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We are here to discuss How to activate via or activate on Android TV and Amazon Firestick - Black entertainment television, prominently called BET, is an American TV station in hand by Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks. People will access BET TV on any device by activating BET TV on the Bet.Com/Activate website. Activate the BET TV on your TV by accessing the Bet.Com Activate website. Once you opened the Bet.Com/Activate link. you have got to enter the Activation Code to activate your device. The Activation Code is going to be displayed if you logged into the Bet.Com Activate website.

BET T.V acronym of Black Entertainment Television is a popular American television channel that mostly targets African American people, and they did it too while impressing them mostly. BET T.V is very popular with audiences in the United States, France, and Canada. People who live in these places mostly watch BET T.V only. Based on average, it says 85 to 90 percent of users only watch BET T.V in these places. This channel maintains its place in the hearts of people, the audience loves to talk about its popular shows and programs.

But loving something is another thing, and making an effort for something is a different thing. Whether it's your personal life situation or entertainment life situation, thinking about watching it is an easy task to do but activating BET TV is hard and confusing for many.


What is How do I activate it on Smart TV? : How do i activate BET Plus on Smart Tvs?

The official link, to activate BET T.V is, and here is the further journey to activate the BET TV code from this link:

  1. To start your journey with BET TV or BET Plus, users need to download the must-popular application BET NOW or BET PLUS, for watching their favorite movies and shows.
  2. After downloading, install the app, then it will be shown on the home screen of your smart tv.   
  3. Visit the official website for BET TV and for BET PLUS, via any browser you use from your phone or any other smart device.
  4. Enter the activation code there, it should be at least 7 digits code.
  5. Click okay, and then click on the sign-up button.
  6. Fill in all the necessary details and create your account on BET TV.
  7. After completing this, click on okay or continue.
  8. And now you are ready to watch all your favorite shows on BET TV.

Here are basically, the three utmost important steps to follow and activate your code of BET TV on any of your smart devices. The name cause, code, process, and watch.

That simply means, activate your CODE First, while following the above steps, and secondly follow the PROCESS, by signing up on it and filling in the other important details, checking the setting, choosing the language, or lastly WATCH, which means you are done with all procedures and now you are fully ready to watch your favorite shows and programs easily.

But don’t create panic if you find a problem here also, here are some step-by-step procedures for activating the code on your smart tv, some of the smart TVs are;

  1. Activating BET TV on Roku smart tv.
  2. Activating BET TV on Amazon fire tv.
  3. Activating BET TV on Apple smart tv.


How to activate BET COM or BET Plus Channels on fire TV?

You have to follow some easy steps to activate Bet or BET Plus on your fire TV.


How to activate BET COM Channels on Apple TV via

Follow the below-given steps to activate Bet on Apple TV.


How to activate bet channels on Android TV?


How to activate Bet on Roku TV?

You have to follow certain steps to activate bet tv on Roku. here few easy steps to follow.


How to activate Bet Com Channels on Google Chromecast?

Follow the given simple steps.

Wait for many moments and you may be able to stream all of your favorite shows.

Bet also known as black entertainment television is a popular American television channel that is mainly owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks. This channel provides entertainment videos and news to American African people.

Bet is owned by 90 million households in America. The good thing about bet is you can enjoy it on any device like Roku, Apple tv Android tv, etc. Here is the activation process of Bet on different devices.





The BET TV launched Games People Play in 2019 is a novel-based that is Games Divas written by Angela Burt-Murray. With a genre of Drama-category is successfully loved by the audiences of BET TV, that includes actors like Lauren London, Karen Obilom, Parker Mckenna, Posey, Sarunas J. Jackson, Barry Brewer. The story revolves around the game basketball, and the famous and ambitious reporter and the wife of a professional basketball player and a famous entrepreneur, who are just fighting for success.

Surely success is something we all want, some get it from the hard work, some get it from cheating, and some from the true prayer. It is interesting to watch who wins and who learns the real thing. The story takes interesting turns in’s and outs. Where it keeps the interest of the audience fully till the ending. Surely a must-watch film.



An awesome creation of Tyler Perry that launched on October 23, 2019. It is a perfect combination of comedy and drama. And it is also a women centric-film that motivates many women too to live alife. The film includes personalities like Kj Smith, Mignon Von, Ebony Obsidian, Novi Brown, and Devale Ellis. The series focuses on the issue of women’s lives and there is the question of life and why there are single?

A full group of single black females that lived different kinds of lives so far, met each other and bonded over issues of their lives and problems. An interesting topic with amazing acting of all the beautiful ladies in a series. Surely a must-watch thing for all. Funny yet dramatic with a beautiful ending.



The next comedy and female-centric film released in 2019. Includes famous personalities like Michelle Buteau, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jill Scott, RonReaco Lee, and Mark Tallman. The Series is basically making you look into the time of 1996, all the scenes are from that era.

The basic story revolves around were three women’s wanted to find peace in their life after their marriages fall apart. They all met, became friends, share happiness and sadness, take revenge for their bad, and had too much fun and love. The great message we all got from the mixture of comedy and emotional drama.



The perfect drama for all music fans. Released in 2017, and created by Ivr Gotti, and includes personalities like David Dunston, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Woody.

The series is a full mixture of drama and music. Where every new episode in this series tells you a new “tale” about music and the background around it. It’s fun to watch so many things in just one series, total worth a time. Surely a watch-watch thing. It is a full package of love, music, drama, anger,  and other emotions.



