What is the full form of OTT, meaning & well known OTT platforms.

OTT platforms full form in Cinema say Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil Cinema - A new craze is setting all over this generation, the OTT platform craze. OTT platform is growing in the past few years. And if you are also curious to know more and more about the OTT so this whole blog is all about this only, why it is happening? What is OTTott platforms full formAnd the wholesome guide of the OTT platform in India


What is OTT? What does ott stand for?

Mainly we can say that OTT is a platform that provides you a different-different service all over the globe on the internet by using a platform like youtube, Netflix, Disney, and many other OTT platforms. And the full form of OTT is OVER-THE-TOP, which means that it shows all the things that show over the globe the same, or we can simply say that it provides the content to the viewers through the use of the internet directly and easily. Platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon prime, and many content-service providing platforms are called OTT platforms. The audience can stream many new shows and programs, which can also be called web series that are mostly launched on these OTT platforms only.

To make this simpler and simpler, we can also categorize the OTT platforms, these OTT platforms are mostly subscription-based, but some of them are free of cost where you receive or share content, purchase products, or even get service through them.

  1. The most popular OTT platforms are the video watching OTT platforms, such as Netflix, Disney plus, Amazon Kindle, and Amazon Prime.
  2. The second most famous one is messaging or texting OTT platforms, these are free of cost and widely used all over the world like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc. Facebook, and Instagram also be considered Media platforms.
  3. The next OTT platform is audio or music listening Platforms like Spotify.
  4. The last one is the Commerce OTT platform, where a user do an exchange goods and commodities. Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and many others consider this type.


How did OTT Platforms get too much fame in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu Cinema?

What is the full form of OTT, meaning & well known OTT platforms.

Content, have you heard this name? Everything we see around us is all about content. They planned content, they execute it, we as an audience saw them, get mixed with those emotions, exchange thoughts and get through the product. No matter it’s a goods or service. And the term “online content” begin to reach a high when google purchase the brand name YOUTUBE in the year 2006. And here the journey begins.

As a simple definition, we can say it, youtube is a platform that provides a free space to your content in any of your chosen niches. It's all about one to one thing, one problem and one see, one get, one reacts. And This process of getting things easily and reacting to things is becoming the main part of the creation of content.

Most creators make sure their content is easy to get and readable to their audience. Creating content is something we call hard because every content that creates online needs many techniques, steps, procedures, and a platform where they are shown. Platforms are important, or we can say very-very important. Launching content on popular platforms helps the content creator to more fame easily. And the most user-friendly platform we know is Youtube. Youtube is a big brand name that gave so many people to grow up, open their businesses, create content, get popular and raise their source of income.

But this journey can’t stop till youtube, many big known companies in today's era are growing at the time of 2006 to 2012, and they are learning to produce content only, like one-to-one. Many big brands name can be Netflix, Disney, Amazon, and many others.

These all content creation service brands with the mindset of one big goal to make their content more and more consumer-oriented or we can say to show more what consumers want. These big OTT platforms make their apps, websites, and themes all are just easy to access for most customers. And as every customer that attracts is gradually becomes part of their audience. All these online content creators are flexible, and innovative too so they can make their platforms more user-friendly. And these OTT platforms get more and more popular when the use of the internet increases. And many TVs switch to smart tv, phones to smartphones, and provide connections to these OTT platforms.

One of the main reasons why OTT platforms get their fame is because of LOCKDOWN. Pandemic changes many things, in a bad manner or also in a good manner. When the world gets a pause a year of 2020, when there is nothing to do, the users get engaged with these platforms, big-budget movies are not realising in theatre, they all get their way of realizing it, in those platforms only. In the pandemic time, only these OTT platforms are available for watching content as per their wish and requirements.

And another reason why these platforms get their range is due to affordable cost for the subscription and providing great content with higher quality, providing multiple access of screen at one time. Attracts the audience more and more.


OTT Platforms Changed the Perspective of the Indian Audience.

When we talk about the Indian audience, then there must be confusion because religious differences, cultural differences, ways of thinking differences, and societal effects are also different from mindset to mindset. It is also harder to choose what is best for which age groups, but due to increment in the use of the internet, or due to the phase of lockdown. Indian audiences get to mix with these platforms, watch them and get engaged with them.

Many OTT platforms get their subsidiary partner of Indian channels, like Sub for Sonyliv, Starplus for Disney+, Colours for Voot and there are many others too. The telecast of these tv shows is getting one day early on these OTT platforms, many old popular shows are also seen on these platforms, making the audience more engaged.

And many big-budget movies are realized on these OTT platforms only, which makes a craze among the Indian public. All these are the reason, why OTT gets its hype in the Indian audience.


