Why can't I post on my instagram story? Fixed!

Why can't I post on my instagram story? Fixed!

Are you stuck? Instagram Stories Not Uploading, Stuck Posting, or “Upload Failed” or Why can't I post on my Instagram story? - Instagram is a popular social media platform where people post many things. Instagram story is a fascinating feature that allows Instagram users to share various types of things. This feature on Instagram is very popular Instagram users started using it in 2016. This feature allows Instagram users to share photos, and videos without messing with the Instagram feed’s aesthetic. When you post something on Instagram that will remain forever until you do not delete that post but the Instagram story will appear for 24 hours then it automatically disappears. If you want you can set your Instagram story on your profile’s highlights. We have also highlighted the points on why can't I post on my IG story.

There are several apps have frequently implemented updates as well as advancements on their stories feature, music sharing, GIFs, stickers, etc. Apart from being an outlet for Instagram users to lease out the creativity that they make or share updates, stories are also undoubtedly a strong tool in digital marketing for those who own businesses through Instagram story Ads. Presently, it is such a nuisance when you fail to update your story on Instagram. You may face many types of issues which include ‘couldn’t upload. Try again’ or ‘Upload failed. Try again while you are going to upload a story on Instagram.


Why can't I post it on my Instagram story? Not Uploading, Stuck Posting, or “Upload Failed”?

Why can't I post on my instagram story? Fixed!

It is reported several users face this kind of problem says Why can't I post on my Instagram story. According to Instagram users, they are stuck with errors which include ‘couldn’t upload. Try again’ or ‘Upload failed. Try again’. This kind of error message occurs when a user’s story is posted is put on a halt. Apart from that, many users may notice that this type of issue is taking forever for their story to upload as the loading icon goes on an infinite loop. At the same time other users face other types of issues like when they try to post videos on their stories, the videos might not be uploaded completely.

If you are the one who has seen this kind of error? then do read on to know how to overcome this kind of issue. So, let’s discuss the solution. We can show that there are some major causes of said issues followed by what the user can do to fix the issue. However, you will get guidance. There are approximately 9 fixes that any user can try when they are unable to post their story on Instagram and started facing the aforementioned types of errors.


1. Low speed of the Internet or Low uploading speed: A social media platform Instagram needs enough internet connection otherwise it might run slow. Users can unsurprisingly consume a high amount of data. In addition, there might be any fluctuation in the uploading speed. While you are using the social media platform Instagram and try to upload videos or photos on your Instagram story, check the internet connection if you notice ‘couldn’t upload. Try again’ or ‘Upload failed. Try again’. Maybe the low internet connection leads to failure in connecting to the Instagram servers or might be uploading the media file. As a consequence, users may find encounter error messages. This type of error message indicates that the posting user is trying to upload has failed and the user needs to try to upload the post for another time. However, you can try several times but it would not help if the internet connection you are using needs a little optimization. So, this might be a major issue behind any unsuccessful uploading of photos or videos on Instagram stories.


2. Account Banned or Suspension of account: The Instagram authority does not allow a single user to escape the law. Every user of Instagram has to follow Instagram rules and all the mentioned guidelines that are just a matter of fact. The authority of Instagram has already fixed a set of guidelines that every user has to follow. Users follow the content they post and choose to interact with. If any user violates the specified rules, then the user must bear the chance of getting his/her account banned or suspended. In Addition, if your Instagram account has been banned then the banned account has restricted access to the features on Instagram which include being blocked from any kind of posting. In this case, an error message pops up on your display which shows that the action is blocked. You need to try again later. The authority restricts certain content and actions to protect the community. Hence, if the user is aware of the violated guidelines of Instagram, it will be best to wait a few days before the account of that user is unblocked. The banned account the Instagram user has another option to contact Instagram support.


3. Video size, format, and framerate are incompatible: An optimized app for a mobile experience, Instagram has some rules which are unspoken in the formatting and size limit of the videos that the users want to post or upload on their Instagram stories.  By any chance, if you encounter that you are continuously getting error messages while you are trying to upload or post any photo or video on your Instagram story, what you can do is check the internet connection first. If you find that the internet connection is fine then check the information of the video that the video you are going to upload. Rendering settings especially if it is shot using a regular smartphone.

First of all, what you need to do is make sure that the video is encoded in MP4 format. The reason is Instagram only allows you to upload MP4 videos. As well as it might be the use of H.264 videos encoder along with the AAC Audio codec for the video rendering.

