6 Ways to Fix 'ThopTV Unable to Connect Server Error' in 2023!

6 Ways to Fix 'ThopTV Unable to Connect Server Error' in 2023!

These days users of ThopTV are getting errors like 'ThopTV Unable To Connect Server'. But what everything is looking for? Just a solution to fix it. No worries, we are here with the solution. Nowadays, it has become an addiction for many people. Although ThopTV is illegal, people use it regularly. If you also want to know about ThopTV in brief detail, read this post thoroughly.

It is a live-streaming app where you can access various Television channels. You can access it for free as well as paid plans. It is considered illegal as it crosses many OTT rules. One can download all kinds of OTT content from the app. Other than this, it also allows watching the Latest movies and downloading them. Let us start the fix the error ThopTV Unable to Connect Server now. 


Reasons behind Error "ThopTV's Unable to Connect Server"!

6 Ways to Fix 'ThopTV Unable to Connect Server Error' in 2023!

It has been seen that users are eager to know the reasons why they are facing such issues on their Smart TV as "ThopTV Unable to Connect Server now". They were considering that it may be because of a server error. Or the app might be under maintenance causing the same. But no one knows the fact.

The real reason is that the owner of the app, Satish Venkateshwarlu who was from Hyderabad has been arrested. He was arrested some days back by the Mumbai Cyber Police. All its servers have been down by the Cyber police since last week. Not only the owner but the entire ThopTV team is arrested.


Reasons why the ThopTV team had been arrested

The only reason behind their arrest was that their team was revealing the OTT contents. This was spread not only in India but throughout the world. The owner was caught in the cybercrime. OTT platform filed a complaint against ThopTV that they are spreading such content. Because of the same, OTT platform owners were losing their revenue. In short, if we say, Piracy is the only reason.


ThopTV banned in India

Yes, it is banned in India as of now. Still, there are no updates available on it. Other than ThopTV, various other similar apps are also banned. There are very low chances of getting this back anymore.


ThopTV illegal in India

Not only ThopTV but all the apps that copyright the OTT content are illegal in India. Piracy of any content without the permission of the owner is not allowed and hence is considered illegal.


Steps to fix ThopTV's unable to connect server

Although there is no chance that it will be back. But you should try the steps below to check if it works.

  1. Firstly, open the 'Settings' app on your mobile device.
  2. Then, look for the 'Apps' option in the search bar.
  3. Click on the 'All Apps' section there and a list of apps will appear.
  4. Click on the 'ThopTV' app there.
  5. An option 'Clear Cache' is available. Click.
  6. Press 'Confirm'.

Now check if the app is working now or not.


Will the ThopTV app be back soon?

Users of the app are spreading some news like the app will be back again in a few days. But this is not true. You will also see some steps to fix the error but all that is not correct. A 99 percent chance exists that the app not be back anymore.


Final words

The most common error behind "ThopTV Unable to Connect Server now" is that ThopTv is banned. Unlike ThopTV various other piracy apps are also banned in India. It is always considered illegal. Everyone must ensure not to use any such illegal apps under any circumstances. Either spend some amount of money and get paid OTT platforms and watch your favorite movies and shows. Today itself say no to such platforms and discourage them from rising up.

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