Uploading to iCloud paused On iPhone13 Pro? Fix Now

Let us focus on the topic of common errors while "Uploading to iCloud Paused Message On iPhone13 Pro" The iPhone has been another name for luxury forever, actually since 2007. Well, setting up iCloud to exchange messages with your team members or your best friend turns out to be a trouble-causing situation for you sometimes.

One such trouble-causing issue could be being unable to upload messages in iCloud. In simple words, the uploading process gets stuck in the middle of all and you suffer another miserable experience with technology.

In this article, we will discuss the same but let us consider explaining the iPhone model. Well, iPhone 13 Pro is the one we are going to talk about and how you can fix the issue within a second.


How to fix the error message "uploading to iCloud paused" on iPhone13 Pro?

Uploading to iCloud paused On iPhone13 Pro? Fix Now

We have found a total number of eight solutions for the error we call the "upload error" of messages in iCloud. Let us share all of the solutions with you.

  1. Restart has been the easiest option - Sometimes the apps running in the background could become a challenge. Thus, shutting down the iPhone 13 Pro could be helpful. While it would be proceeding to return to work, the iCloud backup might be done in the meantime.
  2. Reconnecting with the internet - A stable internet connection is really very important when you're trying to upload messages in iCloud. In case you were unaware all this time, let us tell you that iCloud backup doesn't work with cellular data. You need to have a stable WiFi connection to go through the process. So, you can connect with one. In case you're already connected and still facing issues, click on the "forget" option on the connected network and try reconnecting.
  3. iOS might be needing an update - Sometimes iCloud backup works well with specific iOS versions so your version might be too old for the iCloud to settle with. Update your software, download, and install if any update is available.
  4. Is your iPhone charged? - Whether it's an Android device or an iPhone, there is always an issue with applications if your device isn't charged enough. Charge your iPhone 13 Pro and then try again. All of this might work.
  5. Sign into your iCloud account again - Signing into your iCloud account doesn't seem like a bad idea. You can always re-sign into your iCloud account via Settings of your Apple device.
  6. Need to buy some storage - iCloud always backs up your data at night without any efforts made by you. If it's stopping and asking you for help, it might be the right time to see if it doesn't have any further space to store. Here, you have two options: delete things to free up space or buy some storage.
  7. On and off was a game - Remember how as a kid, you may use to turn on and off the switches as if it was a game? You can play this game with that messages button by turning it grey and green again.
  8. Hard reset turns out to be the last option - Hard resetting is an option that takes away all the glitches that may be taking place within your iPhone 13 Pro.  To hard reset, you would need to press the volume up, volume down (on the left side of the iPhone 13 Pro) and the button on the right side of the iPhone 13 Pro at the same time until a power slider shows up and the screen turns black with the Apple logo.


Phew! We tried explaining all of the eight things you could try to fix the glitch "uploading to iCloud paused" in the best way possible. We would love to conclude everything in this article for you so what should we wait for?


What Happens When You Turn Off Messages On iCloud?

When you turn off the green button on the "messages" option on any of your devices, your iCloud account on the device won't store any of your messaging histories anymore. For example, let's say you opened up the settings on your iPhone and turned off the "messages" in iCloud. So, now you won't be storing any of your chat histories anymore on your iPhone.


How To Upload Messages In iCloud?

How can you watch movies on Netflix without having a Netflix account? Does it seem possible? No, of course. You need to set up your iCloud account and sign in to the account on all of your Apple devices with the same Apple ID. To log in to all the devices, you gotta turn on the iCloud Keychain. It doesn't end here! Don't forget to use two-factor authentication with your Apple ID to keep everything safer than the end-to-end encryption of iCloud.

Now, we would like you to pick up one of your Apple devices, whether it's your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and follow the steps given.

  1. Jump to your Apple device's settings and tap on your name.
  2. Find iCloud.
  3. As you scroll down the calendars, reminders, and notes, you will find "messages".
  4. Turn the button green.


Can You Find Your Deleted Texts On iCloud?

Yes, you can retrieve all of your deleted text messages on your iPhone if you have the iCloud backup turned on. Still, there are a few conditions that you would be required to follow to retrieve your deleted text messages. Here, we have mentioned them so that you can get all of them!

In case your messages were deleted more than 30 days ago, they will all be deleted from iCloud and you won't be able to restore them.


What Is The Thing About iCloud And The Messages?

Messages in iCloud are a thing to reduce the storage on your device that your messages might be taking away. What do we mean to tell you?

Well, iCloud backup keeps a copy of your messaging history. You can see your messaging history on any other Apple device. What do you need to do to find them out? Log into your iCloud account and you will be done!


Is iCloud Free Or Does It Cost A Few Dollars?

Yes, iCloud is free with up to 5 GB of storage. When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get this storage for no cost. However, there is a premium version as well of iCloud. Well, iCloud+ isn't free and requires you to pay every month while you use it. There are different plans according to how much of it you need. Here we describe each one of them.