After that, though it is better to have higher frames per second for a video that has high quality. Currently, Instagram does not allow its user to upload videos that exceed 30FPS for both stories and post videos in the feed.  

The file size is the most significant information that a user should look out for while uploading a video on Instagram. As it is recommended to all the users while you are uploading a video file make sure that the file should be under 50MB. If the size of the video file crosses 50MB, it will stop midway as well as get corrupted in the process of uploading. Although, a few video compressors are fully free the resizegram is recommended.


4. App-related issue: The popular social media platform Instagram is not an exception when the app comes to app bugs as well as other issues, especially with the frequent updates and features advancements. So, we can show you a few instances where Instagram users have reported problems when they are using the Instagram app and also failed to upload their stories on Instagram. However, you do need to be worried because there are many ways to fix this issue and any Instagram user who faces this kind of problem can try to clear the Instagram app of the bugs that are indeed the root of the issue. Some of the fixes to tackle such app bugs include restarting the Instagram app, pending updates while installing, and clearing the cache and data of the app.


9 Fixes for Instagram Stories Not Uploading, Stuck Posting, or “Upload Failed”?

As this type of error is already explained earlier, uploading stories on Instagram requires sufficient internet speed to upload videos. So, make sure that there is no interference in the process of uploading.

It is said that firstly the user needs to take if the user encounters error messages when attempting to upload the story on Instagram to test the internet connection. As well as This will help the user to find out if the problem lies on the end of the user.

There is a simple and quick way that any user can do that is to check the internet speed through an online internet speed test tool. For checking the internet speed, you can use Fast.com. You will get a detailed result within a minute when you check your internet connection through Fast.com.

If you find that the uploading speed is below 1Mbps, then the low speed could be the reason for uploading the Instagram story. If you confirmed that the internet connection is fluctuating or it has a low upload speed, then what you should do?

There are three methods that Any Instagram user who is suffering from this issue can do to reset the internet connection if the user is using Instagram from a mobile device. Firstly, you need to turn on Airplane mode, and then disable the app. Secondly, switch the internet connection between a Wifi connection and a mobile internet connection. Thirdly, forget and try to reconnect to the wifi connection that you use.

Probably the internet connection will improve, and you will not seem to post your Instagram stories. Still, there are some fixes that a user can try that we will let all the users know.


1. Restart the Instagram app:

Many Instagram users are suffering the issue like ‘couldn’t upload. Try again’ or ‘Upload failed. Try again while uploading an Instagram story, the reason might be an app-related approach. From now, we will try to improve the Instagram app as various types of bugs may have been involved in the app to cause this kind of problem. It is recommended to restart the app or you can force stop the app if you are using Instagram through your mobile phone.


2. Check the server status of Instagram:

If the internet connection is fine then the problem might be in the server. As per multiple downtimes reports, sometimes server problems occur with story features. Check out whether other users face the same issue or not if other users face the same issue then give some time to the developer to fix the problem.


3. Save the story then try to upload it again:

As discussed previously if you find ‘couldn’t upload. Try again’ or ‘Upload failed. Try again’ issue then you can save the story that you are trying to upload. Then re-upload the story.


4. Update the App:

Another solution that you can try is to Update the Instagram app. Then the problem might be solved as the story feature receives regular updates with various extra tools to add to the post. You can update the Instagram app through the Google store if you are an Android user or iPhone users can use the App store.


5. Clear the data and cache:  

It might be the first time that you are facing this kind of issue due to outdated and cache data. The cache data can malfunction the Instagram app causing bugs and glitches. In Addition, the Instagram app might consume a high amount of memory in the device. So, clear the cache and data of the app.


6. Reinstall the app:

You can reinstall the Instagram app if you receive error messages or are stuck while posting. Reinstalling the app might be more effective as it eliminates the app from the device. It also removes the cache and data as well.


7. Save the story that you want to upload:

If the discussed problem occurs while you are uploading stories on Instagram, then you can do another thing which is to save the story that you want to upload and reupload the story.


8. Try to use Instagram on your web browser:

You have another option that is you can use your Instagram account through your mobile web browser. The app and the web browser both share similar features as well as layouts.


9. Report to Instagram Support:

If the previously discussed action will fail to solve this issue then you need to report this problem to Instagram support. After reporting, you need to wait for a response.

We discussed the 9 solutions for you. Try the mentioned fixes if you find issues while uploading stories.

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