Dry Days 2023: Explore Complete List

Dry Days 2023: Explore Complete List

Dry Days in India List - As we all know, liquor is one such thing in India which is enjoyed in almost all states. But are you aware of dry days? If not you are at the right place. We are here to provide you with all the details on No Liquor Day in India. We will provide a complete list of dry in India on this page. Read the complete article till the end to know about it in detail. 

What is a dry day or no liquor day? - From the name, it is clear that a dry day is a day without liquor. There are days aligned on which selling and delivering liquors are illegal. In India, a person is not allowed to sell alcohol on dry days. If you are a regular alcohol consumer, you must surely know about it. most commonly all no-liquor days are considered national holidays. But its rules depend from state to state about maintaining it. The complete Dry Days in India List is added below. 


List of dry days in India in 2023. 

Dry Days 2023: Explore Complete List

Every month has some 2 to 3 days that are considered dry days. Those days are mostly national holidays. Below is a list of the dry days of the entire year from month to month. 

Dry days in January

  1. 14th Jnauary: Makar Sakranti
  2. 26th January: Republic Day
  3. 30th January: Shaheed Diwas

Dry days in February

Dry days in March

Dry days in April

Dry days in May

Dry days in June

Dry days in July

Dry days in August

Dry days in September

Dry days in October

Dry days in November

Dry days in December

Rules of dry days in different parts of India

There are various states in India. All of them do not follow the same rules for celebrating dry days. Every state has its policy to observe dry days. Come on let us know about the Dry Days in India List in different parts of India.

Dry Days in 2023

Dry days in Delhi

The dry day calendar of Delhi is given by the government on 1st July every year. Some dry days that are common every year are:


Dry days in Rajasthan

The dry days accepted in Rajasthan are:


Dry days in Andaman and Nicobar Island

In this state, one is not allowed to buy or sell liquor on the 7th of every month. This policy was given by UT. Also, the alcohol shops remain closed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. The dry day's list followed in this state is:


Dry days in Karnataka

The dry days accepted in Karnataka are:


Dry Days List in West Bengal

The dry days accepted in West Bengal are:


Dry days List in Jammu

All national holidays in Jammu are considered a dry day. In addition, these are some of the dry days on which the alcohol shops remain closed.


Dry days List in Kashmir

The dry days are not mandatory on all national holidays in Kashmir. These are the dry-day list followed in Kashmir. 


Dry days in Maharashtra

In this state, the district collector decides on a dry day after giving notice seven days before. These are the dry day list of Maharashtra.


Dry days in Tamil Nadu

The dry days accepted in Tamil Nadu are:


Dry days in Kerala

Earlier, every Sunday was dry but this rule is no longer in action now. the 1st day of every month is now dry in Kerala. The reason behind this is that it is the salary day in almost all companies and organizations. Other than this, in the case of polling days, the polling day and the previous day is the dry day. The dry list is here.


Final words:

So, never make the mistake of selling alcohol on a dry day as it is illegal. The Dry Days in India List are mentioned above in certain states. Also, there are some states in India where alcohol is completely restricted. Some such states are Bihar, Mizoram, Nagaland, Gujarat, and Lakshadweep. If you consume alcohol regularly, you must check out the list above to save yourself from buying it on no-liquor days. 

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