Trying to fix

Trying to fix "Hulu won't let me login on TV"

Are you suffering from a TV Issue "Error : Your login has been blocked Hulu" or "Hulu Won't Let You Login On to TV" - When counting the best streaming platforms, Hulu is counted as one of them. In existence for more than a decade, Hulu is one of the largest streaming platforms with over 40 million subscribers. If you're here, it is expected that you're also a Hulu fan and want to watch some of your favorite shows on Hulu. Most viewers watch their favorite shows on Hulu via television. 

For several reasons, sometimes Hulu doesn't let you log into your device, that is, your television throws an error: Your Login has been blocked. If you're here to tackle the problem, we would say you're at the right place. We will address different reasons first and then talk about the solutions meant to deal with the situation. So, let's begin. 


What do you mean by "Error Your login has been blocked Hulu"? Why isn't Hulu letting me in? 

Trying to fix

If you're looking for the reasons why Hulu isn't letting you in or your login has been blocked, it might be them: 

Well, knowing just the reasons isn't gonna help. You might mess up with the technology without proper instructions. Therefore, you should read the whole article before applying anything. 


How to resolve Hulu Your login has been blocked.

Hulu Not Letting Me Major Issue (Inaccurate login info)

Among all the possible reasons, maybe you've forgotten your password or username. How to know if that's the reason why Hulu isn't letting you log into your account? If a message like, "Error: Your login is invalid" or "Your login is invalid. Please log in again.", is popping up again and again when you're trying to log in, you have probably entered the wrong username or password. 

If you remember your info and it's still not letting you again, make sure the Caps Lock key isn't enabled were not necessary. If you do not remember the password or email, follow the following instructions to reset your password or recover your email.


How To Reset Your Password? 

If you'd look around the screen, you'd see the option "Forgot Password". Click on the option. It will ask for your Hulu email. Once you enter the required information, you will receive an email to reset your password within 15 minutes. While you wait for your "reset password email", don't forget to read these instructions:


How To Recover Your Hulu Email? 

If you don't remember your Hulu email, the option "Forgot Password" wouldn't have worked for you as well. Hence, there's one more tool that helps you to recover your account, that is, your email. It is known as "Account Recovery".

To proceed with this, you'll need to enter your payment information associated with your account: the payment information which you entered to become a Hulu subscriber. Follow the following instructions to recover your email: 


How To Resolve The Issue - Hulu Not Letting Me To Log In?

There is nothing to worry about we and our team has bought some useful and recommended tips you need to do while the error occurs on Hulu TV. Let's have a look at the below steps!


1. Subscription Issue.

One of the reasons why you are not able to log into your account could be that your subscription has ended or the account may be on hold. Hulu won't let you use the app if you don't have access to even their basic plan. This is why it is important to keep an eye on the subscription period and when it ends. 

You would need to determine the status of your Hulu subscription. To check, you should drive your fingers to the Account Page. You will get to know whether your debit/credit card has expired or the account is on hold. A need to update your payment information could also be the case. 

If nothing works, your subscription might not be activated or a part of a bundle. To deal with the issue "Error: Your Login Has Been Blocked", use your bundle's password & username. Also, activate your subscription to avoid any back and forth. 


2. Server Issues.

Hulu's server could trouble you while logging in. The solution is the simplest in this case. Go to the Account Page, and check your account's status. Once you confirm that it's the server causing issues, leave it on the Hulu team and wait for them to rectify it. 


3. App Glitch.

Hulu app glitches can be the reason why you're not able to log into your account. Do this to resolve the issue: 


It's that simple.

Press the Menu button, go to Support>Software Update and select Update Now.


4. App's cache.

Note: The process differs depending on the device and television you're streaming on. Still, the process is "almost" the same for each so let's consider the general guidelines. 

The Hulu app's cache can interfere with the process and cause the app to glitch. To resolve the issue, follow the given steps: Press the Home button, and go to the Settings>Apps>System apps. Select Hulu. Select "Clear cache" and tap on "OK". It's done. 


