7 Ways to fix 'Mi TV Remote Not Working' & Reasons in 2023

7 Ways to fix 'Mi TV Remote Not Working' & Reasons in 2023

Due to lots of searches on "Mi TV Remote Not Working" we have added this article for you. As we all know, we cannot switch channels and access the TV without the television remote. Just think how frustrating it can be. This is a certain case and may occur at any time. There might be some specific reasons for which the same happened with the Mi TV remote.

We are here to discuss the reasons why this problem can occur. Other than this, we will also discuss the troubleshooting methods to solve the problem of Mi TV Remote Not Working. Read on our blog till the end to know more about the mi TV remote not working.


Reasons why the "MI TV remote is not working"

7 Ways to fix 'Mi TV Remote Not Working' & Reasons in 2023

For this, we cannot determine a particular reason for the Mi TV Remote Not Working. There can be multiple reasons behind the scene. Here are some possibilities for the remote not functioning.

Methods to fix the MI TV remote not working in Netflix!

Not one, but we have come up with various fixing methods to try. You can try one after the other so that you can check which is working for you. Come on let's discuss each of the methods in detail.


Method 1: Change the remote batteries

The first thing you should check is the remote battery. If your battery doesn't have proper charge you won't be able to use the remote. Replace the battery by the steps below and try again.

One of the best hacks to make your Mi TV remote work. Hope a new battery for your Mi TV Remote will make it work


Method 2: Clean the remote sensors and Buttons

The next method that may solve your problem is MiTV Remote Not Working. It might be possible that the gaps in your remote are filled with dirt that's preventing the button to not functioning properly. Also, dust can be there in sensors. So, all you need to do is clean it with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton cloth. Have a wet cotton cloth dipped in the solution and clean the gaps and sensors. Now you can try and check if it's working now. Hope this will you fix the error "Mi TV Remote Not Working" today!


Method 3: Check if you paired the remote

In some cases, the remote will never work if you forget to pair it with the TV. You might be searching for reasons but the only reason could be this. Here are the steps you can follow to pair your remote with the mi tv.


Method 4: Try restarting the MI TV

There might be some technical or connection issues with the TV. Everyone might be thinking that the remote isn't working. Also, glitches available on the TV might cause the TV to not receive signals. Follow the below steps if you are there to restart and fix the issue of Xiaomi TV Remote Not Working.

This is one of the easy hacks to solve the common error "MiTV Remote Not Working in 2023".


Method 5: Soft reset the television

The MiTV remote power button not working, there might be a problem continuing if there is a power outage. In this case, you need to perform a soft reset on your television. These steps to reset it can help you.


Method 6: Use the remote controller app

If nothing helped you, this is the one you can try. The controller app is an application for Android devices to enable TV users to access TV properly. One can control their MI TV with this controller app. It is a free-to-download application for which you don't need to pay anything. Just download it from the app store and use it. All you need is an internet connection to use the app.


Method 7: Check if there is object interference

This is the last method to fix the error "MI TV remote is not working today". Electronic gadgets don't work when there is any object available between the remote and the machine. You must ensure to check this if your remote is continuously not working. Check that all the soundbars are not in between the remote and the TV. The objects kept in front of sensors don't allow TVs to accept signals. Remove all obstacles near the TV and try again.


Final words

That was all here to provide you with the best possible way to fix if the MI TV remote is not working. Also, you must know the reasons why it happened. To know everything about it in detail, you must go through the article above. We have discussed everything in detail. We will await to know which method worked for you in the comment section.

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