30+ Gas stations that take Apple Pay in 2023

30+ Gas stations that take Apple Pay in 2023

Let us have a look at those Gas stations that take Apple Pay in 2023: Now another payment option available for you is none but Apple Pay. Instead of using Cash, debit card, or credit card, you can use the most popular option Apple Pay at gas stations if you are an iOS user.

Some gas stations allow you to pay through Apple Pay at the pump, while others use Cash or a card. An iTunes and American Express gift card is also accepted in gas stations. We are grateful for the innovative Apple Pay tech, it is effortless to use, and you don't need to carry cash or a card.

It would be best if you took for iPhone and Apple Watch. However, credit cards are easier to use than the 'tap to pay' option for countless payments at gas stores. You need to link the card to your Apple wallet, whether a debit or credit card.

You can freely save your money digitally for countless future payments. Download the wallet app, tap on the phone to the vendor's payment system, and verify the identification with a Face ID or a pin code who looking for gas stations that take tap pay.


Gas stations that take apple pay in 2023 - Have a look at it!

30+ Gas stations that take Apple Pay in 2023

There are 32 gas stations with Apple Pay.

  1. 7-Eleven: This is a well-known mini-mart chain worldwide. It adopts Payment very quickly to the new era of contactless payment. Though this station only allows you to Apple Pay inside the store. There's no doubt that this popular convenience store started to increase its gas station at some locations. Globally 71 thousand and eight hundred 7-Eleven locations near you.
  2. ARCO: 15 states across the United States have ARCO gas stations. The states are Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. However, ARCO is planning to increase its locations in the future.
  3. B.P./Amoco: You must cross some extra steps in Apple Pay to use these stations. Before using these stations, you need to download the BPme app on your iPhone for using Apple Pay. Previously B.P. and Amoco were individual fuel companies in the U.S., but they merged in 1998 and became the country's largest producer of oil and natural gas. There are 7 thousand and two hundred B.P. gas stations across the U.S.
  4. Chevron: Many states have Chevron stations, including Alaska, Oregon, Georgia, Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Wyoming, Alabama, California, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, Montana, Arizona, West Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Indiana.
  5. Circle K: this is another convenience gas station combination. It can be found in 50 states in the U.S. Though specific locations allow Apple Pay. It is a world-renowned brand.
  6. Citgo: 30 States in the U.S. have Citgo gas stations. This payment method is only available for specific locations.
  7. Conoco: This popular payment method is not available at every station. Presently there are 1 thousand and seven hundred four locations accessible in 33 states and territories across the U.S.
  8. Cumberland Farms: All stations of Cumberland Farms take Apple Pay both at the pump and in the convenience store. Eight States have only five hundred and 66 stations. The states are Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
  9. Delta Sonic: Most of the locations of Delta Sonic take Apple Pay inside the store. There are less than 30 Delta Sonic locations.
  10. ExxonMobil: You need to download an app before making a payment through Apple Pay inside the store of Exxon Mobil. The name of the app is Rewards+ app. This is a well-known station in the United States with a considerable concentration in California and New York, with more than two hundred franchises each. Many Exxon Mobil gas stations exist in Texas, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, and Maryland.
  11. Kim & Go: This gas station requires an app for payments through Apple Pay. Only 11 states have Kim & Go. These are Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
  12. Kwik Fill/Red Apple: Certain Kwit Fill/Red Apple stores take Apple Pay. You can find Kwik Fill only in 3 states, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio.
  13. Kwik Trip/ Kwik Star: A few locations of Kwik Trip accept Apple Pay. Only Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois have gas stations. Approximately 800 stations are available in these states.
  14. Meijer: Only a few take Apple Pay as not all locations have this facility. You can find Meijer has stations in Montana, Nebraska, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Wyoming.
  15. Casey’s General Stores:  Just a few days ago, Casey's General Stores upgraded themselves as they added the most popular payment method Apple Pay to receive Payment. Start counting the number of stores. You can find 2 thousand 1 hundred and 42 stores in 16 States which include Wisconsin, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, North Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Kansas, Minnesota, and Missouri.
  16. Costco: Costco is a big-box wholesale retailer with several national gas stations. If your card is linked with Apple Pay, you can easily use this digital wallet at this gas station. Five hundred seventy-two gas stations are accessible in 48 States across the country.
  17. Family Express: there is only one state named Indiana, which has a Family Express gas station.
  18. Love’s:  You can use Apple Pay inside this gas station. You can only find 550 gas stations of Love’s or more than that in 41 states.
  19. Marathon: Marathon receives Apple pay at some locations alongside its fuel at 7-Eleven stations and Speedway.
  20. Maverik: Maverik accepts Apple Pay at some of their stores if your Apple wallet is linked with your adventure Club card. Maverik gas stations are available in Wyoming, Washington, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah.
  21. Philips 66:  Certain locations of Philips 66 accept Apple Pay. You can find 2 thousand and 3 hundred and 78 locations in the Midwest and Texas.
  22. QuikTrip: a few locations of QuickTrip accept Apple Pay. The headquarter of QuickTrip is in Oklahoma, which receives 11 states.
  23. RaceTrac: You will find RaceTrac in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas. All these locations accept Apple Pay.
  24. RaceWay:  All locations of RaceWay accept Apple Pay. You can find more than 300 RaceWays in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.
  25. Sheetz: Most of the locations of Sheetz receive Apple Pay. But some rural areas do not take payments through Apple Pay as the technology has not been updated yet. You can find almost 640 locations near Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and West Virginia.
  26. Shell: It is a popular gas station located all over the country. The shell allows to you pay through Apple Pay when the Payment requires. Every area of Shell accepts this digital wallet for Payment. It has already started its operation to upgrade its technology which will receive Apple Pay quickly within the next few years. Shell stations can be found in nearly 50 states.
  27. Speedway: Every location of Speedway accept this payment method. Your wallet is linked with your Adventure Club Card. You can use Apple Pay inside of Speedway has stations in 36 states, especially in the Eastern U.S. and parts of the Midwest.
  28. Sunoco: Sunoco has an app by which you can pay through Apple Pay. There are over 5 thousand and two hundred Sunoco franchises across the nation.
  29. Texaco: Most of the stations of Texaco receive Apple Pay. If you find that Apple Pay is not accepted in Texaco stations, then you have another option: the Texaco app. Just download the app for non-contact Payment at the gas station or inside the store. You can find Texaco has stations in 16 states across the United States and other locations are available worldwide.
  30. TravelCenters of America (T.A.): This gas station only receives the updated version of Apple Pay, and you can find only 272 TA locations within the nation.
  31. Valero: This is very unfortunate that only a few locations of Valero receive Apple Pay. Thirty-eight states have Valero gas stations.
  32. Wawa: This is another convenience store that sometimes pairs with a pump. As a beloved chain, Wawa updated its technology for savvy customers who can apply the Apple Pay permanent method for their payments. More than 600 gas stations can be found in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.


