Blippi Net Worth in 2022, Bio, Age, Height, Job, Family, Career

Blippi Net Worth in 2022, Bio, Age, Height, Job, Family, Career

Blippi Net Worth in 2022 - YouTube children’s entertainer Blippi is loved by billions of kids!

Have you heard about the Blippi? Do you have kids with ages ranging from 2 to 7? Then this post is for you. Scroll down to know about Blippi’s Net worth, Bio, and Career.

Over time YouTube has given a way for people to consume short informational videos to long entertainment series.

It has helped the content creators to grow a brand and reach the audience. It’s practically impossible to imagine high-definition videos without YouTube.

Each passing hour around 400 videos are posted on the site with a monthly range of 2 billion users. Kids of age 2 to 7 need a way of useful entertainment mixed with some information that helps in the greater upbringing of the kids.

If you don't know who Blippi is, you're probably not alone. Blippi is a children's entertainer who has soared to popularity in recent years. With his catchy songs and engaging videos, Blippi has captured the hearts of kids all over the world.

So how did Blippi amass such a fortune? Let’s dive in to know all about Blippi’s Net worth!

Blippi, is an American children’s entertainer, fun, and energetic character running a YouTube channel providing lots of information to kids about general life. With the energy of a 3-year-old, Blippi shoot to fame by offering toddlers journeys through soft-surface play spaces and parks in his signature blue and orange outfits. Blippi, real name Stevin John is a military veteran who served active duty in the United States Air Force in the position of loadmaster for the C-17 Globemaster aeroplane at the 4th Airlift Squadron. There, he has to do calculations and plan cargo placement for keeping the aircraft within the permissible center of gravity limits.

He helps kids teach colours, and letters and provide a good source of entertainment through his YouTube videos. With his friendly manner and goofy mannerisms, Blippi befriends most of the children and tries connecting with parents and kids through his funny entertaining video. Most importantly, when it comes to parenting Blippi videos helps interact with kids and excite them for learning. Over time Blippi reached a wide range of kid’s audiences and now he is making his content for the young audience too.


Blippi Net Worth, Bio, Career

Blippi Net Worth in 2022, Bio, Age, Height, Job, Family, Career

Blippi Full Name

Stevin John

Birth date

May 27, 1988

Nick Name




Birth Place

Ellensburg, Washington, U.S




34 years old

Zodiac Sign



6 feet 6 inches approx.


75 kg

Blippi Relationship Status



Children’s entertainer and educator on YouTube and other digital platforms

Instagram followers


Facebook followers


YouTube followers

15.7 Million

Blippi Net Worth

$ 75 million


Stevin John’s Early Life & Rise of his YouTube Career as Billipi

Blippi grew up surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses in Ellensburg, Washington, and the idea of making entertaining kid’s videos strike when he found seeing his old nephew viewing low-quality videos on YouTube. He was a guy who dressed up in bright clothes and America’s deserted soft play centers for the benefit of YouTube and to provide original content to the kids.

The first Blippi video was published on January 27, 2014, which featured Stevin John and done all filming, acting, creating content, and uploading all by themself. Stevin John was inspired from the children’s educators and entertainer Mr. Rogers and tried to portray something educational and learning for the kids through his videos.

With over time, the videos of Blippi garnered billions of views and became so popular that Blippi started creating content in several languages including Spanish, Portuguese etc. With his 15M YouTube subscribers, he marked an estimated $17 million in wealth, hence making him one of the world’s highest-paid YouTube stars. A report by Forbes concluded Blippi as the ninth-highest earning YouTuber in 2020 surpassing both David Dobrik and Jeffree Star.

“Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals” is the most viewed Youtube video of Stevin John grabbing around 813 million views on YouTube. He has total four YouTube channels including Blippi- Educational videos for kids, Blippi Kids songs, Blippi em Portugues, Blippi Espanol, and Blippi auf Deutsch-Lernvideos.

