How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MAC

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MAC

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MAC - If you're bothered to transfer photos from iPhone to computer MAC, then not to worry. There are a lot of options there to transfer your photos from iPhone to PC or MAC. There are additional ways to transfer photos from the iPhone to your Apple Computer just because they are both Apple devices; however, the transfer of iPhone photos to the computer isn't as advanced as you would assume. We'll show you ways to induce photos off your iPhone to PC easily!

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MAC

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MAC


The traditional way to transfer pictures from iPhone to Mac is to use the photo transfer feature within the Photos app that each Mac and computer provide. It is vital to notice that the import Photos from iPhone to Mac method has modified a bit since MacOS Catalina, Big Sur; therefore, if you employ a newer iOS, you will need to use the strategy shown next.


Transfer Photo

Transfer Photo from Computer to iphone

How to Import photos from iPhone to MAC

This method can assist you to import iPhone photos to a Mac Book if you utilize the macOS Mojave software. If your device is compatible with the latest macOS version, we tend to advocate forever keeping your device updated! This ensures that bug fixes, privacy updates, and new options square measure forever out there to you.


How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to your PC

If you've got a laptop with an older version of Windows, AutoPlay can pop once your iPhone is connected to your laptop with a USB cable. On a laptop with Windows ten, your laptop can notice the device and supply a pop-up that says "Tap to decide on what happens to the present device." Once you click on its pop-up, you’ll see the Import Photos and Videos choice to enable you to Transfer photos and videos from iPhone to the laptop.



Whichever technique you utilize, Apple makes it simple to transfer photos and videos from an iPhone to a Mac. The method of transferring photos from an iPhone to a laptop computer may be a bit lengthy; however, you'll have a go at it. Make sure that transfer the pics you need.

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