Spectrum Router blinking Red & Blue - How to fix in 2023!

Spectrum Router blinking Red & Blue - How to fix in 2023!

Are you fed up with Spectrum Router blinking Red and Blue -  The Spectrum routers have always lived in rooms full of great reviews. Either of its products has been amazing for the users. If it's a Spectrum modem or a Spectrum router. However, it is nothing but technology. Most of the time, things work out, meanwhile, sometimes, they don't. The same goes for a Spectrum router, different colors of lights may blink or stay solid throughout the while and cause Internet connection issues.

In this article, we are going to discuss what different colors of lights, blinking lights, and solid lights, mean and specifically, different ways to fix blinking and solid red lights. Red has always been a sign of danger, we will find out if it's the case with the Spectrum router as well. Is the router crashing that it needs the service of a professional? What is it actually? Here, we'll talk about it.


Why Is My Spectrum Router Blinking Red and Blue? How Many Colors Of Light A Spectrum Router Can Show?

As we look at the scene from different angles, we will find out that there are just two colors, blue and red. On digging everything a little bit deeper, we would find out that there are different forms and combinations making the solutions and reasons complicated. Here we go learning more about it.

  1. The form of light: blinking red light.
  2. The solid red light.
  3. The form of light: blinking blue light.
  4. The solid blue light.
  5. The combination: blinking blue & red lights.

Just before, we found five different forms of lights in a Spectrum router. Now, let us figure out the meanings of each of them right below, as you scroll down to your screen.


Meanings Of Different Forms Of Colors:

Spectrum Router blinking Red & Blue - How to fix in 2023!

It is time to know different meanings of different forms of the lights we see through a Spectrum router. So, let's begin with the first one.

1. The Blinking Red Light - The 'blinking' red light simply indicates the connection failure with the Internet. When your Spectrum router fails to connect with the Internet, it shows you the blinking red light. This truly isn't a huge danger sign as we expected in the beginning though!


2. The Solid Red Light - Well, this is actually something you would like to work on. A critical error that your Spectrum has run into unknowingly and now it is stuck right there is what your router wants you to know. Specifically, it doesn't indicate Internet-related issues but is something that should be considered.


3. The Blinking Blue Light - This is something you would consider to be in the middle of an ocean. The sign tells you that the router is trying to establish a connection with the Internet. Why in the middle of an ocean? Because if it fails to connect every time it tries, the light would be blinking to infinity.


4. The Solid Blue Light - This is the green signal that things are falling into place. In simple words, it means that your Spectrum router has a good Internet connection.


5. The Blinking Blue & Red Lights - Well, the router is in the process of being updated and soon will be done and you will probably see the solid blue light passing through it. The process must be done without any interruption for the Spectrum router to stay in a good condition.

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Possibilities Why Router Is Showing Red Light:

There are a few possibilities of why your Spectrum router is flashing away solid or blinking red light. One might be that the router has lost its connection with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The other might be a barrier between your router and the Internet, simply a critical issue that needs to be considered.

The solid light tells you how the router is going through an error. On the other hand, the blinking red light tells you nothing more than trouble connecting with the Internet.


Ways To Getting Rid Of These Lights!

A number of ways exist to get rid of your 'red' light signal and get your strong and high-speed Internet connection. All of them include ways such as resetting the Spectrum router, rebooting the Spectrum router as well as the modem, power cycling all of it: the modem and the router, and many more.

Although the given steps work out in most of the cases, in a few of them, contacting the official Spectrum customer service is required. With that being said, we would like to introduce all the possible methods to you.


1. Power Cycle: Must Have Heard About It!  

Power cycling your Spectrum modem & router has been one of the most popular ways to discover the solution. Here is how you power cycles your router and your modem.

A note to remember: Do not mess up between the Reset/Restart button and the Power button. The best is to unplug the connections.


2. Are All The Cables Doing Well?

The Ethernet cables must be checked and marked right to ensure that the Internet connection problems are not due to the cables. Even if the cables look a bit torn apart, replace them.

