5 Wayback Machine Alternative (Internet Archive Website) 2023

5 Wayback Machine Alternative (Internet Archive Website) 2023

The Wayback Machine is the perfect source for those trying to make a new website. Because it helps us to find the web content which is deleted from the website in the past. so, we can get some information through Wayback to collect data on the design, content, and some particular ideas. So we can generate some ideas through those things.

Because in this competitive digital world, we need to have the exact idea of our online presence. With the help of historical details, we can create engaging content and a user-friendly website. Sometimes you don't even know your targeted audience. With help of way pack machine with historical sites you can make the site for your targeted audience to hook them to your business.


Best Wayback machine alternative in 2023!

5 Wayback Machine Alternative (Internet Archive Website) 2023

The main process of this tool is screenshotting and storing the web content in the secured storage. You can get them anytime you want. Some Wayback machine alternatives get some inspiration from stored content. You can use it to research some content and research some basic designs. The 5 best tools are given to you here.

  1. Archive. is
  2. Archive-it
  3. Stillio
  4. PageFreezer
  5. Conifer


Archive. Is

Achieve. is the best tool for screenshotting your past content. It captures and stores the information. In its database, you can access the data anytime you want. It does not only screenshots of the web page. It also collects the whole thing on your website. It has an option of recording the changes and if some case contents are removed from the site it identifies it.

It made the whole collection of content designs and developing ideas for you. This tool also will help your future ideas and discover a plan. It helps us to get a few inspirations on past projects which removed from the search engine. This collects the data and sends the bunch of collections to you. So, with simple research, we can make a profitable business.

  • Easy archiving
  • Screenshot webpage
  • Unique URL
  • Full page capture
  • Timestamping
  • No registration required



Archieve-it made the collection of your information. It stores data like websites, content, social media, and other online materials. So you get the best analytics for your social media promotion and social media content for the future. And it's major purpose, it stores information for the next generation it made historical records. Even 2+ generations can easily access your records.


It's not only used by individuals it is also used by government agencies. Because they want to achieve their content and some type of cases for future use. So, some people can access important details and data to complete legal activities and more. It's consistently crawling the web content to store and captured and achieved pieces of information within regular intervals.

  • Web archiving
  • Manual captures
  • Search captures
  • Preserve content
  • Digital history
  • Future access



Stillo is a tool that helps you to monitor your website activities. If you made any changes and low performance occurred it easily identifies and lets you know. You don't have to continually check your website updates and capture the pieces of information. It can easily automate to optimize your website. It helps to find areas of improvement in your website and content.

You can work on a particular thing and grow your presence. There is a scheduling option, we should set up which time the tool needs to catch the content and capture the whole area. So, it takes some intervals to record all those things and track them. The user can save all the data as per their commitment. It automatically uploads all your information on your dropbox or G-drive.

  • Auto monitor
  • Site screenshots
  • Manual schedule
  • Analytics tracking
  • Multi-site tracking
  • Personal alerts


Page freezer

Page freezer is used by many industries like healthcare, legal service, Advertising agency, government sectors, and some investigation agencies. Because they have some strict complications in recording the data. So, they required the data and information to use it in the future. Through this type of tool, they store their information securely in the database.

Some investigation agency is using this to complete their cases. Because they have a proven record of past moments. It's also much helpful for industries dealing with marketing. The reason is they are working on multiple product collections and audience information. It is important to secure customer information and retarget them in the future. If they made a new product.

  • Auto screenshot
  • Scheduling
  • Timestamp records
  • Safe storage
  • Compliance tracking
  • Investigation support



Conifer was developed by the university of California. It helps as do the high-quality web page screenshots. On the other hand, It saves the site you have visited same time. It captures all the web content of the image or video. More than that It archives the whole area. You can access it whenever you want. If it's deleted or has any changes to the content. you can easily access it.

 It is useful for those who continuously research websites for personal purposes. The individuals can easily access and store all pieces of data in the database. If you store on a conifer it will take the responsibility. It is the best option for institutions to store academic data for future generations. So, it has a wide range of users with huge benefits for data collection.

  • Archive webpage
  • Auto capture
  • Time travel feature
  • Capture multimedia
  • Secure storage
  • Easy access

Must Check - FAQs

1. What's the process of using Wayback machine alternatives?

You can easily use the tool after you sign up for this tool. It helps you to save the information which you want on the website. Firstly, you need to just put your URL to track the information. To clarify Some tools give you scheduling options so with the scheduling option, you can capture the webpage at regular intervals. As a result, it's very easy to access

2. Is Wayback machine alternatives reliable?

Yes, these tools are 100% trusted and they worked with many clients. Most importantly they have provided a great experience so you can use it confidently without having any doubts. If in some cases the content is not captured you can check did you use the correct URL. If you use the right one you can contact the support team to fix the issues. overall it is a good one.

3. Is it possible to view deleted web pages with this tool?

If the web page is deleted but you captured the information. At this time you can get access to view the information. If it is not captured you cannot view it. So make sure you use the correct URL to capture the contents.