Apple Airtag range - How far can you track an Apple Airtag: Explained

Apple Airtag range - How far can you track an Apple Airtag: Explained

What is an Apple AirTag?  How does an AirTag work? Let us explain How far can you track an Apple Airtag Range - An AirTag is a device made to keep track of stuff. It is designed in order to discourage unwanted tracking. The simplest way to use it is by attaching it to your keys and keeping it in another backpack. You will get radars on the Find my app. This is used to track apple devices or to stay in touch with friends and family. It is made to protect your privacy.

A lot of people have the habit of forgetting things after putting them in a place. An AirTag is precisely for these kinds of people. Through AirTag; you can easily trace your lost devices and you will be able to find their location. Now you don't have to worry about misplacing things if there is an AirTag attached to them.

As its name suggests, this is a tag; you need to attach it to your stuff, whichever you want to trace. You can also play sounds on the built-in speakers from the find my app. you have to give the command to the app to start playing sound. Once the sound starts playing you can easily trace the sound and find your things.

In case your AirTag is nearby, then your iPhone can take you to it easily. The app will guide you with the directions and the place of the device. This is possible due to the Ultra Wideband technology.


How does an AirTag work? What is the Apple Airtag Range?

Apple Airtag range - How far can you track an Apple Airtag: Explained

AirTag sends some Bluetooth signals that can be found by nearby devices through the find my network. These devices send their location to iCloud. Then you can go to find my app and see its location on the map easily. This process is simple and efficient to make the user experience better. All the information is safe and anonymous to check for privacy.

You can put the AirTag in the lost mode to easily detect the objects and find them easily.

If you are worried about its privacy then be rest assured. Only you can see its location. The devices which are attached to your AirTag also remain unknown. Apple itself doesn't know the location and the identity of the object.

It totally discourages Unwanted tracking. Your iPhone will start notifying you if someone else tries to find your stuff. If for some time you haven’t found your AirTag then it will start playing the sound to help you find it. These alerts start when the AirTag is separated from its owner. Usually, it is used to track keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, luggage, and more.


Range of an apple AirTag

Now After knowing almost everything the main question that comes is what’s the range of these tags? So let’s see

These tags have low-power Bluetooth. Apple hasn't clearly defined its range. The maximum range of tracing with Bluetooth is 100 meters. 33 feet is commonly considered while we talk about the class 2 business specification. It's not sure if an AirTag is a class 2 business device, but it's assumed to be.

You might be unable to locate your AirTag if you have left it in a remote area like the woods.


How to Receive Location signals through AirTag?

1. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; then to receive alerts

2. In the case when you don't have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and AirTag isn't with you for a long period of time. It will start omitting sound when it's moved and you can trace it easily.



Drawbacks of Apple AirTags Ranges! 

We think AirTags are perfect for not losing anything. But it has some limitations as well.

They do not have any GPS and have low-power signals. As a result, its location updates very slowly.

These are not perfectly reliable as we won't know if the GPS of the iPhone is working properly or not.

The AirTag also doesn't have the feature of tracking and storing location data.

Apple has stated that AirTag can’t be traced as they don't store its location data on the device.


Uses of AirTag

AirTags are used to keep track of any electronics or other necessary items. You can use AirTag for your bags, keys, Instruments, or any other things to keep track of them.

You shouldn't use this useful thing in the wrong ways such as tracking others without bringing it into their knowledge. This is illegal in some states.

You can use this any way apart from using it on people.

If you have any pets, then you can attach them to your pet’s collar.

If by any chance, your pets get misplaced then you can easily trace them and find them.

In case they are out of the AirTag range, then whosoever finds your pet can contact you through the AirTag.

You can use the AirTag as a contact card as well. You just need to share your information to hold their NFC- capable phone against the AirTag.

All the information will be taken by the website automatically.


