Stu Feiner Net Worth in 2023, Must Know his Age, Height, Wife, Daughter, Bio & Wiki

Due to lots of searches on "Stu Feiner Net Worth" and "Stu Feiner Wife," we added this article for you. Stu Feiner is a world premier handicapper born and brought up in the city of Long Island in New York. Stu Feiner has served more than 30 years in the field of pioneering, facing sports handicapping, and continual innovator. Stu Feiner's biography and his life details have not been covered by Wikipedia. So very few details are known related to his life. As soon as it gets updated on the web, we will update it here. So stay tuned for reading all the details regarding Stu Feiner. According to sources, Stu Feiner is 60 years old as of 17 July 2021. Stu's father was an army man who went to serve Germany twice. Stu lost his mother due to breast cancer complications and in 2006 he lost his only brother Les Barry Feiner due to Substance abuse. Now let us have a look at Stu Feiner Net Worth Income and Salary in 2023

Stu Feiner Net Worth Income in the Year 2023, Age, Height!

Stu Feiner Net Worth in 2023, Must Know his Age, Height, Wife, Daughter, Bio & Wiki

Name Stu Feiner
Profession Former Handicapper, Sport's Advisor
Stu Feiner's Net Worth $12.5 million.
Birth Date January 31, 1961 @ Long Island, New York
Age 53 Years

Stu Feiner Career and Bio

Before proceeding to Stu Feiner Net Worth Income we will cover Stu Feiner's Career. Stu Feiner was given the title "The Source" for his accuracy and unmatched expertise in the game. Stu Feiner was featured in a Sports Illustrated article in 1991  titled "1-900 Ripoffs". In the pre-internet era, he was one of the most notorious handicapping players in sports history. In the late 90's he was fined $ 13000 for false and misleading advertising by the New York City Department Of Consumer Affairs. Another misleading incident happened when Stu Feiner ran an Ad by his brother-in-law Kevin Duffy in the New York Daily News bragging about his winning picks in week one. The Ad was played just before the games be played. This was exposed by the SI. Despite being notorious he is hardworking and has struggled a lot to reach this position beating all his competitors. Stu is hardworking and a creative person too. Stu is an inspiration to many handicappers like him. As of now, Stu is working as a sports advisor and now he is running his own radio show. Stu describes himself as an innovator and a pioneer of the handicapping industry. Stu's dedication to his game and hard work have led him toward success.

Stu Feiner Wife and Net Worth

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Stu Feiner's Personal Life 

Stu Feiner was born to Howard Feiner and his late mother in the city of Long Island, New York in the year 1961. Stu's father was an army man who went to serve Germany twice.  Stu lost his mother due to breast cancer complications and his brother Les Barry Feiner due to Substance abuse in 2006. Stu Feiner married Sandra Feiner on 12th March 1988. This is exactly the same date a decade ago when they both actually met in 1988 to date each other. Stu's mother has always supported Sandra and told Stu to never lose her. Stu's mom was the first who tell them that Sandra was the keeper of his life after Stu himself. Stu and Sandra have gone 30 years of successful relationship till now with four children, all of whom are sons. Sandra Feiner is now 59 years of age. 


Stu Feiner's Net Worth Income

It's time to discuss what is Stu Feiner's Net Worth in 2023. Earlier Feiner had a net worth of $16 million from a sports handicapping business that employed 200 people. Today Feiner has a total net worth of $ 12.5 million, he also owns property at Farmingdale and 11 houses in his backyard. 



Social Media accounts

YouTube - Stu Feiner does have a YouTube account but does not have many subscribers. Stu just has 2.31K subscribers on his YouTube channel as of 17 July 2021. 

Instagram - Stu Feiner is very active with his Insta account and regularly posts about his daily activities, Interests, and works. On Instagram, he has 91.1K followers and 376 followings, and 6924 posts. 

Twitter - On Twitter, Stu has 90.1K followers and 292 followings as of 17 July 2021. On Twitter, he posts about sports. 

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1. How old is Stu Feiner?

Stu Feiner is around 60 years old.

2. Is Stu Feiner married?

Yes, he has 4 children

3. What is the zodiac sign of Stu Feiner?

The Zodiac sign of Stu Feiner is Aquarius.

4. What is the nationality of Stu Feiner?

Stu Feiner is an American.

5. What is the net worth of Stu Feiner?

The net worth of Stu Feiner is $ 12.5 million.

6. Who is the father of Stu Feiner?

Stu's father's name is Howard Finer, who is an Army man

7. What is the birthplace of Stu Feiner?

The birthplace of Stu Feiner is the USA.

8. Who is the brother of Stu Feiner?

Les Barry Feiner is the only brother of Stu Feiner.

9. How many Siblings dies Stu Feiner have?

Feiner had one sibling, who died in 2006.