Chrome Can't Login To Website Using Facebook App? - Fix Now

Chrome Can't Login To Website Using Facebook App? - Fix Now

Are you struggling to resolve the error "Chrome Can't log in To Website Using Facebook App Not Setup"? Who doesn't know about Facebook? It was a very popular social media app after which Instagram got in the game and took the lead. However, all these sites, websites, and applications are a part of technology. As we all know, technology can give up anytime without a warning sign given before.

The same could happen to you as well when you are trying to log in to your Facebook account via your default browser. This is the issue that we have noticed very often so this is why this article is here on your screen.

If you have also faced glitches while trying to log in to your account via the browser version of Facebook, this article is a must for you. Read till the very end for a bonus to save you time.


Chrome Can't Login To Website Using Facebook App? Browser Crashing Down?

Chrome Can't Login To Website Using Facebook App? - Fix Now

Well, we know that you are curious to know what could be the possible reasons that your browser is crashing or "Chrome Can't Login To Website Using Facebook App Not Setup" whenever you are trying to log in to your Facebook account. There could be a total of 5 reasons why your browser must be crashing down.

We believe that knowing the reason behind the problem is better than finding out the solution because that way, it all works smoothly as butter. So, what are we waiting for? Let us move on with the first reason that we have known about the cache in the browser.


Cache in the browser: Do you ever sweep it out?

The cache is all the cookies that you accept while visiting a website but why do they stay in your web browser? Cookies stay in your web browser as a cache so that whenever you visit the same website again in the future, it opens up quickly.

The cache saves all the pictures, videos, and text that you see on the website. Sometimes they cause problems, especially when there is some corrupted data. Such kind of data can be a reason behind your Facebook login issue.


Extensions in Chrome.

We are talking about Chrome because it's the most common web browser that people use all around the world. Anyway, they are kind of little software-based programs to alter the user experience by changing the browser functionality and making it better.

Just like a corrupted cache, corrupted Chrome extensions can also make logging into your Facebook account a big deal.


What if…your browser is the one?

What if we say that your browser is the one issue? Well, you cannot fix your browser on your own because you are not the one working on it. Still, you can do one thing and that replaces your browser with some other browser such as Firefox.


Do you remember the password?

We aren't asking for your password but we are asking you, "Do you remember your login details all too well?" If you have got the password off your mind somehow then the "forgot password" option is your savior.

In case you are sure about your login details, let's go along with the article.


VPN: Virtual Private Network.

A VPN creates an unstable connection due to the changed IP address with a website's server. The unstable connection could create a glitch between your connection and the website resulting in being unable to access the website completely.

Well, we got done with all the five reasons why you are unable to log in to your Facebook account via a web browser. It's time to work on all of them and find a solution for your Facebook account.


Fix Your Facebook Account Login Via Browser!

We don't like taking our visitors and readers back and forth, wasting our and their time. So, with no more time taken, let us tell you that there are a total of 9 solutions - the number being almost double of the reasons we have just discussed.

Anyway, just like our first reason was related to the cache and cookies in Chrome, our first solution is also based on the same. So without wasting any more time,  let us take you on the ride.


1. Cleaning the cache: An easy one - It would be a lot more difficult to explain the clearing cache process for each different browser than to explain the process just for one. Thus, we have chosen Google Chrome to go ahead with this process to explain how it all works because of the web browser's popularity.


Hopefully, this should work because of the removal of the corrupted data in your Chrome browser. Remember that this process will only work if that's the case interrupting your login process.


2. Chrome extensions malfunction: Disable - As we have just told you previously in this article, web extensions can make technical issues happen. However, enabling and disabling these extensions is quite easy, like a piece of cake. This time we will be learning about disabling the Chrome extensions which might be showing up uninvited to malfunction the party.

By visiting more tools again in the Chrome browser, you can enable these extensions again which would take not more than a minute.


3. Thoughts about incognito mode - If you are still unable to log into your Facebook account even after the two easiest and best solutions ever given, then you gotta go incognito mode. In case you are new to what an Incognito mode is and need the steps to turn it on, let us tell you.


On your phone/tablet:


On Windows:


4. Resetting the Chrome browser - Just like you can reset your phone or any device, you can reset your browser as well. Let us remind you again, we are choosing Chrome browser as the default browser. Well, what happens when you reset your browser? Resetting your browser sets all the settings to default just like it was the first time you used it. It's actually done to get rid of the browser's performance and website redirection issues/glitches.

Now, your Chrome browser will be restored to its default settings and we think you should try logging into your Facebook account now.


5. Are you on VPN?

Do you use VPN and are still on it while trying to log into your Facebook account? Well, please turn it off right at the moment if you wanna check your Facebook account. As we have already told you just before how it messes up your connection and the website's server.

So, turning it off would be a better idea than keeping it on unless you don't wanna log into your account.


6. Change the password, and re-login - Well, it might work because maybe, you are thinking you are sure about the password but maybe you aren't? Why not change your Facebook account's password and then try logging in again? It doesn't feel like a big deal. You can always follow the way it goes on your screen.


7.  Restart the web page and your device too - Maybe your device is the one glitching with the web page and your browser. Sometimes when you are having too many tabs open on your device or in case, when your device heats up or runs out of battery or space, that's when it starts interrupting. You should close the tab to the web page where you were trying to log into your Facebook account and then reboot/restart your device too. Now when you get your device switched on, try again on Chrome, and if it doesn't work, move on to the eighth step.


8. Resetting the Internet - It might just be your modem not working properly and not providing a stable internet connection holding you back. Well, resetting the internet means resetting your modem. Here's how you reset your modem's settings.

You must try if your modem keeps going in and out regularly at intervals. If this also didn't work then we have just the last option for you - check it out.


9. DNS cache - DNS cache is actually a kind of temporary storage which has collected the information on your web browser-related IP addresses and other records. You should flush DNS to resolve security & internet issues. It is also a good idea to flush DNS if you are seeing the 404 code on a website.

Here's how you flush the DNS cache on Google Chrome:


The Most To Know About Facebook

On the 4th of February 2004, the iconic social media app was launched by Mark Zuckerberg. Initially, the popular social media site was actually built to connect Harvard students with one another. The site was first launched in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States because as we just told you, the focus of the site was Harvard students.

Everyone knew the future of Facebook when more than a thousand people registered the very next day of the launch. Currently, Facebook has more than 2.89 billion monthly active users making it the most used social media platform.

Moreover, the recent and popular news about Facebook has been there since Meta owned Facebook back in the day, October 2021.


Concluding It All

Hopefully, you could log into your Facebook account via your browser after this article. To keep going, let us summarize everything before we take off the flight. In this article, this first went straight to the history of Facebook and how Meta just owned it last October.

Then we came to the real point of this article, which is the issue of being unable to log in to your Facebook account via a web browser. We choose Chrome browser as the default browser in an article because that's the most common one in use. Once we were done discussing the reasons why you must be facing the issue, we went straight to the solutions, a total of nine of them.

Wait! We always have a bonus for our readers. Check it out while scrolling down below.

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