How to pay via Apple Pay at gas stations?

Apple Pay can be used by iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. This method is safe as you don't need to share your debit or credit card during payments. A unique transition OTP replaces the card number for every Payment. Now the question is, how can you use Apple Pay?

Here are the steps you can follow while using Apple Pay at Gas Stations-


How to find the gas stations that take apple pay near me?

Follow the below steps-


Is Apple pay safe?

Now you can ask the question, is Apple Pay safe to use at Gas Stations? The answer is obviously yes. It is safer than card payments as you don't need to share your personal information with a vender. If you use your card, you must share your personal information like PIN, card number, etc. However, Apple Pay is confidential. When you link your card to Apple Pay, a new number will be associated with a digital version of your credit or debit card. It doesn't carry your original card information.


Is Apple Pay faster and easier?

We have discussed the safety of Apple Pay. But time matters, so we need a faster payment method that is as well as efficient. You can choose the Apple Pay option because it is shorter than card payments. All you need to follow are some easy steps on your device to the payment screen with Apple Pay. So without any hesitations, if any gas stations accept apple pay one can easily go through it. 


You can get cashback if you use Apple Pay for your Payments:

Apple recently brought a new feature that goes along with Apple Pay. Apple card is nothing but a Payment of Apple form that is available solely in the digital sphere. You can get up to 2% cash back on all Apple pay transactions when linking your card with Apple Pay. Also, you can get 3% cash back on purchases at some selected retailers like Walgreens and the iOS app stores. If you are an Apple fan, you can get up to 5% cash back on all Apple purchases.

The exciting thing is you can transfer your cashback to your existing bank account or you can save the money in your Apple Pay Wallet for future use.


Is has the future:

Cash has become obsolete because carrying Cash is not as safe as Apple Pay. Humans are moving toward digital currency, and almost every gas stations are already ready to receive Apply Pay. So you can go for Apple Pay without any hesitation at any gas station.



So, here we have added the 30 Plus Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay! Every store, such as fast food places, grocery stores, travel businesses, and gas pumps, receives Apple pay. However, Apple pay is more convenient than credit cards and debit cards. This payment method is easy to use, and you no longer carry a Yougasr card for purchasing anything. You don’t have to share your card information anymore. Make your payment with Apple Pay and Save Valuable time. 

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1. Do gas stations accept Apple Pay!

Yes, there are lots of Gas stations that accept Apple Pay. Some are 7-Eleven, ARCO, Chevron etc