Carryminati Net Worth in 2023 or His Girlfriend (GF)? Ajay Nagar Movie, Favourite Song, Dance!

Carryminati Net Worth in 2023 or His Girlfriend (GF)? Ajay Nagar Movie, Favourite Song, Dance!

Carry Minati Net worth 2023 - Are you excited to know the name of Carryminati's Girlfriend(GF)! When the Gen Z audience was busy playing PUB’G, there was someone who was creating future wealth i.e. Ajay Nagar (CarryMinati)! According to fan Carryminati GF known as Preet Rawat! Do you know about carryminati roast Thara Bhai Joginder check below to find the complete roast?

Have you seen CarryMinati roast videos on YouTube? Are you a crazy fan of CarryMinati? Do you want to know every detail about your favorite YouTuber star and comedian? You have landed at the right place. In this blog post, we have piled every detail from CarryMinati net worth, age, height, social profiles, and girlfriend to age. Let’s scroll down!

Carryminati Net Worth in 2023 or His Girlfriend (GF)? Ajay Nagar Movie, Favourite Song, Dance!

Hoo…We are back with another post and this time it is none other than the most popular Indian YouTuber star and creator Ajay Nagar popularly known as CarryMinati. Over the past few years, YouTube has grabbed a huge audience and its popularity is increasing day by day. If we go a few years back, we could not have imagined a career as a creator or YouTuber but today we know many successful people who are striving in their careers as famous YouTubers. There is a diverse range of segments for YouTubers including lifestyle, fashion, gaming, cooking, and lots more. According to recent stats, YouTube has 2.6 billion active users and among this figure, India has the highest percentage of active users on this platform; the United States grabs the second position.

Talking about Youtubers how did we forget to mention ‘Ajay Nagar’ popularly known as “CarryMinati” is the most popular Indian YouTuber star who shares roast videos on his YouTube channel “CarryMinati” grabbing 35.5 million subscribers. Besides this channel, he owns a live stream gaming channel “CarryisLive” which too has a decent number of subscribers which is around 10.9 million. That’s a huge audience! Isn’t it?. CarryMinati has a net worth of 3.8 million.

Nagar began his YouTube journey at the age of 10 years when others were busy playing games and chilling out with friends. Nagar’s main channel is active since 2014 but previously his channel name was ‘AddictedA1’ and on that channel, he used to upload video game footage along with his reactions to the game. Later in 2015, he changed his channel name to ‘CarryDeol’ where he start uploading gameplay footage along with Sunny Deol mimicry. After, Nagar changed his channel name to “CarryMinati” and started posting roast videos along with clips of personality on which that roast videos are. 


CarryMinati Net worth, Age, Height, Social profiles, Gf

CarryMinati Full Name

Ajay Nagar

Nick Name




CarryMinati Birth date

12 June 1999

CarryMinati  Age

24 years

CarryMinati  Zodiac sign


CarryMinati  Birthplace

Faridabad, Haryana








DPS, Faridabad Haryana


Not Attended

CarryMinati Educational Qualification

12th Standard


YouTuber creator


‘Om Namah Shivai’ tattoo on his right arm

CarryMinati Height

5’5” inch

Eye Colour


Hair Colour


CarryMinati Relationship status


Instagram Followers

15.3 Million

Youtube  Followers

35.5 Million

Twitter Followers

2.8 Million

CarryMinati  Net worth

$3.8 Million


[email protected]


Ajay Nagar (CarryMinati) Family Life, Relationship & Girlfriends

Ajay Nagar belongs to a well-settled family in Faridabad, Delhi. His father ‘Vivek Nagar’ is a businessman and his mother is a housewife.  His brother Yash Nagar is a guitarist and music producer. CarryMinati is always seen sharing pictures with Wily frenzy (Yash Nagar) and the brother’s bond always set the Instagram stage on fire! Amidst lockdown Ajay’s rap song “Yalgaar” in collaboration with Wily Frenz was released that trended No.1 on YouTube and Twitter.

Before Yalgaar, Ajay Nagar has released two songs in collaboration with Wily Frenzy, titled “Zindagi” and “Warrior”.

Talking about his girlfriend, Alas! She has no one. But, some rumors rolled over social media at the end of 2020 when Avneet Kaur, an actress, and social media influencer posted a picture of herself captioned with #Carryminati ke roast jaisi hit hai, Gym daily jaaye billo fit fit fit hai#

With this post fans start speculating that something is brewing between the two. But, CarryMinati confirmed it as a rumor. However, CarryMinati is a good friend of YouTube creator Prajakta Koli. Both are conquering the world with their extraordinary creativity and entertaining the audience.

CarryMinati loves to keep his personal life secret, so there is no specific information about his personal life and girlfriend.


Ajay Nagar (CarryMinati) Early life and rise of his career

Whew! A 10-year-old was clear in his mind about his future endeavors and life goals and became the most influenced Indian young YouTuber, Commentator, Roaster, and Entertainer at just the age of 23 years.

