Anthony Anderson Net worth in 2022, Career, Wife, Biography

Anthony Anderson Net worth in 2022, Career, Wife, Biography

Anthony Anderson Net worth in 2022 - Who doesn’t want to laugh and love comedy? In this busy world, everyone needs some time for their own happiness and well-being.

Here, comedians play an important role in our life, and Anthony Anderson is one of our heroes in this busy world. Do you know Anthony Anderson? Yes! Want to know the net worth of your favorite comedian Anthony Anderson? You have landed at the right place.

In this post, we have penned down every detail from net worth, age height, career, and biography of Anthony Anderson.

Anthony Anderson Net worth in 2022, Career, Wife, Biography

Anthony Anderson is one of the busiest actors, writers, and producers in Hollywood. You may know him from his work on the TV series "Black-ish" or his starring role in the film "Kangaroo Jack". But who is Anthony Anderson really? Anderson was on a mission to do at least four movies each year, beginning in 2000. In 2002, he appeared only in ‘Barbershop’ but he continued to do guest spots on television programs such as Ally McBeal and My Wife and Kids. He is also known for his role as Detective Lucius Blaine in the American legal crime drama series ‘Law & Order.’

After a brief stint at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he began his career as a stand-up comic. He soon moved on to television, appearing on series such as "The Parkers" and "Moesha". The actor’s destiny turned with his hit movie ‘Kangaroo Jack’ and the name Anderson was in every household. Anderson is now one of Hollywood's most in-demand actors. He has starred in films such as "Exit Wounds", "Barbershop", "Four Brothers", and "Kangaroo Jack". He has also had recurring roles on the TV series "Law and Order" and "The Shield".

The actor is better known for his acting, producing, and doing back-end work for Black-Ish but in April the show shoots its last season. Scroll down to know the Net worth, Career, Wife,

and Biography of Anthony Anderson!

Anthony Anderson Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, and Biography


Anthony Anderson Full Name

Anthony Anderson

Birth date

August 15, 1970

Nick Name




Birth Place

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Anthony Anderson Age

51 years old

Zodiac Sign



1.78 meter


90 Kg

Anthony Anderson Relationship Status



Comedian, Actor, Television producer, Voice Actor, Screenwriter

Instagram followers

1.8 Million

Facebook followers

2 Million

Anthony Anderson Net worth

$ 25M


Highlights of early life and rise in the career of Anthony Anderson

The actor is the most hard-working comedian in this industry!

Anthony Anders on born on August 15, 1970, in Augusta, Maine won millions of hearts through his outstanding performance in Hollywood. Anthony Anderson’s mother Dora was a movie extra, so he grew up on film sets. Anderson followed in his mother’s footsteps and began appearing in TV commercials at the age of five. The actor received a huge applaud from the audience and was also enrolled in acting school to make a career in the film industry.

Because of his inherited talent, Anthony Anderson earned a drama scholarship to attend Howard University. Besides the actor had won an award for a monologue performed in the play “The Great White Hope” at the Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO).

The actor, writer, and producer weighing over 270 pounds was not a typical Hollywood man. Besides, he always played the second banana in films including Big Momma's House (2000), Barbershop (2002), and Kangaroo Jack (2003). The actor was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes due to being overweight but soon with the help of his wife Alina and children, the American comedian lost 40kg.

In 1999 Anderson got to act opposite stars, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. That same year he also appeared in “Liberty Heights” comedy movie directed by Barry Levinson. However, Anderson’s life took to a new turn when he got a chance to play in the hit comedy ‘Big Momma’s House’ opposite Martin Lawrence.

Well! The star has not acted only in comedy movies and series. His action dramas include Kingdom Come (2001), Romeo Must Die (2000), and Cradle 2 the Grave (2003). In these shows, Anderson took the limelight besides being a second banana and that’s crazy. Isn’t it?

Anthony Anderson Social Media

Anthony Anderson Movies

Anthony Anderson Relationship Status

The comedian is all set to separate his ways from his wife Alvina Anderson!

It’s quite sad, that the Howard couple Anthony Anderson and Alvina Anderson part ways after two children and 22 years of marriage. The couple met at the Howard University in 1989 and Alvina left her job at NBC to be present for his children.

Alvina filed for divorce this July, however, she also decided to part ways in 2015 but the couple decided to work things out in 2017. The couple has two children, a daughter named Kyra, 26, and a son named Nathan 22.

Controversies of Anthony Anderson

The comedian was always in limelight for sexual assaults but due to lack of evidence every time, the charge got dropped!

His name is stuck like a leech to controversies. He has been accused of two sexual assaults. One, in 2004, the actor and comedian Anthony Anderson was accused of sexual assault on the set of his film Hustle & Flow along with his assistant director Wayne Witherspoon.  The actor was accused of raping a 25-year-old extra on the film. The victim claimed that both men raped her with their hands and took her nude pictures. Well! They denied the fact and Anderson came out to this case with a $20,000 bond.

Additionally, back in 2018, Anderson was accused of sexually assaulting a woman who claimed that Anderson invited her to the dressing room after taping an episode of “All About Andersons”. After he started making aggressive sexual comments but due to lack of evidence and the case seems suspicious. The charges were dropped!  

Anthony Anderson Net Worth 2022 & Cars Collection

The American actor has collected enormous wealth making a net worth of around $25 million dollars. Thanks to his role in the popular comedy series ‘Black-ish’, as the comedian and producer in the show. Anthony Anderson charges around $400,000 per episode of Black-ish and with over 22 episodes, he earns $8.8 million per year.

Anderson owns a Mercedes Maybach which is nearly $200,000 back in 2016 and also he invested in a three-bedroom real-estate property worth $1.1 million in Los Angeles, California.

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1. Who is Anthony Anderson?

Anthony Anderson is an American actor, writer, producer, and comedian who is best known for his leading roles in numerous series including K-Ville, The Shield, and in Law & Order crime drama as NYPD Detective Kevin Bernard.

2. What is the net worth of Anthony Anderson?

The actor has garnered a huge wealth of around $25 million dollars. The actor charges $400,000 per episode and is quite laborious. The comedian-actor earns a huge amount from his television series which makes around $9 million per year.

3. Why did Anthony Anderson leave Law & Order: SVU?

Phew! One of the reasons for his exit is other projects commitment and he is also involved in business with NBC Universal. The actor also shoot the final episodes of ‘Black-ish’ in April and become emotional stating, “the show has given much to me, here I have got new friends, and learned several things that are valuable for me. Thanks to the Black-ish team for tolerating my comedy.”

4. How did Anthony Anderson become popular?

Anderson become famous when in 2000 he was signed for the hit comedy ‘Big Momma’s House’ opposite Martin Lawrence. He also appeared in Me, Myself, and Irene which was Hollywood’s biggest box office draws. Then after, Anthony never looked up back and appeared in many hits such as Kangaroo Jack, Scary 3, Exit Wounds, Barbershop, and lots more.

5. Before Black-Ish Anthony Anderson was known for his which sitcom?

Anderson was probably known for his own sitcom “All About the Anderson” and “The Bernie Mac Show”. He also appeared in the lead role in the teen series ‘Hang time’. Besides, he also appeared as a guest on several television series including NYPD Blue, Malcolm & Eddie, In the House, and Ally McBeal. Apart, from this, he also appeared in the ABC series Black-ish and the long-running legal drama Law & Order. Hope you enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to read about the Tik Tok star Bella Poarch available on our website! Stay tuned with us to know the net worth of your favorite actors, TikTok star, or Youtuber!