How to activate Cigna Healthy Today Card in 2023 via cignahealthytoday.com

How to activate Cigna Healthy Today Card in 2023 via cignahealthytoday.com

Staying healthy is not just an option; it's a necessity of the time. At times, it becomes difficult to manage medical expenses and get access to exceptional health programs. But, all thanks to Cigna Healthy Today Card. This card is a health and wellness card offered by Cigna and can be activated via cignahealthytoday.com.

For all those who do not know what Cigna is. It is a leading global health services company. The company was established to offer people various health and wellness resources and discounts for leading healthier lives.

To enjoy the benefits of the Cigna Healthy Today Card in 2023, you must first activate the card. In this guide, we shall discuss the process of activating the card. Here, we will also learn a few benefits of activating this card. So, without any delay – let us begin!


Steps to Activate Cigna Healthy Today Card 2023 

How to activate Cigna Healthy Today Card in 2023 via cignahealthytoday.com

After receiving your 'Cigna Healthy Today Card,' you need to activate it to use it. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First and foremost, visit the website http://www.ActivateS3.com.

Step 2: Once you enter the link, you will see an option – 'Activate Card.'

Step 3: Enter your card details, such as the card number and other required information.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions. Create a username & password (if required) to complete the activation process.

Step 5: Search for the participating stores near your location.

Step 6: Select healthy items like vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, etc.

Step 7: Pay for the selected items via your Healthy Foods card.

NOTE: You can also try an alternative way. Call 1-833-832-7306 (TTY 711) and get your card activated.


Solutions Offered By the 'Cigna Healthy Today' Card?

Some of the solutions that come along with an active Cigna Healthy Today card include the following –


How To Use the 'Cigna Healthy Today Card' Easily? 

Below, we have discussed a guide to using the Cigna Healthy Today Card 2023. Before that, remember that using the card is quite easy.

  1. Activate Your Card - You can use this card once and when it is activated. In the first step, activate the 'Cigna Healthy Today Card.' Create an account on the official Cigna website. After creating the account, link your card to use it.
  2. Update Your Information - To use the card frequently, keep the information up to date. Information includes your address, your phone number, etc. Keep all of this information in your Cigna account up-to-date.
  3. Make Payments - Now that your card is activated use it to make payments. The payments for eligible medical expenses can be made via Cigna Healthy Today Card. Also, cardholders can use their Cigna account to transfer funds to their card.


Things to Remember while Swiping Cigna Healthy Today Card 

Cigna Card comes with the OTC benefit. Over-the-counter means you will be provided with a quarterly allowance. With the allowance, cardholders can swipe the card to order their OTC medications and products up to 12 times annually.

You should keep in mind that the card is used to make purchases of certain items. The eligible items include bandages, aspirin, cold and sinus medicine, & vitamins and minerals. The quarterly allowance for this card depends on the plan you've chosen. Remember, there is a limit to OTC orders, i.e., one order per customer per calendar month.


Benefits of Activating the Cigna Healthy Today Card 2023

Using the Cigna Healthy Today Card comes with innumerable benefits. These benefits include the following –


Overview of Cigna Healthy Today Card

A prepaid debit card, i.e., Cigna Healthy Today Card, is trendy among users. Why? Because using this card, one can make payments for eligible medical expenses. Cardholders enjoy preloaded benefits of selecting allowance benefits as a part of their Cigna Medicare Advantage Plan.

It's 2023, and people worry much about their health and well-being. Medical expenses that could have been a burden is now hassle-free procedure. How? All because of the Cigna Healthy Today Card. Users with an active card can enjoy more accessible & more affordable healthcare benefits.

These benefits count in fitness supplies, pet care, and over-the-counter items. The card is readily available to all Cigna Medicare Advantage enrollees. Cardholders should remember that the benefits loaded on the card vary from one plan to another. But you might have a question – how do you activate the card? To get an answer, read the next section carefully.



So, now you know how to activate your Cigna Healthy Today Card 2023. What are you waiting for? Get your card today in the mail, activate it by login into http://www.activates3.com/, & avail the excellent benefits!

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1. How to check the available balance on Cigna Healthy Today Card?

Log in to your online account on the Cigna website to check the balance. There is also an alternative way, i.e., to contact Cigna's customer service.

2. Can I use an online dashboard to track my Cigna Healthy Today Card spending?

Yes, you can use the online dashboard. Tracking your spending & viewing your claim history is simple via the dashboard.

3. Does Cigna Healthy Today Card cover non-medical expenses?

No, this particular card is specifically designed to cover certain eligible health and wellness expenses. You are not eligible to use the Cigna Today Card for non-medical expenses or purchase healthcare-related products

4. What about the unused balance over this particular card?

Cardholders need not worry about unused balances. Why? Since the unused balance automatically gets rolled forward each quarter. Remember to use the rolled balance before December 31. After crossing the deadline, balances do not carry over from year to year.

5. Can I receive reimbursement through an active Cigna Card?

Yes, but only after the official website of Cigna approves your claim. Cardholders enjoy the benefits of reimbursement for eligible expenses. You can check your account for the reimbursements deposited there only.

6. What happens if I lose my 'Cigna Healthy Today Card'?

At times, some users complain of losing their cards. In this case, go forward to contact a customer care service. Cigna's customer service immediately helps you with the necessary steps to protect your account. They also issue a replacement card if required.