4 Ways to Fix 'discord account disabled? [2023]

Let's find the hack to solve Discord Keeps Disabling My Account - Discord emerged as one of the top platforms in 2015 in the virtual world to connect globally via audio calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or as part of communities popularly known as “servers”.

Users make use of this platform, especially for streaming purposes where they can easily stream OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more to share their favorite media with others. To use this feature, users should be well-known for the terms and conditions of Discord for streaming, or else It will lead to banning the account of the user. If you are the one whose account got disabled, you have no option to do anything in Discord. So, you need to be very careful while you are using Discord.

As we have already discussed what is Discord and how Discord works. If you are looking for solutions to disabling a Discord account, then you have to know the reasons why the Discord account gets disabled.  

There are several reasons for the disability of one’s account such as users violating its terms or community guidelines, the user’s age being less than 18 years, or user being inactive on Discord for more than two years, and many more.

We tried to find out the solutions for the error 'Why Does Discord Keeps Disabling My Account'  and that is why deep research has been done into the issues of disabling the account. We pointed out some information that might help you to get out of this kind of confusing issue.

Below are all the scenarios and their outcomes regarding the disabled accounts to get the users easily and appropriately what they are looking for.

Well, these solutions are here to answer everyone’s confusion, concerns, and questions regarding Discord-disabled accounts.


A few Reasons Behind the discord account being disabled

4 Ways to Fix 'discord account disabled? [2023]

A lot of users are making a fuss about the fact that their Discord accounts got disabled without any purpose. Here are some main reasons why Discord accounts are put out of action:


  1. The user violated the Terms and Conditions.
  2. The user’s age is less than 18 years.
  3. The user is spamming arbitrarily on different servers.
  4. If the user is reported by a moderator for any kind of derogatory attitude.
  5. If the user’s account is inactive for more than two years.
  6. If users have breached the community guidelines.
  7. If the user’s account is being scrutinized for possible duplicity.


What is the difference between a deleted account and a Discord disabled account?

The most important thing to learn before knowing about the discord-disabled accounts is what constituents separate them from each other. The key difference between a disabled account and a deleted account is that once the user opts to delete their discord account then there is no chance to revert or recover the respective account again. You have another option to use a discord account again that is you can create another discord account.

The second alternative that Discord comes up with is to disable the account. While disabling the discord account, users still have the option to recover their account again later when they require it. If someone chooses to disable their discord account, they will no longer get any notifications from them.


1. Connect Discord Support

After the user discovers the reason why their Discord account is put down, they need to contact the Discord support team to reactivate or re-enable their account. They can also reach out to the support team via the help center or using this email: support@discordapp.com. If these solutions do not help the user, then they need to submit an appeal.


2. Raise the Appeal Form

Users will receive an email from the Discord support team disclosing the reason why they disabled their Discord account. The user needs to anticipate the fact that their account is not violating any policy, There is always a way to get the solution which is you can contact directly the support team through the help center or you can use the email address which is support@discordapp.com. Still, if you find that the team is unable to help you then below mentioned are some of the steps to submit an appeal to get back their disabled Discord account:

If any user has used their phone number to register their Discord account, then the same phone number needs to be entered in the appeal form.

Users also have to remember that their account will be only disabled for 14 days and then after 14 days, the discount account will automatically be obliterated.


3. Contact the Team on social media

If a user wants to connect to the Discord support team, there are several ways to reach out to them. The Discord team has their social media account on platforms such as Facebook page and Twitter account. They also have an account on Reddit where they post a lot of things and are often active. So, the user can send messages about their requirements over there as well.


4. Stand by for the reply

There is no specific time to reactivate the Discord account. It entirely depends on the reasons behind the banning. It can take from 24 hours to a few weeks, so just hold back and wait patiently and keep an eye on the email inbox.


Why does Discord ban user accounts?

Discount accounts are not only put down by a person’s own choice but there might be several reasons behind the banning of accounts.

