Instagram Typing Indicator Not Working can be Fixed Now [2023]

Are you aware of the Instagram typing indicator? If not, know about it here in this article. Typing indicator helps Instagram users to check whether the second party is typing or not when they are texting them. This feature is seen inside the person's chat box indicated with three coming-up dots. 

In case your Instagram chats don't show any such options, you need to fix it. To fix the typing indicator not working problem, this guide will help you. In general, it has been observed that typing indicator is not available for those chats who have turned it off. 

You also cannot experience this feature if you are using the web version of Instagram. Here we are to discuss why it is not working if you are using Instagram's original application on your phone. Read this till the end to know about the ways to fix it in brief. 


Reasons why the Instagram Typing Indicator is not working

Instagram Typing Indicator Not Working can be Fixed Now [2023]

These could be some of the reasons why your typing indicator is not working. Let us discuss it in a detailed explanation.

  1. Using an Outdated version of Instagram - If your typing indicator is not visible, it might be possible that you are using an outdated version of Instagram. Make sure to update it right there and check again.
  2. Internet connection - This can be one of the major reasons why the Instagram Typing Indicator feature is not working. You might experience interruptions in typing indicators if you are using unstable internet connectivity. 
  3. Instagram bugs - There might be glitches possible in your Instagram app that refraining you from observing such features. Make sure to clear the cache and start the app again to make it visible.
  4. Technical issues - At some pace, you might even face technical issues and there may exist problems with its servers. As a result, users may not be able to experience some of its features. In such cases, you may try checking out after some time. 
  5. Device compatibility - The Instagram typing indicator doesn't work with all operating systems. If it is not visible to you, it might be possible that it is not compatible with your device.
  6. Disabled typing indicator feature - This can also be one of the common reasons you could not see typing indicator. The other person you are chatting with might have turned off these features on their devices. 


Methods to Fix the 'Instagram Typing Indicator Not Working Problem

You can undoubtedly try these below-mentioned methods to solve your problem of typing indicator not being visible. Hope any one of them will surely work well for you.


1st method: Try updating your Instagram app

This is the first method you must try out if your typing indicator is not visible. There are also the chances of bugs and glitches in the outdated version of any application. Updating will help you experience improvements with some new updated features. 

Follow these straightforward steps to update your Instagram app:


2nd method: Enable the activity status

You cannot enjoy typing feature if you have disabled the activity status of your Instagram app. Either you or the person whom you are texting might have disabled the activity status. 

Follow these straightforward steps to clear the:


3rd method: Force exit and open the app

Force exit is the next and best method you can choose if you see your typing indicator isn't functioning. This helps one to clear their cache data and avoid such problems by refreshing their application. 

Follow these straightforward steps to force exit and open your Instagram app:


4th method: Clear the cache data

Cache data generally fill the devices with corrupted files. This can be the possible reason for the typing indicator not functioning. Also, clearing the cache and data will clear the storage space of the device. 

Follow these straightforward steps to clear the cache data:


5th method: Download Instagram Lite

This method is only limited to Android users. In case, you find that none of the mentioned above works, you can try this. Instagram lite is another faster version of the Instagram app. It uses less storage space as compared to the original Instagram. In addition, the typing indicator problem is found much less with Instagram lite. 

Follow these straightforward steps to download Instagram Lite:


6th method: Contact Instagram support

The last method you can opt it contacts Instagram support. Their support team will help you resolve the issue after looking into the matter.

Follow these straightforward steps to contact Instagram Support:


Final words

We understand how frustrating it is to not observe whether the other person is typing or not. To help you overcome such situations, we are here with the complete guide you must follow if you see your Instagram Typing indicator is not working. The above-mentioned are some of the easiest troubleshooting methods you should try out. Hope you find this informative for you. 

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