CJ so cool house address, Phone Number, Net Worth, Wife etc

CJ so cool house address, Phone Number, Net Worth, Wife etc

CJ SO Cool Net Worth: CJ SO Cool real name is Cordero James Brady is an American YouTube star, and also a music artist. He is famous for his reaction and prank videos to his viewers, which he uploads CJ SO Cool YouTube channel 'CJ SO COOL'. Cordero was born on March 29, 1989, in Las Vegas as Gary, Indiana, United States.

He is 32 years old, has a very good Net Worth we gonna discuss it today CJ SO Cool Net Worth best known as an American YouTube star. He was born in America but his ethnicity is African-American. CJ So Cool brother is a fellow YouTuber named Anthony Jinks Brady who helps CJ with his excellent career prospects. CJ grew up with his brother in a turbulent environment He never got proper care from his parents as his mother got addicted to heroin and his father died in prison.


CJ So Cool Phone Number, House Address, Contact Number

CJ So Name CJ So Cool
Birthday March 29, 1989
CJ So Cool Age  32 Years
Gender Male
CJ So Height  6 Feet
Nationality American
Profession Youtuber
Siblings Anthony Jinx Brady
CJ SO Cool Net Worth $3 Million
CJ So Wife Charlene Royalty Young
CJ So Cool House Address 2654 W. Horizon edge Pkwy suit B5 – 137, Henderson, NV, Nevada US.


CJ SO COOL Relationships and Marital Status

When it comes to CJ's So Cool Relationship status, CJ is married to Charlene’ Royalty’ Young. They have twin kids named Cordayah and Cordero Jr. Apart from CJ So Cool kids, Cj also has a girl named Camari through a past relationship and he is step-father to Royalty’s youngsters Leonidas, J’aaliyah, and Karnation.

CJ so cool house address, Phone Number, Net Worth, Wife etc

CJ So Cool Career

CJ So Cool is famous for the funny videos that he posts on CJ So Cool Youtube channel, through he entertains his millions of fans with his funny content. CJ So Cool posts mostly funny and prank videos where he came a huge hit and gained popularity among people from different countries of the world.  At the same time, he also had to listen to a lot of criticism to create content, and it was around 2015 when he faced a lot of criticism. Marital Status Married Wife Royalty Children Cordayah, Cordero Jr.Camari Leonidas, J’aaliyah, Karnation (Step-Sons) CJ So was actually seen in a video adding laxatives to children's food even He continued to shoot the video as long as the child was using the toilet painfully. For that video, some popular YouTube celebrities like Scars, Drama Alert, Blast Famous HD TV, and Pyro Sinicalhai criticize him. In February 2020, hackers removed all 1033 of his videos from YouTube, but a few days later all 700 of CJ So Cool YouTube videos were restored and re-uploaded in a week.

Despite receiving criticism, his subscribers are liking his videos and his subscribers are increasing in large numbers. It turns out that he is increasing 2000 subscribers per day. CJ's videos garner hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and most of the time, it surpasses a million views. CJ also made a video on his family, even he posted his most recent family video on April 30, 2021, with "Surprise My Kids with Brand New Bigger Bikes!" Created with the title. Along with making videos on YouTube, he has also sung a few songs like "So Cool Anthem", "Bag Chasing", "Yaadein", "For Klout" and "Love Us Now".

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Before doing YouTube CJ So Cool was –

Before becoming a famous YouTuber sensation, CJ So Cool went through a variety of endeavours. CJ So Cool previously worked for Planet Hollywood in the United States as, a Navy veteran, and in addition, he also worked as a casino craps, blackjack, and poker dealer in the past. After starting producing YouTube replies to popular viral videos, try not to laugh, and pranks, he stopped working in different careers. CJ's brother and wife are with him for success in his life.


CJ So Cool Net Worth

So Cool is not the Richest You Tuber but he has amassed a whopping $6 Million as of 2021 while Royalty’snet worth is $3 Million. Overall, his estimated net worth is over $9 million. As of 2021, CJ So has gained 8.76 million YouTube subscribers and he releases a couple of recordings each week on his YouTube channel. CJ So Cool Youtube channel was once hacked on 20 February 2016 and the claim that the hacker completely erased 1,033 of his recordings.


How did CJ become so famous?

CJ So Cool started his YouTube channel in 2014 but despite his best efforts, it didn't work out for him. He only got about 35,000 views with few subscriptions. CJ So Cool younger brother helped him improve the website's content and the quality of the movies when he saw it. CJ So Cool began filming reaction videos before moving on to 'try not to laugh', 'prank videos', and other humorous videos. Jinx, his brother, and royalty, his girlfriend, collaborated on most of these. After becoming a famous vlogger, he started uploading weekly vlogs and challenges with his family. CJ has become so famous that people want to know more about him by getting him in real. people often ask for CJ So Cool House Address, his phone number. So to get to know him becomes easy we have provided CJ So Cool House Address below in the article.

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He doesn't have any awards, yet he has a top media personality. CJ So Cool won the hearts of people with his music.


CJ So Cool House Address, Email, Contact Number, Phone Number, Social Sits

CJ So Cool House Address or Physical Address is 2654 W. Horizon edge Pkwy suit B5 – 137, Henderson, NV, Nevada US.

You can send an email to CJ So Cool at workwithcj@bbtv.com mail-id.

CJ So Cool real name Cordero James Brady

CJ So Cool Phone Number +1702-609-0570

CJ So Cool Whatsapp Number +1702-609-0570

CJ So Cool Texting Number +1702-609-0570

Birthplace Gary, Indiana

CJ So Cool Hometown Gary, Indiana

CJ So Cool Email Id workwithcj@bbtv.com

CJ So Cool Phone Number according to the 2021 estimates is +1702-609-0570, but the best way is to contact through the CJ So Cool social media

You may follow CJ’s Facebook page. Even you can like his posts on the Facebook timeline and send him private messages on his Facebook account:


You can get in touch with CJ So Cool via his Twitter account. To do this you need to write a tweet on Twitter:

You can follow him on his CJ So Cool YouTube Channel.

Instagram is one of the most effective ways to contact CJ So Cool if you're interested. One can connect through his Instagram handle :

He has his Instagram account by @cj_socool where he has gained 5million followers as of 2021. CJ doesn't have an official Wikipedia page yet.

Cj So Cool House Address

CJ’s Unknown Facts

There are some interesting facts about CJ So Cool including the fact that

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1. How much is the net worth of CJ So Cool?

CJ So Cool has a net worth of approximately 9 million dollars. His net worth has skyrocketed from 3 million dollars in 2019 to 9 million dollars now.

2. Who is CJ So Cool dating?

CJ is married to Charlene’ Royalty’ Young and CJ So Cool also has twin children named Cordayah and Cordero Jr. CJ So Cool has also a girl named Camari from his past relationship; he is step-father to Royalty’s youngsters Leonidas, J’aaliyah, and Karnation.

3. How tall is CJ So Cool?

The handsome CJ So Cool is 6 ft inches tall.

4. . How old is CJ So Cool?

CJ So Cool was born in March 29,1989 and is 32 year old.

5. How did CJ So Cool gain popularity?

CJ So Cool started his YouTube channel in 2014 but didn't get much popularity. CJ gained his massive viewership through his prank videos and other humorous videos on YouTube.

6. Where was CJ So Cool born?

CJ So Cool was born in March 29, 1989 in America but his ethnicity is African-American.

7. How old is Cj So Cool?

Cj So Cool is an American YouTube star born on March 29, 1989. He is currently 32 years of age.