SSO ID Rajasthan Login & Registration Online कैसे करें, एसएसओ आईडी देखे!

SSO ID Rajasthan is the abbreviation for Single Sign-On Identification. The Government of Rajasthan, India, introduced this digital platform in the state. Since its introduction in 2013, SSO ID has enabled citizens of Rajasthan to access several online government services and applications.

This blog post will teach us how to use SSO ID Rajasthan. We will also see the requirements to perform the simple two-step process, i.e., Registration and Login.


What is SSO ID Rajasthan Login & Registration?

SSO ID Rajasthan Login & Registration Online कैसे करें, एसएसओ आईडी देखे!

SSO ID is nothing but an online portal. Rajasthan's Government runs a portal where the residents of the state of Rajasthan can get facilities and information regarding the various departments of Government. All users need is a smartphone and internet connectivity to register & login to the portal.

Today, people in Rajasthan can apply for government jobs and several beneficial schemes seamlessly. All thanks to this online portal. Single sign-on Identification Rajasthan is so famous among its users because it allows one to see many government services via a single login credential.


Objectives of SSO ID Rajasthan


Eligibility Criteria for Rajasthan SSO ID Registration

If you want to try the registration and login process for SSO ID Rajasthan, please check if you fulfill the following eligibility conditions –

  1. Applicants should have a permanent resident (Citizenship certificate) of Rajasthan.
  2. Every Industry or Business in Rajasthan state is eligible.
  3. SIPF Employees are also considered eligible candidates.


How to login to SSO ID Rajasthan 

Applicants who register for SSO ID can quickly get the latest login information. Thus, you have to first log in to this online portal. 

Stick to the step-by-step guide as follows –

Step 1. Navigate to Google or Chrome on your mobile/computer.

Step 2: Visit the official website https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/.

Step 3: A home page appears as soon as you click on the link.

Step 4. Fill in your Digital Identity (SSO ID / Username).

Step 5: In the 5th step, enter the correct Password.

Step 6: Complete the captcha once you have entered the ID & Password.

Step 7: Click on the option login.

Step 8: Wait for a few seconds to see Rajasthan SSO ID's logged-in page.


SSO ID Rajasthan Online Registration Procedure

At times, new candidates want to use SSO ID Rajasthan Portal. For this, first-time users have to register here. The process of registering into SSO Rajasthan's new account is as follows –

Step 1: Navigate to the official "Single Sign On Web Portal." (link:- sso.rajasthan.gov.in )

Step 2: On the homepage, search for the "Register" option. Click on it.

Step 3: SSO ID Registration Page appears on the screen. It has 3 sections e., Citizen, Udyog, and Govt. Employee

Step 4: Select the one you want to register as.

Step 5: Provide the required details (name, mobile number, email address).

Step 6: Create a new password.

Step 7: Verify your mobile number (if required). Your SSO ID account has been created.

NOTE – For those who don't want to follow so many steps, register for the Single Sign-On Digital Identity by the link given – https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/register


How to Fix 'Forgotten SSO ID Login Username'?

If the active user of SSO ID Rajasthan forgets the login details, you need not panic. There are 2 different methods to recover the SSO ID Login Username/Digital ID. 

1st method –

2nd method –

Any of these two ways can help recover your Login Credentials easily.


How to Recover SSO ID Password in 2023?

For those users who remember their user ID for the SSO ID Rajasthan but still need to remember the Password, don't worry. There are two ways to recover your Rajasthan SSO Password. You can either send an SMS from the registered number. The second solution is to go onto the official website of Single Sign-on Identification & click on the 'Forgot my Password' option. Either of the two solutions works effectively.


Benefits of SSO ID Portal Registration

There are several benefits to logging in and registering in the SSO ID Portal. Some of the basic pros include the following – 

  1. The active users in the portal don't need to travel from place to place to get the benefits of government schemes.
  2. The scheme saves money, time, and effort for the residents of Rajasthan. All facilities regarding jobs, government programs, and business opportunities are available on SSO ID Portal.
  3. SSO ID Rajasthan offers employment opportunities with fundamental skills.
  4. Users gain improved access to various government programs, initiatives, and services by registering on the SSO ID Portal.
  5. Individuals can avail themselves of the benefits related to government schemes under time-bound.
  6. The portal aims to provide transparency regarding government schemes and services. Hence, it is now easy for citizens to understand and utilize them.
  7. E-Mitra's services appear first on this portal. E-Mitra services are essential to government services offered through shared service centers



So, you know how to log in SSO ID Rajasthan Portal. In conclusion, logging in and creating a profile is high time. Updating the profiles with personal information (like name, date of birth, gender, mobile number, etc.) will efficiently utilize the platform's features and benefits.

If you encounter any issues while registering on the portal, or require assistance, contact the provided helpline number or email address for support.

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