Top OTT Platforms in India

1. Netflix:

Talking about OTT platforms, how can we miss the most popular one, Netflix. After the years 2018-2019, Netflix gains its extreme popularity, in the Indian market too. Netflix is one of the most popular and user-based OTT platforms in India.

Subscriptions are provided as a following, Mobile subscription plan, Basic subscription plan, Standard subscription plan, and Premium quality subscription plan. Mobile plans allow the user to watch the shows on mobile and tablets only. The charges are also very affordable, the mobile plan costs Rs. 149, The basic plan cost Rs 199, the standard plan costs Rs 499, and lastly, the premium plan costs Rs 649 which also offers or includes ultra HD playback at four screens simultaneously.

Indian audiences mostly prefer Indian shows rather than any other, the older age, that why Netflix has to take a tough competition in this market, from the platforms like Hotstar, Voot, Sonyliv, and others who mostly prefer Indian serials and programs. These OTT platforms also charge less than Netflix charges, but then also keep gaining their position because of their great content and quality service. Netflix buys mostly all the Dharma movies and other great movies to capture the Indian Audience more and more. It also shows most of the K-dramas in the Hindi language for giving more convenience to the users, so they can in any whether it a regional language of that show or a Hindi one. And the English subtitle is always present in easy English, which helps most of the local languages th catch the show or program easily and find interest in it.


Netflix Changed the Shape of OTT Completely!

OTT platforms gain their place due to various reasons but surely Netflix is one of them. In 2009, when Netflix tries to do something different than their other competitors like “Blockbuster”, like back in the 90s when both of these big brand companies provided CDs for watching movies and popular shows, Netflix tries to choose something different and advance, they choose to produce their content online, where blockbuster doesn’t. And then the game turns.

Sensing and forecasting are important things for every business, and hopefully, Netflix has done it the right way, there were days when there is no growth, and people can’t understand online content, so the most helpful candidates are Youtube and Facebook for this, to growth content creation, watching thing online. And also the word “binge-watching” was produced.

Things turn as the uses of the internet grows, and Netflix understood its assignment very well. There is a turning point for Netflix when people start shifting towards more online content.

Due to its amazing quality, and best service-providing platform, Netflix is always at its top.


2. Disney plus:

Disney+ is another popular and top service streaming providing platform, disney+hotstar is a subsidiary of Disney with the star plus India. Their subscription is divided into two regular parts, VIP and Premium subscription options.

VIP subscription plans offer and mostly focuses on the Indian audience, and Premium subscription plan is often focusing on international audiences. VIP subscription also includes the match, Indian Premium League Cricket. And we can that this Indian cricket match is also one of the main reasons why users get engaged with this platform often. And Premium subscriptions include American original shows. The amount it takes for the subscription is Rs 499 for mobile plans or we can say for VIP plans, Rs 899 for the super plan, and for the premium plan, it takes Rs 1499 as per the Indian rupees.

Please note before choosing any plan, read its terms and condition because each plan is slightly different from another. So read it before choosing any of them. But the validity time for each plan is the same is one year. With the use of a mobile plan, they only offer you to watch the content on one screen.


3.  Zee5:

Zee5 is another amazing OTT platform, that is run by the Essel Group and its subsidiary owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. It comes to India in 2018, and radially gain its popularity in the phase of lockdown only. The content shown in this is mainly in regional Indian languages, at least 12 Indian languages including English too, there are not many Advertisements given between shows and programs. Many popular Indian shows are shown in many different regional languages, for a no-language barrier between entertainment.

Shows telecast on this platform before being shown on television too so it became an advantage for many users who loves those shows, or they can watch after telecasting too easily anytime they want to. The subscription amount is Rs 999 for the yearly plan, and it provides to watch on 3 screens simultaneously, or its 3-month plan for Rs 499 for the validity of 2 screens only.  


4. Sony LIV:

Sony LIV is an Indian entertainment video streaming OTT platform, that is owned and run by Sony Pictures Networks Pvt, Ltd. based in Mumbai, Maharashtra India. Its shows all the content related to Sony TV, Sony SAB, Sony Max, Sony Ten, Sony Max2, Sony Six, and Sony pix.

The subscription cost is Rs 299 per month, and for six months is Rs 699, and for the yearly charges, it takes Rs 999. Mostly every plan gives you the same level of services, so you can any of these easily watch all your favourite shows and programs on them.


5. MX player:

Mx player is another Indian video streaming service OTT platform, it supported a streaming library of 150000 hours in at least 12 languages across the globe. It is very well available in mostly all devices like IOS, Android, and the web too. And the best thing about it, the all amazing thing about this platform you just get in free of cost. A user can explore every little thing about MX player for just free. There are many best and most popular shows available like k-dramas, Turkish-dramas and Indian dramas too. The app is easily available on your play store or app store.


