Hyveeperks.com Activate New Card - Online activation!

Hyveeperks.com Activate New Card - Online activation!

U.S. government has launched Hy-Vee gift cards which can be used at all areas of the Hy-Vee store, both online and in-store. To use this gift card, you need first to purchase the card. Once the gift card arrives at your order, you need to activate it. But, the first question in users' minds is – how to activate a new Hy-Vee card online.

In this guide, we shall learn the definition of Hy-Vee Cars, the advantages of this gift card, and the steps to activate the card. Once you learn the steps of activation, it becomes effortless to grab the benefits the Hyvee gift card has to offer you.


Steps to Activate New Hy-Vee Card in 2023

Hyveeperks.com Activate New Card - Online activation!

The process of activating the Hy-vee Card is relatively easy. You must make sure that you stick to the steps mentioned below –

Step 1: First and foremost, visit the website HY-VeePerks.com.

Step 2: Once you have landed on the website's main page, add a New Hy-Vee Card.

Step 3: The page will reflect various instructions. You have to follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 4: Following the instructions, you will successfully sign up for the Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks program. Your new card!

Step 5: Finally, your new card will get active. Customers of HY-VEE can then use the card for shopping and earning great discounts.


Overview of Hy-Vee Card 

Hy-Vee had won 1952 a contest that aimed at renaming the stores that ran as Supply or Service Stores. Hyde and Vredenburg are the co-founders of Hy-Vee. Lately, HyVee introduced a new gift card called the 'Hyvee Card.' Cardholders can use the active Hy-Vee gift card to shop at multiple stores. This card can also be used for online grocery delivery.

Today, there are numerous users of Hyvee Gift Card Online. Why? Because the Hy-Vee stores that function in the United States are full-service supermarkets. With an active gift card, you can purchase desired items from delicatessens, bakeries, floral branches, and pharmacies. Moreover, in-store Hy-Vee, dining-in, food services, and clinical health facilities are available.


What are the Requirements to Activate a New Hy-Vee Card?

Before going forward with the steps of activating the New Hy-Vee Card Online, there are specific requirements to be fulfilled. Only such cardholders who have an activated Fuel Saver + Perks card and a My Hy-Vee online account can enjoy shopping with this gift card.

Customers without a Fuel Saver + Perks® card are advised to fetch it by getting the application from the local Hy-Vee store. You can even navigate to www.hy-vee.com/perks to activate your new card.


Eligibility Criteria for Receiving New Hy-Vee Card 

Two types of users are eligible to receive the New Hy-Vee Card –

New cardholders can receive their New Hy-Vee Gift Card for the first time at the Customer Service counter of their local Hy-Vee or Hy-Vee Gas. After receiving the card, you must download the Hy-Vee application online, create an account, and activate the Hy-Vee card. Activating the new card is done online by login into the webpage hy-veeperks.com. Download the Hy-Vee app or create an account.

At times, old users of the Hy-Vee card lose the gift card. In such a scenario, you can receive a New Hy-Vee Card. All you need to do is collect a new gift card at a store. Once the card is at hand, log in to your account. After having logged in, follow the procedure of updating the Card Number. The new card number will ensure you have created a New Hy-Vee Card.


Advantages of Applying for a New Hy-Vee Card 

Hy-Vee has launched its new Hy-Vee Gift Card membership. This new card offers several benefits to customers. New cardholders can enjoy added savings, exclusive benefits, and services across all store areas. What's best is that the card can be utilized both in-store and online.

Some of the advantages of activating the New Hy-Vee card include the following –

  1. By using the new Hyvee card, users can save money on gas.
  2. The new Hy-vee Card offers exclusive deals to cardholders.
  3. One can easily access digital coupons with the Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks card.
  4. Users of the hy-vee card get rewarded with extra savings & discounts every time they purchase certain items.


Process of Earning Fuel Discounts with Hy-Vee Card 

By now, you must have learned how to activate your Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks® card. Once the card is active, you can earn fuel discounts very easily. How? Just shop for products in-store. After purchasing the products, scan your Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks® card. As soon as you use the card, you earn fuel discounts.

Earning fuel discounts online is yet another process. Log in to your Aisles Online account. Make sure that the account is linked with your New Hy-Vee card. You can shop online for products with the Fuel Saver icon for promotional discounts. Every eligible online purchase made with the Hy-Vee card passes on the fuel discount to your card automatically.

Must Check - FAQs

1. Can I add a new Hy-Vee Card even after having an old one?

It is possible for such cardholders who already have a card and lose it. Visit https://www.hy-vee.com/my-account/fuel-saver-plus-perks. On this link, log in to your old account. Navigate to the section, 'Manage Fuel Saver + Perks Family Members.' Just click on the bar that says 'Add a New Member.' You can link anyone with the new card provided the person has an e-mail address and a Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks® number

2. Can a cardholder use the Hy Vee gift card at Casey's?

Yes, Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks™ card works with more than 1,200 fuel stations across the Midwest and KwiK. Apart from Midwest and Kwik Trip, this gift card can also be used at Casey's.

3. What are the perks available with an active Hy-Vee Card?

Hy-Vee Card has many bonuses and perks for Fuel Saver + Perks® members. Some perks include special offers, digital deals, surprise savings, and free products/prizes. Cardholders can avail of these special offers and surprise savings via their card. All they need to do is swipe the Hy-Vee card for redemption.

4. How can I handle the issue with the activation process of the new Hyvee card?

Following the steps mentioned in the article, you can easily activate the Hy-Vee card. However, talking to the helpline (800) 772-4098 is also advised.

5. In which particular state is Hy-Vee Card acceptable?

280+ stores in the United States accept the new Hy-Vee card. The names of the Midwestern states that accept this gift card include Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin