Phone Number : Youtube is a big thing in today’s world. Anyone who needs to know anything, learn something, get motivation, pass their time, or Mr Beast Phone number and any other thing; youtube is in the mainframe for a large audience. And it also becomes the main source of income for many personalities. Normal people start their youtube channel with some great content and create their brands too, many personalities became celebrities too by just uploading their content on youtube. Youtube is in high demand for today’s generation. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms. Unlike others, MR BEAST is also a famous YouTuber who got his name and fame from this amazing platform. Jimmy also known as Mr beast is currently dominating the game on youtube. His amazing and powerful content interests the audience to watch more of it. We have provided Mr. Beasts Phone number in this article below.

Some of his most viewed videos on youtube are “I spend 50 hours in solitary confinement”, “$456 squid game in real life” and “press the button to win $100000” and there are many more too. His exciting content makes the audience watch more and more of it, his average videos get views like 54 million, 60 million; like we say that in the range of 40 million to 65 million as an average or his most views videos crossed 250 million to 300 millions too.

If you are also curious to know more and more about this person, and a way to find out how he is living this life then this blog is all and all about this only. What is the age of Mr beast, Mr Beast relationship status, Mr Beast's phone number, and how much does he earn from the youtube business?

Mr Beast Phone Number, Email, Contact Number, House Address & Net Worth

Mr. Beast Phone Number in 2022 Updated - Age, Height, Bio, Girlfriend, Wiki!

Mr Beast Birth Name

James Steven Donaldson / Jimmy Donaldson

Mr Beast Age

24 years old


7 May 1998

Mr Beast Zodiac sign


Mr Beast Height

6 ft 2 inches

Mr Beast Relationship status





Greenville, North Carolina


Greenville Christian Academy

Mr Beast Net Worth

54 million dollars



Mr Beast Phone Number +1(917)259-6364

What is Mr Beasts Relationship Status?

Mr Beast Relationship revelation shows that Mr beast loves to keep his relationship more private only. There is a post uploaded nearby in the year 2019 that reveals that Mr. beast is dating the super Instagram model and also an amazing influencer MADDY SPIDELL. She also appeared in his youtube videos named “surprising my girlfriend with 100000 for valentine’s day” and she also did some kind of minor roles in two of his videos that are “I adopted every dog in a dog shelter” and “I spent 50 hours in solitary confinement”. They both never speak about their relationship in public, but many assumptions are made about both of them. There are many rumours too that they broke up many times in the span of these three years, but still.

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Present Net Worth of Mr Beast.

In this section, we will discuss the Net Worth of Mr Beast, and Mr Beasts Phone Numbers given below.is currently the most famous YouTuber all around the world. His content is loved by most of us and it creates curiosity in the mind of the audience about how much he earned through youtube. Alongside a youtube video, he is also an entrepreneur who invests in many Youtuber’s businesses too and earns some other passive income too. So in the January of 2022, Forbes magazine declare that Mr. beast is the highest-earning youtube creator globally. It takes an estimation that he solely earn $54 million in the year 2021. This created so much hype in the users because this is the highest amount for any content creator who worked hard on youtube. And in the year 2020 also, Forbes declares that he places in the rank of forty in the list of earnings that youtube creators can make throughout the year. It says that he earned the same amount of cash as Lewis Hamilton and Vin Diesel. He expenses so much also in his single-single video, so the content gets the real perfections that a video needs. He nearly spent $3.5 million on the making of a single video that is the real-life version of a squid game. The amount he did for his videos is high for many famous YouTubers too. He also invests nearly 2 million dollars just supporting the small YouTubers, who nearly need funds for making their content more amazing.

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What is The Contact Number of Mr Beast?

He works professionally and his content is going all over globally. Many of them want to contact him, so here is the number of Mr. beast.


You can text them on this number any kind of professional thing, he saves your number for future terms and keep you updated on all thing about your query.


What is The Age of Mr Beast?

The famous YouTuber Mr. the beast was born in 1998 on the date 7 May. so we can say that he is a 23-year-old adult who is playing with millions of dollars. Mr Beast's real name is Jimmy Donaldson. But he changed his name to youtube and get famous through this name only. He also makes some of the previous accounts on youtube with the name “that-dude” and “mrbeast6000”. But Mrbeast is the highest following and viewing channel of jimmy, this cannel simply provides him so much success and fame all over a time.

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How Many Subscribers Does Mr Beast Have on Youtube?

Mr Beast is one of the most-successful YouTubers globally, who worked hard to make his content more powerful and interesting. He understands the youtube algorithm very well. He learned so many things in his youtube journey, now he became very professional and fine too in his field. Mr Beast nearly has a subscriber of 91.5 million. This shows his hardwood and patience towards his work. And it says that daily he gets 100k new subscribers which is a high range of subscribers that a person can get.


Mr Beast Social Media 

Mr Beast's twitter has 13.4 million followers as of 2022 The link to his Twitter account 

Mr Beast Facebook page has 8 million followers as of 2022. The link to his Facebook page.

Mr Beast Youtube Channel. Mr Beast has a subscriber base of 91.5 million as of 2022. The link to his youtube channel.



By reading this [Mr. Beasts Net Worth] blog, the audience can take an estimation of how popular, famous, and rich Mr. beast is. This simply shows that he did work on his content, on himself, his confidence on the camera, and his unique and powerful content that attract so many audiences to his channels making this channel spatial in the countable of youtube. Youtube is a new trend globally, so many people from different-different places are coming on-screen and showing their talent, anything in which they are good. And going good in his account, using the algorithm in the right ways, posting a video on timely attracts so many new subscribers too. And by getting the right amount of views and subscribers, a YouTube platform can unlimitedly give you a source to earn like Mr beast. He is genuinely a motivation for many small and medium YouTubers who tried hard to get into a range of successful YouTubers. Creating and posting became a new profession in this new world, and people like me. beast very well know how to make this thing into a wonderful career.



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1. Who is Mr. beast?

Mr. beast's real name is jimmy, is a very famous Youtube personality, he creates content on different-different topics that attracts so many audiences towards his powerful content. He has a subscriber in millions, and he daily reaches new heights with his video content skills only. He is an amazing personality that shows in his youtube videos how fine he is in real life too.

2. How old a user should be in a Mr Beast challenge?

Mr beast is realizing so many different new-new challenges in their youtube for their audience to earn something as a prize. For getting all the tractions legally it says, that the user should be 18 above for all these challenges. And it also says the audiences who take part in these challenges much be live in the United States preferably get a chance first, and the people use lived nearby in North Carolina because this is the place where all his content is filmed. So it became easy for Mr. beast to get people in from the nearby areas only.

3. What is the birthplace of Mr. beast?

Mr beast's real name is James Stephen or jimmy Donaldson, who is 23 years old years lives in the United States and by profession, he is a great YouTuber, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. And his birthplace is Kansas, in the united states.

4. What is the net worth of Mr. Beast?

Mr. Beast started his career at the age of 13 since then he is into earnings. Mr. Beast is also the founder of MrBeast Burger and Feastables. It can be estimated that Mr. Beast has a net worth of 15 million dollars.

5. How tall is Mr. Beast?

James Steven Donaldson popularly known as Mr. Beast is 6 ft 2 inches tall in height.