6. Prime video:

The next most popular OTT platform is Amazon prime video. It is launched in the year 2016 and after then only it gets its pace, with its amazing creation of content and the quality given by them is surely at its best. That's why this platform is on this list.

It includes six-Hindi local languages and English language too. The subscriptions got benefit by getting free Amazon music and quick delivery on any order from Amazon, the subscription cost is Rs 1499 on yearly basis, and monthly cost takes Rs 179, and quarterly costs are Rs 459 as per Indian currency.

So here are my Top six OTT platforms available right now, but surely they are many others too. All these OTT platforms are easily available on the app store and play store, you can check them, install them after downloading and pay for their subscription fee, some of them are free to use too. So you get through them easily and watch all your favourite content easily and new shows and web series too from your local language or of any other language. OTT shows and platforms help people get globalized more, watch the content of different regions too and learn about their traditions and culture. It excites people, their way of love, expressing emotion and so many other things too. There are many other OTT platforms also available too, you can check them online but these platforms are one of the most used and most popular OTT platforms available right now. The full form of OTT is Over the Top 


7. Peacock TV -

Peacock TV is an American OTT platform that is owned by NBCUniversal. You can stream web series, movies, and sport-related videos on peacock TV. It is launched on 15 July 2020. It has over 22 million subscribers and they are increasing day by day.

Normally you can watch web series, and movies but for premium content, you need to have a premium account or VIP Membership. In every OTT Platform, they provide notch quality content and premium content only through membership. Till now if you have not activated Peacock TV on your Smart TV then you need 4 step activation process!


OTT Industry Growth/Outlook:

In the year 2022, what should we expect or look toward these OTT industries? As per the research said these platforms get more and more engagement due to pandemic time, many users get attracted with these, or we can say these OTT platforms are not only the form of time pass but also the source of income for many, source of learning something new, source of getting mixed with families.

OTT platforms became a part of living, everyone (mostly the younger generation), uses one OTT platform at least right now. OTT creates its place over the heart of people, surely it takes time, many years were taken by the actual growth of OTT. but it does na, due to shifting of mind of people, nowadays people connect to technology more easily rather than using those old methods.

In the upcoming future too, OTT platforms increases at their cost. Because of the mindset of people changing, more and more new ideas are coming daily and regular thousand of new content is created and uploaded on the internet, in the OTT platforms. People watch it, engage with it and enjoy it. It became easy for the audience too, to show their love and affection towards any content. Like most of the patriotism movies and shows get great feedback through OTT only. So surely the future is OTT will be great, surely more and more competitors will be created on OTT platforms but it also provides variety to the audience. Just watch them and have fun!

OTT Fullform


Here we came to the end of the blog, we mostly discussed little things like OTT full form, OR ott full form cinema, its beginning, its growth, its future outlook, and some best OTT platforms too. I hope that you all get the proper information that you need from this, hope that you are ready to buy some of the most popular once OTT subscriptions and ready to binge-watch some of your favorite shows. If yes, then why wait. Download all your favorites and be ready to watch them. 


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1. What is OTT Means?

OTT simply means any online streaming service that provides content over the internet. OTT can also be called an over-the-top service.

2. Which is the best OTT platform?

Choosing the best among them all is surely difficult, it must be different for a different human being, you can check what is the most thing you often like to see, and then according to those buy subscription of those OTT platforms only. Some of the best ones recommended are Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Voot, Amazon prime video, ALT Balaji, SonyLIV.

3. Why it is called OTT?

OTT acronym was over-the-top that simply justifies the online creation is oven the cable connections systems.

4. Is Zoom is included as a part of OTT?

Yes surely, zoom is included in the voice OTTs that also include FaceTime, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others.

5. How many OTT platforms are currently available in India?

India is a big region, a developing and democratic country where people can easily choose what they gonna watch or not. Mostly all the big brands' companies are open for Indian audiences to watch and grow with it. Currently, 40 OTT platforms are available in India.

6. Can I launch an OTT platform on my own?

Yess anyone can do it, with proper knowledge of the IT field, know how to launch and manage the app, can do this functionality. Here is the note, you can also Launch OTT platforms or also create content in these OTT platforms through a medium like a video, audio in the form of podcasts, or small reels and other special content for the user and deliver in these big known OTT platforms.

7. Which one is the cheapest OTT platform in india?

Zee5 is the cheapest platform available right now in india, after that there is a SonyLIV and Hotstar available. You can easily differentiate between their prices, but the content is also in that form only.