Nobody talks about failure; Success is attended by passing through a series of fails and examinations. That’s true in the case of CarryMinati.

In 2010, CarryMinati started his channel “Stealth Fearzz” where he used to post gaming videos along with some tutorials on football; he is a football lover. The videos didn’t perform well and he changed the channel name to ‘CarryDeol’ and started commentary and roasting videos in the voice of Bollywood star Sunny Deol.

His channel picked up pace when he targeted India’s most loved YouTuber, BB Ki Vines, aka Bhuvan Bam. His video “Making Money with BB ki Vines” went viral overnight and here he marked the first success in his life as a YouTube Creator. His roasting, comedy, and funny videos go viral and always trend on YouTube. His track “ByePewDiePie” is quite famous. In 2017, his channel CarryMinati crossed 1 Million subscribers and he received his gold play button in 2020 he received a diamond play button. That year, he also started another channel ‘CarryisLive which was merely a live gaming streaming channel.

Ajay Nagar got strike on his YouTube channel twice, firstly when he made a roast video on ‘Bheem Narula’, a local Haryanvi singer, and secondly the owner of the YouTube channel, ‘MovieTalkies’. The roasting star has roasted both.

Besides, He was listed as the Top 10 Next Generation Leaders at the age of 19 in ‘Time Magazine’. CarryMinati is the only Indian YouTuber who meet Hollywood superstar ‘Tom Cruise’ and his experience was outstanding!. Carry has a net worth of 3.8 million.



No matter how good you are, there is always someone who will stand up against you!

CarryMinati is successful because he does an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way and he has the talent and creativity to do so. His video “TikTok v/s YouTube: The End” was the most viewed video and was trending no.1 with 17 million views within 1 hour of upload. But, after 3 days of uploading this video, YouTube deleted that video from its platform claiming that it violated the rules.

It’s just simple CarryMinati roast videos and commentary are made keeping in mind the humor of people and in the disclaimer also every time he mentioned that the video is created not to hurt anyone. So, just chill out and relax. Let’s support CarryMinati in his endeavors.


Total Subscriber of CarryMinati on YouTube

CarryMinati is the no.1 most subscribed individual Indian YouTuber and Asia’s No.1 individual YouTuber after beating Atta Hillintar. He has a huge fan base with 35.5 Million subscribers on his main channel ‘CarryMinati’ and 10.7 million subscribers on his second channel ‘CarryisLive’, which combinedly makes 45.7+ million subscribers. The link to his YouTube account.


CarryMinati Social Media


CarryMinati Net Worth

Money ultimately comes with huge subscribers and popularity! CarryMinati earns more than 25 lakh rupees in a month whose major revenue comes from his YouTube videos. Other sources range from brand promotions and YouTube sponsors. He charges between 15-20 lakh for one brand promotion and obviously as the channel will grow the amount of sponsored posts will increase too. His annual income lies somewhere around Rs. 3 Crores. He has earned a total net worth of $3.8 Million.


Ajay Nagar is the most popular Indian YouTuber star and creator popularly known as CarryMinati.with a net worth of $3.8 Million.

Must Check - FAQs

1. Do CarryMinati drink alcohol or smoke?

No, he doesn’t. Well! Carryminati is a health conscious personality whose day starts with a half an hour walk followed by some pilates, squats, and body training.

2. How much does CarryMinati earn from YouTube?

Some reports claim that CarryMinati’s earnings per month are more than 25 lakh rupees. He gets up to 1 lakh rupees for every YouTube video and his annual revenue falls by more than 3 Crore rupees. He is Asia’s No.1 earning YouTube creator at the age of 23 years.

3. Is CarryMinati debuting in any movie?

Yes, CarryMinati will be seen in a cameo appearance playing the character of himself in Ajay Devgan’s “Runway 34” along with Amitabh Bachan. When asked about his role, CarryMinati confessed previously he was scared but when he get to know he has to play CarryMinati in the movie. He got excited. This is the beginning of his movie career. There are many milestones awaiting the YouTube roaster and creator.

4. Which video made Ajay Nagar popular CarryMinati?

Ajay Nagar is known for his roast videos and funny comments. He gets all his fame and appreciation after sharing a roasting video of ‘Bibi Ki Vines ft Bhuvan Bham’ on YouTube. Bhuvan Bham is the topmost Indian YouTuber.

5. How many records break CarryMinati with his “Yalgaar” song?

His rap song “Yalgaar” is the second most viewed Indian song i.e. 32.8 Million, the most liked Indian song around 5.3 Million, grabbing the highest number of comments among Indian videos i.e. 961K, and within 1 hour the song gained 1 Million likes. Yalgaar was the record-breaking song of creative Ajay Nagar. But, he shares this credit with his brother Yash Nagar. Hope this quick biography on Ajay Nagar’s aka CarryMinati life has given some lessons to you. If you have some extraordinary skills don’t hesitate to open it in front of the world. You never know, it might be possible you end up being the second CarryMinati!