Pitfalls of Bluetooth

AirTag makes use of Bluetooth 5.0. The main problem with this is that in case there are obstructions in the environment; then the range of Bluetooth can go down.

Precisely, it means that the AirTag needs to be near you in order to start alerting. This brings us to the downside of Bluetooth which is that Bluetooth is not as accurate as the actual GPS location of the tag. When someone’s iPhone finds your AirTag; find my service uses that to find where your AirTag attached thing is.

This might not be correct as we know these tags only have a specific range outdoors.


AirTag Battery

AirTag uses the battery CR2032 which has a usage period of a year and this battery can be replaced. You just need to swap out a battery, press, and twist on the back panel to take it off.

You will get a notification;  whenever the battery needs to be replaced.

You need not charge an AirTag because you can easily replace them whenever you need to.


All about AirTags

Price:- An AirTag is priced around $29. If you want to purchase one, you can easily get it from the apple store. If you can't go to the physical store then you can buy it from online retailers like amazon and best buy also. You have to buy AirTag accessories separately. You can even customize it with your name and an item description.

Resistivity:- all AirTags are usually dust and water-resistant. Just go through the features before buying one.

Ownership:- Every apple ID can get linked up to 16 AirTags; therefore you can easily keep track of 16 items at once. You can also share your AirTag with your family. You just need to disable alerts for the smooth functioning of AirTag.

AirTag accessory:- you can get accessories like a holder, keychain, or other items to attach with your AirTag.

Tracking people:-  Not only your devices or keys; you can also track your pets and children with these tags. You can use apple watches that have a family setup.

Traveling:- if you want to use an AirTag while traveling, you will face some limitations. In some places, AirTags fail to work like Russia, Indonesia, Argentina, etc. you can check a detailed list before planning a trip to any place.


How to track with apple AirTag

Now when you know all about the AirTags, let’s see how you can track an apple AirTag. The thing is that AirTags don't have GPS and also it is designed not to do the tracking. So you can not track with an AirTag.

If you try to do so then it will start sending signals to nearby iPhones and making sounds.


Due to this; it is almost impossible for a person to do illegal tracking. Therefore our information is safe. Only the owner of AirTag can see the location of AirTag. Information like who found the device or its location is kept secretive and confined to the owner. After all these securities, still, a lot of cases of illegal tracking are seen nowadays.

The question comes is how to deal with them

So let’s see


What to do when someone is tracking you?

As you know; you will receive a notification if an AirTag gets separated from you. Also, the AirTag will start playing sounds if it's separated from its owner. A lot of times, people try to track you. There are no clear instructions about what to do when someone is trying to maliciously track us. You can contact local law enforcement and be mindful of how to do it safely.


Why the safest way?

There is a chance that the person might be tracking your actions; then going to the police station can prove dangerous for you. Contacting the police about all the happenings at a safe place would be a good alternative.

So if any time you feel anyone is tracking you, don't panic, just don’t. In a panic, we often create wrong decisions.

So calm yourself down and think about the best possible solution.


Final Thoughts

In this blog, we saw details about an AirTag. This is a device used to keep a track of your essential things. You can easily trace its location through the “find my” app. You just need to attach it to your stuff whichever you want to keep a check on.

We also discussed the working of AitTags. They give Bluetooth signals through the find my network app. These devices strictly prohibit unwanted tracking. You can use attach this with your backpacks, luggage, keys, pets, or even children.

We also saw the limitations of AirTags it does not have GPS and has poor Bluetooth signals. Some of the uses of AirTags are to keep a track of the essential things that you don’t want to lose.

Then we discussed the pitfalls of Bluetooth and the range of an apple AirTag which is 33 feet or 100 meters.

Then we saw some of the important features of the AirTags which are price, resistivity, ownership, accessories, tracking, etc.

Finally; we saw how to track with an apple airtag. Although illegal tracking is not allowed some people find loopholes to do it. So we also discussed the things that we should do if someone is tracking us maliciously.

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