  1. 50 GB Storage - This plan costs you USD $0.99 and comes up with a total of 50 GB storage. In addition, the iCloud Private Relay (Beta) feature, hide my email feature along a custom email domain, and HomeKit Secure Video support for one camera as well.
  2. 200 GB Storage - As we have already stated, this one allows you to have 200 GB of storage which seems huge! This one costs you a little more being USD $2.99. Meanwhile, the other benefits stay the same as the $0.99 plan. To remember, the ones were iCloud Private Relay (Beta), hide my email feature, a custom email domain, and HomeKit Secure Video support. The only difference that comes with this one is for up to five cameras.
  3. 2 TB Storage - This one gives you more than any limits! 2 Terabytes cost you around USD $9.99 which you would need to take out from your wallet. The benefits are all the same for the subscribers except just one. The one exception is the HomeKit Secure Video support which now extends to an unlimited number of cameras. One thing that is common to all is that you can share all of the storage of whichever plan you choose and pay for, you can share it with your family members and the limit is also nice enough to appreciate, being up to 5 members.


Define iCloud For The New iPhone Users.

iCloud is a cloud-storage service by Apple that was originally released on 12 October 2011. In simple words, iCloud is like a bag that stores all your pictures, videos, notes, passwords, messages, and everything you can name that you store on your iPhone.

If you're thinking about security, no worries! The iPhone is known for its strong security system and iCloud is the one performing the task. The iCloud is built with the programming language known as JavaScript.

If you'd ask someone who has been using an iPhone for a good long time then you will get to know that iCloud is crucial for your files and personal information to be secure. It prevents hackers from reaching your documents.


History Of Apple & iPhones.

Apple released its very first iPhone back in late June 2007 after announcing it in the January of the same year. Following the release of the iPhone, in September of 2007, Apple made a sudden price drop for the iPhone (the 8GB version). Dropping directly from $599 to $399 which was huge having a $200 difference.

When it happened to be and people started getting furious about the extra prices they had paid for the same iPhone after the release and before the price drop, Steve Jobs made his comment and gave the privilege to everyone who was not credited the $100 deserved could make a purchase of any Apple device within the range of $100 and they would be required to pay nothing.


Why Is An iPhone Called So?

Someday, around the clock ticking, you must have caught yourself wondering why an iPhone is called an iPhone instead of an Apple phone or something similar to that! Well, we got an answer for you.

Although it might make sense or not, Steve Jobs talked about the "i" in an iPhone which actually stands for the "internet". However, he added to his statement that there was no such definition of the "i" which he could explain.

As we assume the definition of the "i" in the iPhone, and all the Apple products is because of the iMac. Perhaps it wasn't planned at all or random. Who knows? Nobody!


A Glance On iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max were officially announced at the same time on a common day. Specifically talking about the 14th of September in 2021 was when both of the versions were released.

In addition to what we have told till now, as of October 2022, the price of one piece of iPhone 13 Pro in the USA is estimated to be around $1100. Like other iPhones, it comes in various colors ranging from (Black category) Graphite, Gold, and Silver…to Sierra Blue.

According to Apple, all the models of iPhone 13, including the iPhone 13 Pro, were tested and proved to be splash, water, and dust resistant. If you are wondering about your iPhone 13 Pro's weight, then let us tell you why! Apple has made the body with stainless steel of all the Pro models which weighs more than an aluminum frame.


What Is The Battery Life Of iPhone 13 Pro?

If the brightness is neither too high, nor too low and actually in the middle of the road then it would last for 22 hours and 2 minutes…well, 2 minutes had to be added because every second, every minute is a necessary one.

The point one must note is that the life of the battery, once it's been charged, is when the device is in Airplane mode.

If it isn't in Airplane mode and running out of battery sooner than mentioned here, we aren't the ones to blame. Why? Your battery consumption depends upon how many apps you have permitted to run in the background, how many of them run, the brightness level, and what application you are using.


How Much Storage Do You Get With iPhone 13 Pro?

The pro version is called "pro" for a specific reason and those reasons turn out to be the features of an iPhone. Whether your iPhone 13 is the Pro version or the Pro Max version, you get your returns back.

You get a storage capacity of up to 1 Terabyte (TB) which equates to approximately 1000 Gigabytes (GB), more than that! With this much storage, you can record even a video of 4K resolution and keep it up to 30 hours. Meanwhile, this range is followed by a video of 1080p resolution and you can keep it in your iPhone 13 Pro for as long as 500 hours.


How Different Is The Pro Version Of iPhone 13 From The Normal Ones?

The biggest difference we just told you about some time ago is the material used in making the body of the iPhone. While the pro version is made up of stainless steel, the normal versions are made up of the regular aluminum.

Another additional feature in the pro version is the adaptive refresh rate which is up to 120Hz along with 1000 nits maximum brightness instead of just 800 nits in the normal one. Moreover, ProRes video recording up to 4K resolution as we have recently found out.

There is much more and if we come to discuss them here, we will be taking this article in another direction instead of the iCloud and messages thing. So, let us leave it for some other day and focus on the one we have gotten.



In this article, we discussed all the possible things about iPhone 13 Pro, iCloud, and the error message "uploading to iCloud paused" in iCloud. We even talked about the history of iPhones and the controversial price drop incident. In case you were a new baby to iOS devices, then hopefully we could add everything at its best.

Although we have already told you a lot, we always give our readers a bonus. What kinda bonus is it? For you to not go on Google to search for another article again!

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1. What if I run out of iCloud space?

When you don't have any storage, then where will all your data go? Obviously, the iCloud won't be able to sync your data and create backup for it.

2. On how many devices can I log into my iCloud account?

The limit is ten for all the iOS devices but it reduces to five Mac computers in case you log into your computers as well.

3. Can someone else see my images/videos on iCloud?

No, nobody can access your iCloud files or anything stored in your iCloud unless you share them with someone else.