Who is calling from 000-000-0000 calls from a phone number with all zeroes: Demystified

Are you dealing with spam calls from "000-000-0000"? On average, a cell phone owner makes and receives around five calls a day. Usually, Every number consists of 10 digits excluding the country code and a maximum of 15 digits including the country code and area code. Suppose you are using your phone calmly; then, suddenly, a call comes up. The caller ID of this number is not visible. And the number is all zeroes

Then how would you react if you saw such a number with all zeroes?

The reaction would be shocking, and this can be a fraud. 

Sometimes, we get calls from extraordinary numbers like all zeroes(000-000-0000). When any person sees these kinds of numbers, they get astonished. 


There are a lot of strange numbers, and one such number is 000-000-0000

But Do you actually know what the mystery is behind these numbers?

If not, let's see


How can a person call with a number from all 000-000-0000 (zeroes)!!!

Who is calling from 000-000-0000 calls from a phone number with all zeroes: Demystified

A lot of people link this number with paranormal activities. Even though technology has grown so much, people still believe that these telephones can come from spirits or ghosts. Psychics claim that ghosts or aliens call from these numbers. This is creepy. It is presumed that when a person dies, they try to communicate like this with humans. 

This reason looks vague, and no one has proven it till now. Still, a lot of people continue to believe that. Even Youtubers have given this thing hype by making videos where they call these numbers at midnight.

This raises another question: Do ghosts and spirits have access to electronic media? We haven't seen any proof to claim this thing.

Although it is not yet proven that this number is of ghosts, many people firmly believe it is a ghost’s number. Some might accept this reason while others still doubt it 


So, there are a lot of scientific reasons behind it as well.


If you see a number with all zeroes, the first noticeable thing is that the caller is trying to hide his identity from you. This is called Caller ID Spoofing. Caller id spoofing is when a caller deliberately tries to hide their identity. In layman's terms, someone doesn't want to reveal their identity, and that's why they are hiding it. There can be several reasons behind the same.

Some caller IDs allow you to hide your identity. Rather than showing you a mobile number, they offer you a number of all zeroes.

Now we will see who uses this kind of number and why?



What to do when any such call comes?

First of all, don’t get scared by seeing any such number. No one can invade your privacy unless you tell them. Most people panic when they see such numbers, and as a result, they make wrong decisions. So be calm if you notice any such suspicious number. As I said, this number is associated with paranormal activities, so some people take up the calls; just to see what's the actual truth behind it and end up getting scammed. There are two things in this case that you can do Either take up the call or not. Let’s see both of them in depth

Taking up call:- If you have taken up this call, it is possible that it might be from a telemarketer or fraud, or a scam. In this case, it's not at all advisable to take calls from these kinds of suspicious numbers. Some people dare to pick up the calls just for fun, but this can result in some serious repercussions as well. 


Not taking up call:- There is a possibility that this call is from your international friends or family, so not taking a ring might not seem prudent. 


But now, what to do?


So, in any case, ignoring such calls is the most straightforward technique. Various scams are going on today. The number is increasing every passing day. So it's better to be safe than to regret it later.

So I would suggest you be safe and not answer any such calls. There is no bravery in dialing or answering these numbers, so please don’t.

Even if you have picked up the call, then don’t share any of your confidential information with the person. 


How to get rid of bugs by updating the caller ID service?

As we discussed that a call from 000-000-0000 can be because of  some bugs in your caller ID 

To get rid of these bugs, you can do -

You have to open the setting menu. Then you have to scroll down to the phone section. Now you need to check if there are any new updates, and if there are any, then you need to download them, and the bugs will be fixed. 


How can you use this as a number?

You just need to go to your caller id. You will find an option to block your caller id. When you block your caller, id.No one can see your number or your name. As a result, the system fails to recognise the caller id and then it starts showing some random numbers. 



In a Nutshell, We can say that calls from 000-000-0000 or all zero numbers are getting very common these days. A lot of people use these kinds of numbers to hide their identity. Some of them are telemarketers, scammers, and Robocallers. When a person blocks their caller Id, then the recipient is not able to identify their number. By default, the caller id gives them these numbers. The accurate source of these calls is not yet identified, and it's still based on assumptions. 

The best way to deal with these calls is to ignore them as we don’t know what's the purpose behind this call. We hope this blog proved useful to you. Now you know what to do when someone calls you from these numbers. 

So Next time when you get a call from all zero numbers. Then, you know how to tackle it.

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1. Should I pick up calls with all zeroes numbers?

There are chances that these kinds of calls can be scams and frauds. So it's advised not to pick up their calls. Picking up these calls may result in severe damage to your privacy.

2. Who is the person behind the all-zero number?

No one person can be called off for these numbers. These calls can come from a variety of sources. The person can be a telemarketer, spammer, Robo caller, a person internationally, or someone who has blocked his caller id details.

3. Is it safe to dial a call to 000-000-0000?

It is advised to stay away from these kinds of suspicious numbers. The person can use your private information for the wrong things. So it's not at all safe to dial a call to all zero numbers.

4. Why did I get a call from a number with all zeroes?

One of the primary reasons that you are getting such calls is that the caller has hidden his caller details. A caller blocks caller ID so that no one gets to know about their identity. When a person blocks caller ID, then the recipient is not able to see the caller's information.

5. What will happen if I call all zeros numbers (000-000-0000) at night?

This number is assumed to be associated with ghosts or spirits. But there is no security about it. So nothing will happen if you call an all-zero number.