Stevin John’s Relationship Status

Whew! Steve John is engaged.

The 33-year-old children’s entertainer- the content creator and actor behind Blippi is often seen sharing photos on his Instagram account with long-time girlfriend Alyssa Ingham.  The duo is in a serious relationship and if you get a dive of Blippi’s Instagram photos, he shares all special moments spent with Alyssa captioned with love and emojis.

In August 2021, the entertainer shared a glimpse of their special moment, when Stevin went on his knees to propose his girl on a beach in Malibu, California. Besides, the couple is not married but they welcomed a newborn boy on 9 March 2022 named Lochlan David John. The couple shared this great news on social media with a glimpse of their family photo where Alyssa was seen holding the newborn.


Blippi’s Net Worth

Money comes to those who have a creative mindset!

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Blippi is worth an estimated $75 million. That's a pretty impressive sum, especially for someone who's only been in the business for a few years.

Blippi’s channel gets around 6000 daily visitors and creates an estimated value of $25,000 per day i.e. $9 Million per year. Additionally, Blippi has a second channel, Blippi Toy which has grabbed 9.07 million subscribers. If we talk about what this channel is making the estimation is around 4 million views per day, hence resulting in daily revenue of $20,000 i.e. $7.3 million per year.

Besides, Blippi videos have an average of 5.6 million views every day which creates around $22,400 daily through ads making it $8.2 million. Apart from YouTube, his videos are also available on the streaming platform including Hulu and Amazon whose costs ranges from $1.99 per episode or $59.99 per season.

A large part of it comes from his highly successful YouTube channels. Blippi has over 15.7 million subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have been viewed over 1.5 billion times.

That's a lot of ad revenue!

In addition to his YouTube earnings, Blippi also makes money from his merchandise line. He sells everything from t-shirts to lunch boxes, and his products are popular with both kids and adults. He sells his product on Amazon and Walmart both.

So there you have it – Blippi is now a millionaire, thanks to his YouTube channel and merchandise line. If you have a child who loves his videos, you can rest assured that they're supporting a very successful business!


Controversies of Blippi

With fame, no one can walk away from controversies!

A report in 2019 landed Stevin in controversy when a video of his gets recognition posted on YouTube where he pooped on his friend. No one can witness that the entertainer of today’s world Blippi and Steezy Grossman is the same person who once upon a time was posting some annoying video including “Underwear Man” and “Turd Boy.”

But, the guilt-free screen time that your kids enjoy today, all thanks to Stevin, and now no controversial video can stop him!


Blippi’s Social Media

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1. Is Blippi married?

Blippi is not married yet but he is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Alyssa who has recently given birth to a baby boy. They always give couple goals by posting their special moment whether it’s on the beach side, or dinner photos, recently, they posted an adorable family picture on their Instagram account holding their cute newborn boy. The couple is in relationship since 2015. That’s a long time of togetherness! Isn’t it?

2. What is the net worth of Blippi?

The 33-year-old children’s entertainer has garnered around $75 million of net worth. The huge amount of earnings comes from his YouTube ads and some of the revenue is coupled by his merchandise line

3. Who is the real person behind Blippi?

Stevin John is the actor who is the mastermind of Blippi. Recently, he took a break from his character to be available for parenting his newborn.

4. How much money did Blippi make from his YouTube channel?

With a huge number of subscribers on his different YouTube channels, he earns something around $50,000 per day from ads. That makes $18 million yearly.

5. Who is Blippi’s girlfriend?

Alyssa Ingham is the girlfriend of Blippi i.e. Stevin John. She is an outstanding communicator with a great writing voice. She is highly experienced in Brand management, media industry, film production etc. She is from America and belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background. If you haven’t subscribed to Blippi’s channel for your kids yet, then you are missing the most important parenting goals there. Let’s subscribe today! Till then, don’t forget to read about the controversial TikToker Island Boys.