5. Reinstall Hulu. 

Just like sometimes closing the app glitching works, and sometimes reinstalling works, you can apply the same formula with the Hulu app as well. There is a really high chance of you getting rid of the glitches and finally watching your favourite show. 

The steps are simple. Go to Settings>Apps>Hulu and tap on the option "Uninstall". Once uninstalled, apply power cycle to your television or streaming device and then reinstall the app. 

If you're reading till here, it probably means that nothing worked as suggested above. Well, all the suggestions and solutions were related to the Hulu app and if nothing worked, it probably means that there is no glitch in the app. Let's check your streaming device. 

The first step needs to be unplugging the streaming device or the television from the power source. Next has to be disconnecting all the cables connected to the television. Now, let it be in this condition for a few minutes. After a couple of minutes, reconnect everything, and plug your television back into the power source. 

This was the last step and it must work because what else could be the issue "Error: Your login has Blocked to HULU". 


Hulu Is Blocked On The Device. How To Fix?

This usually happens when you try to log in with a new device. It happens to protect your privacy. So, let's begin with the steps to log into your Hulu account with your new streaming device. The steps are to activate your Hulu account on the new device

  1. Install the Hulu app

  2. When you open the app, select login.

  3. Select Activate on a computer.

  4. Note the Activation Code down.

  5. Now, go to the Account Page using your web browser. 

  6. Select Watch Hulu on your device and enter the activation code. 


Once entered the activation code, you'll probably log into your Hulu account within the next 30 seconds. After your television gets activated, you'll get informed about the log in via an email with the following details: 

The second method to activate your Hulu account is - Go to the Apps Settings>Hulu App>Advanced Options>Reset

Uninstall and reinstall the app following the instructions given above. Also, ensure that you have enabled the location permissions for the Hulu app and third-party cookies. 


Do You Have To Verify your Email For Hulu?

Verification of your email associated with the Hulu app is a measure to protect your personal information and identity. So yes, it is a necessary step to be taken. While you set up your Hulu account, you receive a verification link through your email. You just need to click on the link and it will be verified and secured. Do not enter an email not associated with your Hulu account to face more issues. 

Tip: Always save your login emails so whenever you forget some login details, you can check those emails.


What If I Cannot Verify My Email?

If you're getting a pop-up message that your email cannot be verified, you must check your email and password again. Incorrect login information won't let you proceed further with the verification of your email. Also, if you've paid through some third-party app such as Apple or Spotify for your Hulu subscription, try logging in using the email and password associated with that third-party account. 

Suppose that your Hulu password is not the same as your Spotify account and you have paid through it. You should try entering the Spotify password. 

Tip: Keep all your account's passwords the same. 


Hulu Isn't Letting Me Log In reCAPTCHA.

reCAPTCHA allows Hulu to confirm that a human is using the system, not a bot. Sometimes, Hulu doesn't let you log into reCAPTCHA no matter how many things you try. The following could be the reasons: 

To log in to reCAPTCHA, you should update your web browser immediately. Because Google Chrome is used worldwide by most of the people and countries out there, and in the list enters Mozilla Firefox as well, we have taken these two common web browsers. 


The system will automatically update the browser. Restart Chrome and check if it worked. 


Restart Mozilla Firefox and check if it worked. In case updating the browser didn't work, make sure to try the following suggestions: 


Coming to the end.

Hope your Hulu Error Your login has been blocked on Hulu and has been resolved. Hulu is to enjoy the shows with friends, family or any of your loved ones. The quality time shouldn't be interrupted by some glitch or login issue. In the article, we've summed it all up for you to enjoy the company of your loved ones.  It's not time-consuming to fix the problem. The steps are simple and will take just a few minutes of your day. Also, we have given one more solution to another problem in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. 

Well, go and log into your Hulu account, and don't waste a minute anymore watching your favorite shows.

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