Users’ discount accounts can get disabled if they violate the rules, regulations, community guidelines, terms, and conditions of the Discord application.

At the time of creating the discount account, they display some rules and regulations that users must read, understand, and agree on to successfully create an account.

Some of these breaches include hate speech, harassment, threats, violence, blackmailing, hacking servers, sending viruses, or encouraging immoral things.

There are many other infringements of the Discord app that the user can check in the agreement section. Accounts do not get disabled if anyone uses them morally.


Disabling a Discord Account

Disabling the discord account might be the last option for any user though Many of us try to find out the option to disable our discord account willingly. It is a very easy process. Just follow the simple steps which are mentioned below.

The user just needs to open the desktop. Then install the discord application. After that, log in to the account with the information that is requested to enter to make the account disabled. After doing this, the user needs to go to the settings. In the settings, several options will be found. Account option is suggested to select to make changes to the account.

Scroll down to the bottom of the window and disable the account located adjacent to the deleted account.


Discord Disabled Account Overview

Users must be pondering about how a disabled Discord account looks or acts after disabling it because disabling does not mean permanent deletion of the account. User can enable their account any time whenever they want.

The account remains alive on the server, the user just does not have access to Discord anymore.

Disabled accounts are displayed as regular accounts, but they never appear online and will stay offline but if it is deleted, the server will show it as the user has deleted his/her account.

If any active user tries to send any message to any disabled account, then the message will be sent from the active user but the person with a disabled account will never receive the message or text.

Likewise, if any active user tries to make an audio call or video call with any disabled account user of Discord, then it will accordingly put the active user in the call but will not ring anymore like the user is the only person in the call.


Restoring Disabled Account disabled by User

Has the user disabled their account by mistake or has their mode changed about disabling the discord setting?

Do not worry at all! It is never too late to get back your disabled Discord account.

This feature was mainly introduced to maintain some distance from the internet i.e., communicating on Discord and getting back later. Users can very easily recover or restore their disabled discord account.

To recover your self-disabled discord account, users need to go to the login page.

On the login page, enter the required information and easily log in. Discord will display to the user that the account is disabled and to enable the account again, follow the below-mentioned steps:



As we have come to the end of the blueprint on discord disabled accounts, let us culminate the article in style with encapsulated points so that the users can remember all the factors to look back on them later at the time of need.

This article has tried to cover up the most common problems and confusions regarding discord-disabled accounts such as:

What is the difference between a deleted account and a disabled account?

  1. How to Connect Discord Support?
  2. What do disabled accounts look like?
  3. How to recover a disabled or deleted account?
  4. Why are discord accounts disabled?
  5. How to disable a discord account?

This article is expected to cover all the problems such as "discord account disabled", confusion, necessary points, and things regarding these circumstances. Now is the time to take measures. By studying and getting a grip on all the factors, users can identify the major problem and follow the steps mentioned above in the article to solve their problem. Users should visit the discord application and make use of all the actions to save their disabled account because of undetermined or any other known reasons.

We wish you a happy discording!

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1. How can the user contact Discord support?

Users can easily contact Discord support via the Help Center or can also send an Email directly to support at support@discordapp.com

2. How can user get back their account back?

It is a little strenuous to get back the account if it is disabled because of a violation of terms and conditions or any policies Discord. But if the user has accidentally deleted their account, then all the messages sent till the date will be automatically deleted and cannot be recovered.

3. Does deactivating a Discord account delete all the messages?

Deactivating any discord account only removes all the messages sent previously but keeps all the data stored on the server.

4. How long does it take to recover a disabled Discord account?

There is no specific way of knowing the exact period of recovering a disabled Discord account. It can from 24 hours to a few weeks depending upon the reason for the action taken on the account.

5. Does the Discord account gets deleted forever?

If any Discord account is deleted, it gives a maximum of 14 days to recover it. And after that time, it cannot be recovered.