How To Identify Ethernet Cables And What Are They For? - Ethernet cables are the ones connecting the Internet to your computer and other devices. If your Spectrum router is of a high-speed Internet provider then you would have CAT 5e, CAT 6e, or even higher speeds of ethernet cables in your router.

The way you can identify an Ethernet cable is through the labels categorizing the data speed on its sheath.


3. Reset Everything!

When the power cycle fails and the Ethernet cables do well, resetting the router comes to life. Now, what does resetting your Spectrum router mean? When you purchase a new router, it has its own factory settings which are there by default and you would need to adjust it by yourself according to your needs. When you reset, you activate the router to its factory settings. Two methods exist to reset your Spectrum router.

The first method - Well, there is the "RESET" button you would need to navigate at the back panel with a protective hole. Thus, you would need something thin & hard to press the button and hold it right there.

Pick a toothpick or whatever you get as thin and hard as it is and press the button for about 10 seconds. You'll see the status lights will light up and go off. After a couple of minutes, your router and modem will be done going through the process of resetting.


Second method - The method begins with the official app, the My Spectrum App. A recommendation for any Spectrum user is to have the application on their device. Here we go with the steps:


4. Reboot The Router: Don't Lose Anything.

Rebooting your router or modem doesn't make it lose the settings you did or any data, instead, it just restarts the process. By this, we mean to say that your router doesn't get set with its factory settings. Let's go ahead with the steps to understand the already easy one in an even easier way.

Restarting the router can solve minor issues. This is why it is always recommended to go ahead with the restart step before you jump onto the reset.


5. Is Everything Officially Down?

It is always better to check from the root when you don't find any cause in the plant. Well, in the case of technology bugs, it is never too late to check from official sources. Thus, in our case, we must check if the Spectrum router's WiFi connection is officially down due to any reason. Let's figure out how to check if the Spectrum router isn't connecting to the Internet for any reason.

In case, the status comes out as "Connection Issue", select "Restart Equipment". In case it shows "Connected" and still your Internet is down, choose the same option again, that is "Restart Equipment".


6. Contact The Spectrum Customer Support:

Spectrum is considered one of the top brands also because of its customer service. Here you would know why! You don't need to visit some nearby or miles away store to fix your Internet connection issues. You can make it happen just by dialing a number: (833) 224-6603.

In addition to the data, the services are available for every moment of the year and so. By this, we mean to tell you that they are available 24/7 for their customers.


Concluding everything!

In this article, we discussed the different meanings of different forms of lights a Spectrum router is designed to flash. Moreover, we also added six ways to improve your knowledge with which you can fix the solid red light or blinking red light without going anywhere and just from your home.

Here is a recap of everything we have told so far! Power cycling your router & modem was the first thing we talked about. The second thing we did was check if the Ethernet cables were doing well. Remember, the Ethernet cables' sheath always has the CAT 5e, CAT 6e….kind of labels. The third was resetting the router meanwhile the fourth was restarting the router. In the end, we went official and checked if the Spectrum router is doing well officially as well. When nothing worked out, we called Spectrum for their services.

For the long life of your router, you must turn it off as long as they are not in use. Leaving the router on without any use would do nothing but damage to it.

Must Check - FAQs

1. How long do I not need to worry about replacing my Spectrum router with a new one?

As we look at the life of Spectrum or other routers in general, it comes around for a span of four to five years of life.

2. What can be done to make the Spectrum WiFi stronger?

Placing the modem and router real apart from each other has never been a good idea unless you want a bad WiFi experience. Thus, place your modem and router close to each other without any signal blockers to experience a stronger than ever Internet connection.

3. Why should I reset my Spectrum router every once in a while?

If you recall a term known as "cache", you would get to know that when you reset your router, all the cache cleans up, giving you a smooth user experience.

4. What if I keep my Spectrum WiFi router on all the time?

For a long life of your router, you must turn it off as long as they are not in use. Leaving the router on without any use would do nothing but damage to it.