TNPDS Smart Ration Card [2023] Status online

TNPDS is an abbreviation for Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System. Tamil Nadu's government replaced the old ration card for the residents in the state with a smart card system. It's called INPDS Smart Ration Card.

For those who don't know, this Smart Ration Card is an advanced form of the traditional ration card. It's already in function. But, if you want to use it, you must apply online. Let's see how. 


TNPDS Smart Ration Card Status [2023] 

TNPDS Smart Ration Card [2023] Status online

Name: TNPDS Smart Ration Card

Launching Body: Tamil Nadu Government, India

Eligibility Criteria: BPL Category Residents

Card Name: Smart Ration Card

Application Mode: Online

Types of Cards: Green, White & Khaki

Objective: Give Free Cost Ration

Commodities (made available for Free): Wheat, Rice, and Sugar

Official Website: tnpds.gov.in


Define TNPDS Smart Ration Card

TNPDS Smart Ration Card is a new ration card that helps cardholders track all the benefits of a free ration card. The government of Tamil Nadu initiated it. Several people in the state have already applied for the card. 

The official portal of TNPDS offers hassle-free access and real-time updates regarding the Smart Ration Cards. One can easily download TNPDS Smart Card 2023. For this, it is necessary to apply online. The primary objective of the smart card is streamlining the distribution of essential commodities to eligible families via the Public Distribution System (PDS).


Objectives for TNEPDS Digital Ration Card 2023

Initiating the TNPDS Digital Ration Card is backed by several objectives. These objectives are as follows – 


Eligibility Criteria for Tamil Nadu Digital Ration Card 2023

Not everyone can go onto the portal and apply for the TNPDS Smart Ration Card. You must meet the eligibility rules set forth by the Tamil Nadu Government.

Check if you bluetick the following conditions –


Documents Required TNPDS Smart Ration Card Application 

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Passport
  3. Driving License
  4. Voter ID card
  5. Residence Proof Certificate (family photograph/surrender certificate)
  6. PAN card


TNPDS Ration Card Online Application Process (Application Form)

To apply for a TNPDS Smart Ration Card, residents of Tamil Nadu needed to follow a specific application process.

Below, we have detailed an outline of the process –

Step 1: Take your mobile phone or go to the computer device.

Step 2: Visit the TNPDS website. The link for the same is https://www.tnpds.gov.in/home.xhtml.

Step 3: You will be navigated to the homepage. Make a choice of "Smart Card Application."

Step 4: Pick out the option "Apply for New Card."

Step 5: An application form appears on the screen. Fill in the application form.

Note: Applicants must ensure to add the necessary details asked (name, family details, and contact details correctly).

Step 6: In the 6th step, attach the required documents.

Step 7: Finally, submit the documents. 

The application process here gets completed. When you submit, an acknowledgment slip with a reference number pops in the registered number. Keep this information safe. You might need them to track the status of the application.


TNPDS Smart Ration Card – Features


Types of TNPDS Ration Card

There are 4 different categories of Smart Ration available for Tamil Nadu citizens. These ration cards let the cardholders pick up essential commodities from the shops providing ration.

  1. Green Card for cardholders for Rice & other commodities
  2. Khaki Cards for police personnel
  3. White Cards for eligible citizens (3 kg of sugar)
  4. No commodity Card for consuming any goods (to be bought from the ration shop).


Benefits of Applying for the TNPDS Smart Ration Card

  1. TNPDS ration card is very quick and straightforward to apply online. So, cardholders can enjoy the benefit of hassle-free registration.
  2. Citizens need not carry a physical card to collect ration with the Smart Ration Card.
  3. Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System Smart Ration Cards will cut down the printing cost of physical cards.
  4. This card also eliminates fraudulent cases in the ration give & take procedure.
  5. TNEPDS Smart Ration Card 2023 comes with the benefit of less time consumption. Citizens now need to avoid visiting government offices to apply for ration cards.
  6. Transparency and accountability are two major benefits of the TNPDS Digital Card. It enables 100% accountability in the distribution of essential commodities.
  7. With the launch of the online ration card, the Government of Tamil Nadu can cut down the chances of corruption and fraud in the PDS system.
  8. The distribution of wheat, Rice, and sugar is done free of cost. So, eligible families can enjoy the benefit of alleviated financial burden. 


How to add a family member to the already issued TNDPS Smart Ration Card?

Visit the main Website, i.e., tnpds.gov.in. Select the "TNPDS Add Member" option from the homepage. On the official portal, a web page pops up. Fill in your TNPDS register mobile number. Complete the captcha code followed by clicking the tnpds.gov.in login button. You'll be asked to fill in the details as soon as you click login. Attach the required document in e-version/copy. Lastly, click the 'submit button. This is the entire step to add a family member to TNPDS.



In conclusion, this is the entire procedure regarding TNPDS Smart Ration Card. If you want to learn any other requirements regarding the online ration card, email the Email address- suppprt@tnpds.com.

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