Law scenes are always worth watching if the acting and direction are good and the story is on point.  And simply the A GOOD FIGHT, proved it. Premiered in 2017, February 19. And it includes the actors like Christine Baranski, Andra McDonald, Sarah Steele, Mandy Patinkin, Michael Boatman.

The story simply revolves around a law firm and a scam related to financial terms. Due to a big financial scam that happens to Diana Lockhart and her god-daughter, the scam forces both of them to join Lucca Quinn at a very top law firm. And their struggle, their rights, their happiness all of these include in the phase of this. It connects the audience with both of them, they are simply amazing.



Money is a solution, money is a problem. Money is everything in today’s world. And this is all the film summed up. Recently released on September 9, 2021. A clear-cut simple, not-so-simple drama includes a storyline around a great powerful businesswoman, who is top in the industry of nightclubs. And she is surrounded by so many different people, many of them are trustworthy too. Their employees want her to be succeeded in life. But the actual problem starts as she grows up her business, became more powerful, became richer. She discovered that more money in her life creates more and more problems for her.

How does she find a solution? Has she left everything or found other ways? For all these questions go and simply watch this great film. It includes actors like Eva Marcille, Skyh Alvester Black, Candace Maxwell, Racquel Palmar, and Michael Bolwaire.



The perfect comedy to watch out with your family, THE NEIGHBORHOOD released on October 1, 2018. It includes personalities like Cedric the Entertainer, Max Greenfield, Beth Behrs, Tichina Arnold, Sheaun Mckinney. And it is created by Jim Reynolds.

A famous American comedy show revolves around when the nicest guy in the midwest, moves his family into a tough neighborhood in LA. And all the story revolves around this only this situation, it fun to watch these. The perfect acting with perfect comic timings of all actors, make this series more hilarious to watch.



the perfect show to watch for all, who just can’t find their favorite genre in the field of movies. Premiered on July 20, 2018. It is a reality competition show, where a group of sixteen people including men and women just compete for six-figure salaries in a big branch.

They all worked under Clifford T.I harris, who observe all their reaction to the situation from his Atlanta mansion. Their pressure over all these times and their best for all these things is must fun and interesting to watch for all.




Premiered in 2021. A perfect sports documentary includes actors Kai Jones, Moses Moody, Jericho Sims. The whole focuses on Rich Paul and six college basketball players to prepare for their prospects career and their pro careers. Their hardship through this journey, their friendship, their love life, their goals, dreams everything includes in this. Must watch for all the students.



Last but not least amazing drama premiered on February 5, 2019,  by Jonathan Prince. The actors involved in this series are Sinqua Walls, Jason Dirden, Jelani Winston, Lantha Richardson, Katlyn Nichol. A full mixture of drama, music, emotion, and action series. The story revolves around Don Cornelius and his powerful creation of the legendary music and dance program that is soul train.

He and his music, create magic and for this only it became a sure-sure movie to watch out for. Here is my whole list of must-watch films, series, and programs that you all can surely watch on BET tv. Make your list of must-watch series or programs of BET TV too, it provide so much fun.



Many times it happens, that after following all the steps then also an activation code @ is not working, what to do?


  1. Go to setting, create a new activation code and enter one more time on the website.
  2. Re-install the BET tv app from your smart device for the smooth working of your device too. And install it and re-activating the code by following the whole process @ activate again mentioned above.
  3. Reboot your smart device so your activation code can work for a while.
  4. Lastly, if nothing works, contact your TV provider, they will surely help you out in this situation.
  5. Or you can mail it, on the bet actual website.



So here finally we came to the part where we need to end this blog. If you read this blog fully then I hope that now everything related to BET TV or activating a BET TV is cleared by you. Steps are simplified to all of you, and you also got the big list to watch on it as they are all the best. So why wait, when so many interesting things are waiting for you. 

We have cleared every step for BET TV Channels activation on various smart TV like Fire TV, Android TV, etc! And we recommend you go through every step before filling the activation code on the official website of BET!

Must Check - FAQs

1. How can I enjoy Bet TV shows?

There are many ways to enjoy Bet shows like you can watch Bet content on your Android devices, Roku device, Chromecast, and Apple TV. You can choose the device according to you.

2. How much do I have to pay for a Bet subscription?

It will cost you around $9.99/month in the USA.

3. How can i watch the BET TV Channels in HD

The BET TV, allows you to watch content as per your wish and your quantity requirement. Whether you choose normal or HD quality. And many shows and programs, look good only when you watch them in full HD quality. So make sure you change the setting every time you watch a good show.

4. What is BET TV?

Black entertainment tv, THE BET TV, is a popular online video-streaming service on American TV channels. From here, the users can watch different types of good content, that is there. And you simply get all of them by activating the code easily. The BET TV is officially owned by Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks.

5. How many countries available for BET TV

If you want to activate BET TV on your smart tv, sometimes it creates confusion that is this allowed in your country or not. So here is the list of major countries where BET TV is available: United States South Africa France Canada South Korea United kingdom.

6. What does BET stand for?

BET is an online video streaming platform that stands for Black Entertainment Television. Watch your favorite shows on BET as it has 2000+ hours of your favorite content. It mainly focuses on African American audience which provides entertainment for the Black by the Black Creators.