20GB Plus Jio Free Data Tricks: 9 Easy Hacks You Must Know in 2023!

20GB Plus Jio Free Data Tricks: 9 Easy Hacks You Must Know in 2023!

Nowadays users create online videos to earn money from YouTube, It requires lots of data, So we added 9 easy hacks to get up to 20GB of Jio Free Data Tricks Online.  Getting online and using digital platforms for entertainment, work purposes, or online shopping has become integral to our lives. In this era of digital connectivity, having a daily data limit can be limiting and frustrating.

Jio is a leading telecommunication company that offers affordable and unlimited data plans and offers to its users. At the same time, Jio indeed provides unlimited 1GB, 1.5 GB, 2 GB, and more data plans. Such data limits are acceptable for browsing or casual internet usage.

This article will discuss the top 9 ways to get free data in Jio up to 20 GB. Are you excited to learn the Jio free internet tricks? Let's get started!


9 Easy hacks to get 20GB Jio Free Data Tricks

However, these data limits can fall short for users who want to download high-definition videos, upload large files online, or even play games. What's the quick solution to this? Getting additional data apart from your daily plan limit is the right option. Let's have a look step by step at how to earn daily Jio Free Data online in India

20GB Plus Jio Free Data Tricks: 9 Easy Hacks You Must Know in 2023!

#Hack 1: Play the Jio Wheel of Reward

In the My Jio App, you can go to the engagement section and play the Jip Wheel of Reward game. It's a Spin2Win game where you can get up to 20GB of free data. Try your luck today. This is one of the hacks in our list where you will crack the Jio Free Data Tricks

Steps to do so:

  1. Open the application MyJio
  2. Click on the banner that reads Spin2Win
  3. Spin the win where you've to answer a question asked
  4. Luck of the spin will let you win free recharge


#Hack 2: Participate in the Lucky Draw Competition

This is one of the easiest Jio free data tricks. Jio Sim users can participate in the Lucky Draw Competition in the My Jio App. A total of 4 or 5 contests are to be won. Selected users will receive free 20 GB of data.

Steps to do so:

  1. Visit the My Jio App
  2. Go to the Jio engagement section
  3. Tap on the banner
  4. Click on the 20 GB lucky draw banner
  5. Participate in the lucky draw games by clicking the Joining Button
  6. Solve the simple maths and win up to 20GB of data


#Hack 3: Use the Cadbury Celebration Offer

Jip Cadbury's offer will let a Jio user win up to 2 free data. Using this Jio Free Data Trick, users can potentially earn free data. This is in 3rd position in our list where you will crack the Jio Free Data Tricks.

Steps to do so:

  1. Update the MyJio app on the Play Store.
  2. Navigate to the Jio Engage section.
  3. A Cadbury celebration banner appears on the screen.
  4. Tap on the 'Win 1 year reliance Jio recharge' section.
  5. Play using the Play Now button.
  6. Complete some of the tasks listed daily.
  7. Users can even invite friends to join their assigned tasks.
  8. On completing tasks, you will receive either JioMart's INR 50 Cadbury voucher, 1 Year Jio Recharge of INR 2424, or 500 MB to 1 GB Of Free Jio Data.


#Hack 4: Install Apps and Get Free Data

You can download some apps like Frizza, Go Daily, M-rewards, and Happy Box to browse and win credit points. The points can be transferred to free data in Jio SIM.

Steps to do so:

  1. Search and download the apps mentioned above from Playstore
  2. Follow the instructions on the apps
  3. Participate in tasks or games or offers
  4. This way, you will earn free data or recharge options


#Hack 5: Participate in Jio TVS Test Drive

To get a free Jio Data Code for 1 GB of internet, you can take the TVS test drive. This is one of the most popular offers on the Reliance Jio app, available only for a limited period. Lucky winners can win Jio Free Data Tricks data easily.

Steps to do so:

  1. Register yourself in the Jio app.
  2. Keep a check on the TVS Test Drive offer within the app.
  3. Once the offer is available, go to the JioEngage section
  4. Click on the Banner
  5. Book a Test Ride on any of the nearest location
  6. Take the test drive and receive a free 1 GB Jio Data Code.


#Hack 6: Use Jio Cashback Points

If you have Paytm installed, this trick is fantastic for free data up to 1 GB. Paytym's Cashback and Rewards section has Jio Free Data Tricks deals with Jio. Only if you have 250 Paytm Cashback points this Jio deal is reclaimable.

Steps to do so:

  1. Log in to your Paytm account.
  2. Look for the section called ‘Cashback & Offers’.
  3. After getting the section, choose "Offer on Paytm".
  4. Click on the same option to see a coupon worth 1 GB of free internet data with 250 cashback points
  5. Redeem the offer to get the coupon
  6. After applying the coupon code, recharge for 1 GB of data worth Rs. 15
  7. Now, apply the coupon code and get 100% cashback


#Hack 7: Watch Videos Online

It is easy and fun to earn Jio Free Data Tricks by watching online videos. This trick is a favorite for many Jio SIM users.

Steps to do so:

  1. Visit your MyJio app.
  2. Go to the JioEngage section.
  3. Search for offers or promotions that require users to watch online videos
  4. Select the video topic of your choice
  5. Watch the videos online
  6. To get accurate free data, you've to watch the video and also give answers to some questions


#Hack 8: Play the Dessert Corner Chat Game

This trick effectively gets 300 MB to 1 GB of free data. Such users who register for the Dessert Corner Chat Game will get 300 MB and, on completing the game, 1GB of free data.

Steps to do so:

  1. On the MyJio app, visit the Jio Engage Section
  2. Scroll until you get the Dessert Corner Game
  3. Register for the game using your Jio mobile number
  4. Once registered, click on the game banner
  5. Add your name and Email ID correctly
  6. Click 'Continue'
  7. Free Data will get credited to your Jio Number.


#Hack 9: Enroll in the Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari Contest

On My Jio app, active users can participate in the Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari contest. Before participating, you have to watch a small video on the app. This great trick allows you to win up to 1 GB of free data.

Steps to do so:

  1. Visit the Engage Section on the MyJio app
  2. Search for the Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari banner
  3. Click on the banner to watch the short video
  4. After the video is wholly watched, fill in your name,
  5. Also, add Jio mobile number and email address
  6. And it's done! 1 GB of data is all yours.



So, now you have nine different ways to credit free Jio data online to your Jio account. The benefits of free data are meant to be grabbed. Wait no more and take advantage of these tricks as soon as possible before they get outdated. Also, share the article with your friends and let them experience the joy of earning free data on their Jio accounts!

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