How to see who is stalking your facebook profile? [2023]

How to see who is stalking your facebook profile? [2023]

Can you see who stalking your Facebook account? How to see who viewed my Facebook Profile - Facebook, the social media giant that shaped the way we interact with our friends and family, has a monthly active user base of nearly 3 billion as of Q1, 2022. Nowadays, almost everybody has a Facebook account and some even go to great lengths in order to make multiple profiles.

It is not easy to distinguish between real accounts and fake ones. There are so many people who have at least one fake account and most of them create these accounts to satisfy their ill intentions. This makes Facebook a dangerous place because you never know who is stalking you. Let us have a look at how to check who viewed our facebook account!


How to see who stalking your Facebook account?

How to see who is stalking your facebook profile? [2023]

Facebook has three different ways to be accessed.

  1. From their website and desktop application. We are going to consider these as one because their interfaces are somewhat similar.
  2. By opening their Android app, which comes pre-installed in many Android smartphones anyway.
  3. From their iOS app Naturally, there should be three ways available to check who stalks your Facebook profile. One for each interface, right?

Well, not quite. The easiest way to access this feature is from an iOS device because it is readily available for iOS users. Keep in mind that currently, this feature can be accessed from only a handful of iPhone models. So, if you own an older iPhone, unfortunately, you are out of luck.

Do not fret if you are an Android user, though. Facebook will most definitely launch it on Android soon.


iOS method :

This feature will let you see who has visited your Facebook profile within the past 30 days.

A list of the visitors to your Facebook profile will be uncovered after following these steps.


Desktop method :

The following method will be applicable to your desktop browser (PC and Mac). It has been used all over the world for quite some time. It is a kind of rudimentary process and this method will definitely work for every user, who wants to see the visitors to their Facebook profile within the browser. This process is more time-consuming than the previous one, but a long workaround is always better than 'no way at all.

Follow the steps written below, and keep patience –

Open the browser on your PC or laptop (preferably Chrome or Safari), then a search

tab will be shown on your desktop. Go to the search bar and write the word 'Facebook' or 'FB', then choose the www.Facebook.com link. Alternatively, type the URL FB. me and tap on the search icon.

your screen. Look at your screen closely, you will see the profile IDs of the users who viewed your Facebook profile recently. You will notice that '-2' would be written after each number. It is recommended not to consider '-2' in the profile IDs.

Note: We also added a complete guide on How to resolve the error Facebook search bar not working.

Are you wondering how to see who visited your profile with the use of the Google Chrome Extension?

There are so many extensions available on Google Chrome that claim that they can help you see the visitors who viewed your Facebook profile recently. This method is not recommended at all, as these extensions are downright vague at explaining exactly how they are going to handle your data. Remember the caution given above, you can never trust any kind of third-party extension. If you are compelled to use these, do it at your own risk. There are many examples of such extensions like The social profile, Super Viewer or Facebook Profile. The users who already have the experience of using these extensions will tell you that these types of extensions only show the profiles of those users who are also using the same extension.

Facebook is against this malpractice, and they urge their users to report these shady extensions as soon as possible so that they can remove these extensions and prevent their users from getting hacked. There are countless examples of identity theft in social media, and hackers are getting creative day by day in using browser extensions to do so.

Check who visited your profile by using post-tracking links :

You may fail to get a successful result using this method as it does not work for everyone. But this method is legit and considerably safer to check who visited your profile, compared to using a browser extension. Finding out who visited your Facebook profile is a quite tough and lengthy process. If you can do this process successfully, then you are truly an artist because you have to use your brain properly.

For making this process a success, you have to find out a website that claims to help you find out who visited your Facebook account. After searching on the internet and finding it out, visit that website. We can recommend you the name of such a website, which is called Grabify. These types of websites can make a discriminating link for you, which means that if you post something click-baitey on your Facebook wall, anyone can fall victim to it, may it be your ex or your enemy. They will click on this link, and voila! You will definitely be able to see his or her name on the screen of your desktop or laptop.

This method is quite innovative for finding out who visited your profile. You have to play a trick by posting an article with an interesting introductory sentence, such as -

to propose to a boy so that he accepts your love?’

Surely, the possibilities are endless here. If you know the person closely and understand what kind of posts intrigue him/her, do not hesitate to go personal. Make sure that those who enter your profile, they can not click on the post in order to see the content.

Then you need to make a copy of the URL of those articles and paste the copied links on Grabify. It is suggested to follow all the instructions which will be shown on your screen. By the way, you should refrain from using this method for harming or defaming others. This method is one of the best to find out who viewed your profile, although all of this is depended on the user who is stalking you.

Again, it does not work all the time, which roughly translates to: do not expect it to show all the names of those, who clicked on the link, with a hundred percent accuracy. There are people who swear by this method, but if the process fails halfway or buffers more than usual, then it is not on us.


Never resort to third-party services :

Let's get the cautionary advice out of the way before we dive deeper into the main topic. At first, Facebook did not introduce a feature for people to see who views their accounts. Although some third-party apps and websites claim that they can help you see who viewed your profile, most of these services are phishing user credentials to take over their accounts.

If you find these kinds of apps, report them as soon as possible because after you finish installing these apps, you are susceptible to malware, trojans, or worms. Worse yet, your entire device could be hacked in the blink of an eye. Almost two years have gone by since we got the feature from Facebook to lock our profiles.

By locking your profile, you can protect yourself from anonymous hacks or snoops, and only those who are already on your friend list can see your Facebook profile. Also, you have another option to select only those whom you intend to show the posts.

After knowing this, the first thing which comes to our minds is how we can get to see those who visited our accounts.


Want to know how this is possible? Read on!

If you have a desktop, iPhone, or any kind of device that is capable of running a 64-bit browser extension, then you can see who viewed your https://www.teernews.in/topic/how-to-see-who-views-your-facebook-profile in just a few simple clicks. This way, you do not have to rely on any kind of external service. Sure, there are some people who will find loopholes and exploit this feature, but that is a problem for later discussion.

On Facebook's own help center page, it is written that they do not officially provide any kind of service regarding who viewed your profile. However, where there is a will, there is a way. Looks like Facebook has silently launched the feature in its iOS app. Recently the owner of Facebook and Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, led his team to make it possible for iPhone owners to see their profile visitors, i.e. you can now see who visited your account from within the Facebook app.


Summing up :

It is believed that Facebook, as a social media platform, has reached its peak user saturation. This happens when the number of existing users who are leaving the platform is greater than the number of those who are creating their accounts for the first time.

Instagram, another social platform owned by Meta, has gained popularity in recent years among netizens because of its simple interface and no-nonsense content catalog. This is why it is crucial for Facebook to add more features so that it stays relevant.

Recently a big part of their user base left the platform, which is directly reflected in Facebook's stock value. Maybe this is a wake-up call for Facebook to listen to their users, who knows? Apart from who viewed your profile, there are countless other useful features that are yet to be added to Facebook. Meta has already started working on some of those. Then again, only time will tell how long it is going to take for them to bring those features to their users.

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