8 proven methods to fix Jio Cinema Not Working [2023 Reasons & Fixes]

Most search topics on the Internet are "Jio Cinema Not Working or Down" So, we added this article to discuss the possible solutions. If you love watching movies, shows, and cartoons, you surely have heard of the most popular app which is the Jio Cinema app. Isn't it? It is one of the most trending apps today by Jio. One can watch numerous tv shows, movies, cartoons, and many more. Users using Jio connections most often use this app on their smartphones and TVs.

But these days many users tweeted that the app is creating huge problems and not working well. Throughout the internet, you will come across various errors people are receiving while using the app. Even while watching any show, it keeps on buffering which is quite frustrating. But don't worry anymore about the problem you are facing. 

Here we have mentioned some of the troubleshooting methods for the error "Jio Cinema Not Working on TV" You can try out and find which one works best for you. you can easily resolve your issue by the end of this article. so let's discuss it without wasting any more time. 

Reasons why the "Jio Cinema not working on Smart TV (Samsung & LG TV) or Down"!

8 proven methods to fix Jio Cinema Not Working [2023 Reasons & Fixes]

There can't be any particular reason behind the Jio Cinema not working. Downside we have some of the possible reasons that could be if the app is not working. 

The app is under maintenance

There are certain which developers need to fix at certain time intervals. If you are unable to access the Jio Cinema App, it might be possible that the application is under maintenance. In such cases, the only solution is to wait. Wait for few times and try again later. 

  1. Server issues - Jio Cinema App works throughout the country. So, you are not the only one who is using it at a time. Lakhs of people are accessing it once. In such cases, you might face server issues which will be resolved after a few trials. Wait for a few minutes and try. 
  2. Unstable internet connectivity - We all know that the Jio Cinema App is accessible with a proper network connection. You might face the app not working issue if you don't have stable internet. Most streaming apps run only with good bandwidth. 


Methods to fix the Jio Cinema not working today on TV

Go through the below-mentioned methods to solve the issue "you are facing by using Jio Cinema. We have listed different methods so you can try one after the other to resolve your issue. 


Method 1: Update the Jio Cinema App

If you are using the outdated version of the Jio Cinema App, you might face certain issues like "Jio Cinema Not Working on Laptop". Make sure that you are using the latest version of it. Multiple new features are added with every update. 

Follow these steps to update the app:


Method 2: Check the internet connectivity

You will need to connect your device with a high-speed internet connection to use the Jio Cinema App hassle-free. The error will continue if you have poor network connectivity. Switch to a stable and high-speed connection to solve your issue if there exists an issue with the network. We kept this proven method in 2nd position to fix the error "Jio Cinema Not Working on Fire TV or Android TV"


Method 3: Check the server 

In case the server of the app is down, you won't be able to access it under any condition. Also, you won't be able to do anything if the site's server is down. It will automatically be fixed after some time. 

To know the server status, you can use these methods:


Method 4: Clear the cache data

You will face different issues in accessing Jio Cinema App if there are cache files in the application. Because of the cache data, there are various bugs and glitches available that cause errors to use it. Make sure that you clear all cache data and try again.

Follow these steps to clear the cache data:


Method 5: Restart your device

Sometimes, it happens that there are no major issues. Simply, restarting the device also works. So, you can also try to check whether it's working well or not after restarting the device. 

To restart your device, follow these steps:


Method 6: Update your device

As we all know, our devices come up with updates regularly. Hence, we need to keep it updated to use the latest versions of it. You can find such issues even if your OS is outdated. So, check if there are any updates available. If available, do it immediately. 

Follow these steps to update your device:


Method 7: Reinstall Jio Cinema App

If nothing works, you can reinstall the application to fix the error "Jio Cinema App Not Working Today". It might be the case that the app is affected by a virus that is causing such continuous occurring errors. Reinstalling it will help you fix the issue. 

Follow these steps to reinstall the application:


Method 8: Contact JIo Cinema customer support

If the methods mentioned above don't work for you, the last thing you can do is connect with their customer support. You can contact their support team through social media or by direct email to their official mail. All you need to do is share your solution with the screenshot attached of the error you are getting. They will surely come up with the best possible solution within a few days. 


Final words

So, by this time you might have fixed your issue "Jio Cinema App Not Working or Down" with the methods mentioned above. Also, you can know what are the reasons for the occurrence of issues. Enjoy watching movies, shows, cartoons, IPl, or any other today without any hesitance. Just fix your issues and start accessing it right there. Hope this guide seems helpful to you. 

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1. Can I watch IPL through Jio Cinema App?

Yes, you can watch IPL. A million users are already using this platform to watch IPL.

2. What can be the possible reason for the buffering issue between the shows?

The most possible reason could be the slow network connection. Shift to an internet connection with good bandwidth and check.

3. Can I use VPN to enjoy the Jio Cinema App services?

Yes, you can use VPN. But if you are facing issues accessing the app, we recommend you try disabling the VPN.