10 Best Stores Accepting United Healthcare OTC Card [2023 Updated]

Recently we have seen a vast search on queries about what stores accept United Healthcare OTC cards, So we added this guide for the convenience of our users. OTC stands for Over-the-Counter. Today, OTC card is very famous among users. United Healthcare offers the card. Members with active card plans can purchase eligible healthcare products and supplies. Well, OTC card holders usually have a question in the back of their minds – 'what are the stores that accept the United Healthcare OTC Card.' This article answers this question. 

Before progressing with the article, remember that the acceptance criteria may vary. Henceforth, checking with United Healthcare or particular stores for up-to-date info is advisable. Let us learn about the card first and then see what places the card can be used. Let us have an idea of what stores can I use my United Healthcare OTC card.


10 Stores Accepting United Healthcare OTC Card in 2023

Below we have added the name of the store and complete details where you can use your United Healthcare OTC card.

10 Best Stores Accepting United Healthcare OTC Card [2023 Updated]

  1. Walmart - Walmart is known as one of the world's largest retailers. You can use the United Healthcare OTC card here. The local retail locations and online stores both accept this card. Cardholders who use the card at Walmart can purchase eligible items counted as OTC healthcare products. For example, supplements, first-aid supplies, etc. 
  2. CVS Pharmacy  - CVS Pharmacy is also a retail pharmacy where OTC cardholders can use their card. This pharmacy readily accepts the United Healthcare OTC card. Being one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States, CVS Pharmacy offers you to make purchases for a variety of OTC healthcare items.
  3. Dollar General - For eligible purchases with a United Healthcare OTC card, head to Dollar General. Dollar General is another discount retailer which accepts the card. It has several retail stores & locations in the United States. Every store accepts Over-the-Counter cards, allowing cardholders to purchase affordable OTC healthcare items. The items include vitamins, supplements, and other medications. 
  4. Walgreens - Walgreens is a famous pharmacy chain that lets you swipe your active United Healthcare OTC card. It is straightforward to use your card with Walgreens. Show the Over-the-Counter card at the time of checking out. The cashier will swipe the card to let you avail your discount on eligible products. There are thousands of locations at Walgreens where OTC cardholders can conveniently purchase OTC healthcare products. 
  5. Target - United Healthcare OTC cardholders can purchase products from Target, like pain relievers, allergy medications, cough suppressants, etc. Target is a well-known retail chain that accepts Over-the-Counter cards. You can use your card at Target locations nationwide and over the online Target retail stores to buy healthcare items.
  6. Kroger - Kroger meets the OTC card acceptance criteria. It is one of the participating stores where you can use the United Healthcare Over-the-Counter card. Kroger accepts the United Healthcare OTC card in the list of the largest grocery store chains in the United States. Eligible OTC healthcare items are readily available at their physical retail & online stores.
  7. Meijer - Just present your United Healthcare OTC card at the time of payment for the healthcare products at Meijer. Meijer accepts the card. This is a regional super-center chain situated in the Midwest, United States. Cardholders can even navigate into their online stores and use the active Over-the-Counter card for eligible discounts on healthcare items. 
  8. H-E-B - H-E-B is another regional grocery store chain that readily accepts OTC cards. The store chain is located in Texas and emerges as a participating store for the United Healthcare OTC card. Cardholders can buy several OTC healthcare products from their card, such as supplements, pain relief medication, and personal care items. 
  9. Family Dollar - Family Dollar is a discount retailer where United Healthcare OTC cardholders can head on. This retailer accepts the active card for purchasing essential products like cold and flu remedies, pain relievers, and first-aid supplies. The process of using your card here is quite simple. Add your card to your account, & take the card to Family Dollar & make payment for the eligible items.
  10. Rite Aid - Go to Rite Aid, a pharmacy chain that lets United Healthcare OTC cardholders make purchases for eligible products. Rite Aid offers a comprehensive range of OTC healthcare products. These items include personal care, wellness, and home healthcare.


Benefits of Using Your United Healthcare OTD Card 

• With an OTC card, you are free to get access to Over-the-Counter (OTC) products. What's best is that cardholders can get healthcare products and supplies without a prescription. 

• There are a wide variety of healthcare items that are covered by OTC cards. They are; first-aid supplies, vitamins, oral care products, and cold and allergy remedies. 

• Cost saving is another significant benefit of using your United Healthcare OTC Card in a pharmacy. With this card, you can make potential savings on eligible healthcare products. 

• Members of the Over-the-Counter card can buy OTC items at participating stores without spending money from their funds.

• The way you use your credit/debit card, use an OTC card. The ease of use makes this card popular among its members. Users must present the card at the checkout counter of participating stores & pay for the eligible OTC items. 

• Cardholders benefit from health and wellness support via the OTC card. United Healthcare OTC card encourages cardholders to purchase OTC products, thereby approaching their overall well-being.

• Since the OTC card can be used at innumerable participating retail chains and pharmacies, cardholders can opt for which shop/retailer store/online store to purchase healthcare products.

what stores accept otc card

Overview of United Healthcare OTC Card

As above we have discussed what stores accept United Healthcare OTC Card, now we see a quick overview of the United Health OTC Card. United Healthcare is ranked as a leading health insurance provider in the U.S. Policyholders of United Healthcare are offered innumerable benefits. One of the many benefits is the Over-the-Counter (OTC) card. This card lets its members purchase OTC healthcare items at participating retailers. 

Users of Over-the-Counter cards often ponder over where to use the card. You must know which stores accept the United Healthcare OTC card. This way, you can make the most of card benefits. Generally, your OTC card can be used at participating retail chains & pharmacies to buy over-the-counter medications, wellness items, and health-related products. 



So, this is all about the stores where a United Healthcare OTC card is acceptable. In conclusion, you should learn what places accept your card. Take the card at the participating stores and purchase healthcare items. All the best for maintaining your health and well-being!

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1. How much discount will a cardholder receive while using the OTC card?

Every single pharmacy has a different discount policy. Song, the discount amount will vary depending on the pharmacy where you swipe your OTC card.

2. Is it necessary to present a United Healthcare OTC card every time for making purchases?

No. This is not important. However, you can purchase eligible healthcare items after showing your card, provided the pharmacy needs to verify your eligibility.

3. How is a store/retail location an OTC participating?

Visit the website of the United Healthcare OTC card program. Over the website, you can see if your pharmacy is listed under 'participating pharmacy' or not.

4. What is the limit to using my United Healthcare OTC card?

No limit is attached to using your United Healthcare OTC card. Use it as often as you like, and make sure the card is active.

5. What to do if I lose the United Healthcare OTC card?

Try contacting United Healthcare customer service. You can request an OTC replacement card.