Myspendwell.com Go Activate Card: How do I Activate a Spendwell Card Online?

Myspendwell.com Go Activate Card: How do I Activate a Spendwell Card Online?

Managing finance has become a hectic and time-taking job in today's busy world. But who wants to refrain from managing their money efficiently? Almost everyone, right? So, here you have got Spendwell Card – a prepaid card aimed at helping users look after their money evenly. It also helps one stay within the budget.

In this guide post, we shall discuss activating a Spendwell Card Online. This is an essential step before you can use the card. Cardholders must learn the entire process of activating the Spendwell Card now to avail themselves of its benefits. Let's begin!


How to Get a Spendwell Card in 2023?

Myspendwell.com Go Activate Card: How do I Activate a Spendwell Card Online?

Even before you jump into the steps of activating a Spendwell Card, you must see the requirements for getting this card. You have two options to get the Spendwell Card in 2023, and they are as follows –


What is the Eligibility Criteria for Using Spendwell Card? 

Anyone with an account on Spendwell Bank can use the Spendwell card immediately. But, this is possible only after fulfilling specific criteria. First, you must complete the registration and email verification process. Those who fulfill this get a virtual temporary debit card. This debit card can be used to make online purchases. The personalized Spendwell Debit card shall arrive at your email address.

Another eligibility criterion to use the Spendwell Card is 'adding funds'. Only such cards function properly that have funds. This means you have to add money to your Spendwell Account. To add funds, follow these easy steps –

  1. Go to myspendwell.com.
  2. Log into your Spendwell Account.
  3. Now, use your virtual temporary debit card number, CVV code, and expiry date for making online purchases. (NOTE – the card can also be used for in-store purchases)
  4. Finally, link the Spendwell temporary debit card with your digital wallet.


What are the Advantages of Activating the Spendwell Card?

There are innumerable benefits to having a Spendwell account and activating your Spendwell Card. Below, we have highlighted some of the top free features and services that come in handy with an active Spendwell Card –


Steps to Activate a Spendwell Card?

The process of activating the Spendwell Card is straightforward. It takes a few minutes to activate your card. Generally speaking, there are two methods of activating this card. They are as follows –

Method 1:-

  1. Log in to your Spendwell Account.
  2. Enter your CVV number present on the Spendwell Card.
  3. Fill in the card expiration date.

Method 2: You can stick to the second method for cardholders who find it difficult to activate the card independently. Call on 1-800-SPENDWELL. The person on the call will assist you in activating your Spendwell card.


How do Cardholders Know if their Spendwell Card is Active?

After following the steps of activating your Spendwell Card Online, it's essential to confirm whether or not the card is successfully activated. To do this, check your credit card statement. You can even check the Spendwell account online. The accounts with a positive balance and no transactions declined are the active ones.

Cardholders can call the Spendwell Credit card company to complete the inquiry process. The company will assist you with the status of your card. The card company offers detailed information to the users, which includes Spendwell account active or not.


Overview of Spendwell Card

Spendwell Card works like the traditional credit card or debit card. Cardholders can use the active card to manage finances and money. The only difference between a traditional debit/credit card and Spendwell Card is that users must deposit into the card in the latter. Only then will the card be functioning.

Today, there are innumerable new users of Spendwell Card. Why? It is because this card helps users reserve specific amounts of money for varied categories like dining out, grocery shopping, necessities purchases, entertainment, etc.

The usage of the card is quite simple. All a cardholder need to do is add money to their Account. The added money can then be utilized as funds for all their purchases. Spendwell Card has got an easy-to-use mobile application. Users can install the app and monitor the available balance continuously.

Some of the functionalities of Spendwell Card include transferring money between accounts, shopping/purchasing items online, and setting up budget categories. If you have an active Spendwell Card, create a direct deposit feature and transfer money quickly between other Spendwell accounts.



Having a Spendwell account and an activated card is always beneficial. The Spendwell card is highly flexible, secure, and easy to use. Users of this card can easily track their spending, set budgets, and obtain every single detail about transactions.

An active Spendwell card is best for remembering one's financial habits and spending behavior. Get the most from your money now. Just purchase the Spendwell Card and follow the guide to activate the same!

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1. Is there any procedure for checking the Available balance of the Spendwell Card?

Log into your Spendwell online account on the Spendwell Mobile App. Choose the Main Account and text "BAL" to 62029. This will automatically show your Available Balance. You have an alternative method, i.e., calling 1-833-609-8472

2. Why does my Spendwell Card gets declined?

There are several reasons because of why your card gets declined. It might be that the verification process is not correct. Sometimes, the Spendwell card gets declined because zero funds are added to your Account. Moreover, an account on the Spendwell app that's not updated declines your Spendwell Card.

3. Is Spendwell Card similar to Credit Card?

Yes, the Spendwell card is somewhat similar to a credit card but not a credit card. The only difference between these two cards is that the Spendwell card is a prepaid card where one can manage funds, load cash directly from the bank balance, and spend the prepaid balance for purchases. All of these features are not present in traditional credit cards.

4. What's the process for checking the balance of a temporary Spendwell Card?

The temporary Spendwell Card is purchased at Dollar General. You can check the available balance by clicking on this link https://secure.myspendwell.com/retailcard?solid=SPENDWELL11.

5. Can I transfer the remaining balance from a temporary to a personalized Spendwell card?

You must first register for a personalized Spendwell card. Once the card is active, you can move the remaining balance to your Spendwell Account.