5 Reasons Why isn't 9anime showing subtitles [2023 Reasons & Solutions]

Today we are going to fix the error Why isn't 9anime showing subtitles? or "9anime not showing cc", If you too also facing the same error we recommend you to read the complete guide below. 9anime is one of the most popular websites for anime lovers. Using it, you can watch exciting Japanese animated shows. If you're a big anime fan, you've probably used 9anime. But, sometimes, the site has an issue, i.e., 'subtitles not showing.'

Subtitles are the words that translate what the characters in the anime show speak. If subtitles are at the bottom of the screen, users can understand the video content easily. This article will quickly examine why subtitles might not be showing on 9anime.

Stay tuned to the end of the article why isn't 9anime showing subtitles? Why? Here, we will share some easy trips to figure out what's wrong with 9anime. You can use the tips to make the subtitles appear again. So, let's begin!


5 Major Reasons Why isn't 9anime showing subtitles? or "9anime subtitles not appearing"

5 Reasons Why isn't 9anime showing subtitles [2023 Reasons & Solutions]

  1. Technical Glitches - If there are technical glitches like 'server down' on the 9anime website, it can lead to subtitles not displaying correctly.
  2. Video Source - The source of the video you are streaming on 9anime might not have embedded subtitles. If this happens, the particular anime show will not have subtitles.
  3. Browser Compatibility - Some web browsers might be compatible with some websites. Others might not. 9anime relies on various streaming technologies and video players. A web browser that doesn't support the technology can lead to subtitles not appearing as an issue.
  4. Ad Blockers - Ad blockers can also be the reason why 9anime subtitles disappear. This happens when these ad-blockers interfere with the display of subtitles on websites.
  5. Cache and Cookies - A web browser usually stores a lot of temporary data. The accumulated cache and cookies can hinder the subtitle loading in this case.


Methods to Fix the "9anime not showing cc" Problem

1. Check Subtitle Settings -

Sometimes, subtitles on the 9anime website may be disabled by default. Or, the subtitles are turned off in the video player.

Follow the given steps:

By doing this we hope you can fix the most common error 9anime subtitles not appearing or 9anime subs not showing. So we keep this hack in our 1st position. 


2. Clear Cache and Cookies -

As highlighted earlier, too much cache and cookies in your browser leads to 'no subtitles.' You have to clear the stores filed in your browser. And then, stream the anime shows.

Follow the given steps:

By clearing your cache one can easily fix the most common error 9anime subtitles not appearing or 9anime subs not working. So we keep this hack in our 1st position. 


3. Check Internet Connectivity -

9anime works best on a fast and stable connection. If subtitles are unavailable or not working, chances are unstable internet connectivity.

Follow the given steps:


4. Disable Ad-Blockers -

Ad blocker extensions prevent subtitles from loading on websites like 9anime. You have to turn off Ad-Blocking Software.

Follow the given steps:


4. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) -

Subtitles on 9anime might not be working because of regional restrictions. You have to use a VPN to bypass these restrictions and access subtitles.

Follow the given steps:


5. Try Alternative Browser -

After trying all 5 steps, if 9anime subtitles still don't work, try a different web browser. It's because some browsers have better compatibility with movie-streaming websites.

Follow the given steps:


6. Contact Support Team -

The last solution to eliminate 9anime subtitles not working is to contact customer support and ask them in their chatbot "Why isn't 9anime showing subtitles?". The support team will assist you in troubleshooting the issue.

Follow the given steps:



In conclusion, the absence of subtitles on 9anime is not a big issue. You can understand the causes. And then, stick to the methods highlighted in this guide post. The suggested solutions will help restore subtitles. You can, then, watch anime with much more excitement and fun! We hope you have got the answer to the most asked question Why isn't 9anime showing subtitles?

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