Have a look : Island Boys Net Worth in 2023, lyrics, rappers booed, Tiktok

Have a look : Island Boys Net Worth in 2023, lyrics, rappers booed, Tiktok

Who are the island Boys Biography & Island Boy's Net Worth - From nobody to the most controversial TikTokers the twins “Island Boys” rule the rap loved by the young generation!

Do you love Island Boys? Do you want them to make a customized rap for you? Are you willing to know every detail about the Island Boys, you have landed at the right place. In this post, we have penned down Island Boy's Net Worth, Bio, Career, Salary, Family, and age. Keep scrolling!

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Island Boys are twin brothers hailing from America who become an internet sensation after they released the song “I am Island Boys”. Born on 16th July 2001 on Florida Island Boys were called Franky (Flyysoulja) Venegas and Alex (Kodiyakredd) Venegas when they were kids. The twins lost their father when they were only 6 years who died due to a heart attack. Both Alex and Franky have unique hairstyles and tattoos which stand them out from the crowd.

What is the Island Boy's Net Worth in 2023 - Bio, Career, Salary, Family, Age

Have a look : Island Boys Net Worth in 2023, lyrics, rappers booed, Tiktok

Island Boys Full Name

Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas

Birth date

July 16, 2001

Nick Name

Island Boys



Birth Place

Florida, America



Island Boys Age

20 years old

Zodiac Sign



4 feet 9 inches approx.


60-70 kg

Island Boy's Relationship Status



Rappers and TikTok

Island Boys TikTok followers


Instagram followers


Facebook followers

3 Million

YouTube followers

165 K

Island Boys Net Worth

$ 700 thousand


Island Boy's Family Life & Relationship Status

Island Boys are twin brothers born in Florida, United States. Their parents are of Cuban descent. The boys were caught by many laws due to their extraordinary bullying activity as their father passed away when they were kids. They did what they wanted to do their whole life. Their mother kicked them out of her home when they were 18 because of their alternative and extravagant lifestyle.

They met Chico, a man from North Carolina, and the gentlemen offered them a job. Before getting enrolled in high school the kids were innocent but due to a lot of freedom, they had 3 tattoos till the age of 12. The twins have confessed in an interview with Youtube, “We have been juvenile facility due to our messing up activities”.

The twins have iconic hairstyles spike up with numerous tattoos engraved on different parts of the body. Alex has tattoos of writings on his temple and also he has engraved number 17 on his forehead. Why is it so? The twins have never talked about their tattoos.

If we talk about girlfriends, the Island boys were being accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend Montaisha aka itsmontiibabii. The female shared a post on Instagram with a swollen eye and alleged the Island Boys for her condition. However, Kodiyakredd (Franky) and Flyysoulja (Alex) have never made a public announcement about their relationships.

Island Boys Career

In the year 2020, one of the twin brothers Franky started to take his hands in the music world where he released some of the tracks including “Real Right”, “Smoke”, and “9ine”. But, the freestyle rap song “I am Island Boys” released in October 2021 went viral on Tiktok and the twin brother get the name Island Boys.

Following the Tiktok success, the twins started a Youtube channel Big Bag Ent which has 165K followers. On this channel, they upload glimpses of their music video, vlogs, and updates of their life. The song “I am Island Boys” has over 16 M views on YouTube.

The Island Boys were fueled by their fame by collaborating with mass merchandisers and joining a cameo. They also opened up a merch store, which can be accessed through Kodiyakredd’s LinkTree site that sells T-shirts and sweatshirts ranging from $25.99 to $45.99.

Total followers Of  Island Boys on TikTok

With prominent tattoos, unique hairstyles, and rapping style, the controversial figure of TikTok is known for feuding up with other TikTokers, YouTubers, and celebrities. The twins have a combined 8.6 Million followers on TikTok. Frank has over 2.9M followers on TikTok while Alex has around 5.6M followers.

Island Boys Social Media


Highlights of Criminal Charges and Controversies of Island Boys

Well! When it’s to parenting the mother and father both play a pivot role in the upbringing of children. But as the Island boys were upgrown by their single mother, the twins were been to jail several times on the charges of robbery, crime, bullying, a stolen car, and lots more. They began to consider a career in rap when they were in jail. The Island Boys became famous after they uploaded a freestyle rap Island Boys on YouTube which has over 16 M views on Youtube.

Recently, the twin brother made headlines following a raid by the police on their home. A childhood friend was caught in their home who was alleged to shoot an 8-year-old girl.

Reportedly, the Island Boys feuded with Jake and Logan Paul on December 14, 2021, when co-host George Janko, suggested the twins invest their money in case their music career fails. The brothers responded rudely stating that they don’t need any financial advice as they earn money more than the co-host.

The Island boys also feuded with TikToker Bryce Hall when he commented on the Island Boy's TikTok video, “guys…he’s thugging, chill out.”


Island Boys Net Worth and Source of Income

In the Island Boys case, Money comes with controversies!

The net worth of Island Boys is estimated at around $700 thousand. Reportedly, their annual income is around $50 thousand. The major part of their revenue comes from TikTok video, brand endorsement, music rap, and their YouTube channel which has around 165 K subscribers, which adds to his net worth. Most of the video of Island Boys has a decent number of views.

Recently, the Island Boys appeared on Cameo, which is a service where users pay anything from $135 to $600 for customized music or rap.


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1. From where do the Island Boys belong to?

Island Boys is a group of twin brothers who gained popularity via the TikTok platform and are known for being always in controversies belongs from South Florida, US. The Jamaican hip-hop duo’s TikTok followers shot up due to the release of their freestyle pool song “I am Island Boys”.

2. What is the Net worth of Island Boys?

The 2022 reports confirm the pair has around $700 thousand of net worth which comes from cameo and their t-shirt line. They have a huge fan following on TikTok which helps them to collaborate with brands and earn a handsome amount from brand endorsement.

3. Do the Island Boys have tattoos?

Both the brothers are hard to miss out on with prominent tattoos, and incredibly spiked-up colorful hair. They are covered in tattoos that run all the way up their chests, necks, and onto their faces. The Island Boys were graved around 3 tattoos when they were kids at 12 of age.

4. Who are the parents of Island Boys?

Well, the name of the parents are unknown but the Island Boys’ father died when they were kids of 6-years old. Nobody knows who is Alex and Franky’s mother. We have done extensive research on that but with no luck, have not reached to solve the puzzle of their parent’s name.

5. Is the Island Boys been to jail?

Yes, the island boys remained in controversies till now either it’s messing up with You tuber Jake and Paul when the host advised them about financial investments. They have been in jail for robbing and stealing cars and there are lots of criminal cases on these Island brothers. You must surf the internet if you don’t know about these iconic unique wins who are earning a net worth of around $50 thousand every year and setting the internet on sensation with their controversies. Hope this quick information about the net worth of Island Boys was helpful! Did you check out Charli D’Amelio’s net worth?