Top 10 Best WordPress Free Form Plugins [2023] - Top Free form Plugins

Top 10 Best WordPress Free Form Plugins in 2023 -  This is the article for you if you're seeking the finest best WordPress free form Plugins. One of the essential components of any website is a contact form. In addition, a decent free-form builder may help your website develop at an incredible rate. We've compiled a list of the top free-form plugins for WordPress in this article so that you can make an informed decision.

How to Pick the Best WordPress Plugin in 2023

There are thousands of free WordPress plugins to choose from, making it a bit hard which one to choose. There is no built-in contact form in WordPress. Therefore, it is necessary to install a WordPress plugin before creating a form. However, not all contact form plugins are the same. Because each plugin has its advantages and disadvantages, you need to know which one is appropriate for your situation.

It's not uncommon for a publisher to need an email marketing plugin like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Drip.

Custom registration, login, and payment forms may be necessary for an eCommerce business. For example, if you want to raise money online for your non-profit, you'll need to design your contribution forms. Contact form plugins come in all shapes and sizes.

Top 10 Best WordPress Free Form Plugins [2023] - Top Free form Plugins

1. WPForms: -

This is the most user-friendly free WordPress plugin currently on the market. WPForms is the WordPress contact form plugin most suited to new users. Using its drag and drop builder, you can develop gorgeous WordPress forms in just a few minutes without having to touch any code.

If you'd want to construct any form, including simple contact forms and registration forms, surveys, and polls, you can do so with WPForms.

Complex web forms like order forms, surveys, contribution forms, email subscription forms, and password-protected forms are easily created using WPForms. So you won't have any trouble getting started, even if you've never played before.

Your forms will be fully responsive, which means they will look amazing on any mobile device (computer, mobile, or tablet). In addition, many pre-built form templates allow you to quickly and easily customize your forms to fit your workflow.


2.  Ninja Forms: -

Another WordPress contact form plugin, Ninja Forms, makes it simple to create WordPress contact forms. Developed by WPNinja, a well-known WordPress plugin development team, it is free and open source.

The core plugin may be used for free. Whenever you feel the urge, you may add paid add-ons to Ninja Forms to make it even better. Hundreds of functions and hooks make it easy for developers to add their features to the plugin.

Ninja Forms is an excellent choice for a free contact form plugin that allows you to purchase add-ons to expand its functionality.

For a while, purchasing add-ons could seem to be a good idea since you'll only pay for what you use. However, there are a few drawbacks to using Ninja Forms over other plugins on this list.


3.  Formidable: -

Why do I create a form in WordPress? To create complicated WordPress forms, you may use the Formidable plugin. For example, with Formidable, you can show user contributions right on your site rather than simply gathering data.

All of this can be done without extra plugins, thanks to Formidable.

Even though Formidable may be used to create simple WordPress contact forms, the ordinary user may find it a bloated solution with an excessive number of unnecessary functions. As a result, it's not suitable for beginners.

Formidable, like Ninja Forms, also have add-ons that may be purchased individually. It's ideal for small sites, but as your business grows, it gets prohibitively costly.

Formidable is a great option if you're an experienced WordPress developer who creates sophisticated forms. Creating complex forms for your website or data-driven web apps has a plethora of sophisticated capabilities.

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4. Formstack: -

How to create a customized form in WordPress? Formstack is a premium WordPress form builder that provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating beautiful web forms quickly. Many third-party programs may be easily integrated into it. Embedding your Formstack online form into your WordPress site is as simple as downloading the free integration plugin from the WordPress repository.

Wufoo's user interface is cluttered and dated compared to Formstack, creating forms a joy. However, due to Formstack's lack of WordPress compatibility, developing new forms is quite difficult.

It does not have a free plan, but you may use it for 14 days to see whether it is right for you. After that, you'll have to pay $50 a month for the basic plan if you want to use the premium features.


5. Wufoo: -

To publish a form on any website, even WordPress-powered ones, you may use Wufoo's platform-independent form builder. For example, free users may construct five online forms using Wufoo, but after receiving more than 100 submissions in a month, the forms will be disabled.

How to create customized forms in WordPress? You can quickly create web forms using their form builder. In addition, there is a slew of wonderful internet tools that may be used in conjunction with your contact form.

Compared to other WordPress form builders, Wufoo has more connectors than any other. Unfortunately, your site's login or registration forms can't be created using this tool.


6. Jetpack Forms: -

When it comes to WordPress, the Jetpack plugin is a formidable tool. WordPress contact forms are just one of the many awesome things it offers. Create as many forms as you'd like and distribute them around your website in any way that makes sense to you. WordPress uses the email address provided by a user when filling out a form to inform them of their submission. If you want to get notifications through email, you may create a custom address for this purpose.

Form fields may be added, modified, and rearranged by dragging and dropping them into the editor. Besides dashboard notifications and spam filtering services, there are other important features.


7. Postman SMTP: -

Another WordPress SMTP plugin is Postman SMTP. It guarantees that the emails sent from your WordPress forms and website are sent to your email account. So even though it isn't a contact form plugin, you can still easily send out email alerts. Thanks to the intuitive setup wizard, installing and using Postman SMTP is a breeze.

It enables you to track and resend any failed emails to know exactly why they failed. Custom email headers and mandatory recipients are also supported. If your contact form plugin supports Postman SMTP, you can use it to connect to a variety of popular email marketing platforms.


8. Gmail SMTP: -

Gmail SMTP is an excellent WordPress SMTP plugin to send emails from your Gmail account. If you want your emails to get through spam filters, this service provides a highly secure SMTP server. Furthermore, the Gmail API may be used without entering login or password since it uses additional security features like the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

It's easy to set up and use. To send an unlimited number of emails using Gmail's SMTP servers without encountering any problems, you need to sign up for a Google Apps for Work account. Connecting your WordPress contact forms is easy with this plugin.


9. WEForms: -

In addition to being a drag-and-drop WordPress contact form builder, weForms is also free to use. Using this plugin, you may build and show as many forms as you like on your WordPress site. To see how the form will seem to your users before it is published, you may preview it.

You can rapidly put up a contact form with custom template options. Using this function, a form may be invalid after a certain date. WeForms can be easily integrated with a wide range of third-party services and email clients.

You may also construct payment forms and link PayPal or Stripe to make online payments. The plugin is ideal for any website or online retail establishment.

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10. Visual Form Builder: -

All forms may be created using Visual Form Builder, a free WordPress plugin. With just a single click, you may add new form fields. Fields may be reordered using the drag and drop tool. Your WordPress database is immediately updated with the form submissions. Additionally, you can export the data from your WordPress dashboard in CSV format and handle it there.

Form submissions are filtered using an anti-spam mechanism. The confirmation messages may be completely customized, and form submissions can be sent to multiple email addresses. In addition, you may use a shortcode to show the form anywhere on your WordPress site.


11. Form Maker: -

Form Maker is a top-notch WordPress plugin for creating custom contact forms. It has a form builder with drag-and-drop functionality for swiftly creating complicated forms. There are more than a dozen different sorts of form fields to choose from. Using Form Maker's popups, top bars, and scroll boxes is the nicest aspect of the program. It's also possible to include the form in your articles and pages.

The forms may be created in seconds, thanks to pre-made form templates. When a user submits a form, Form Maker automatically sends them a personalized response.

Customizable themes allow you to customize the look of your forms. In addition, the plugin has a built-in CSS editor that may be used for further styling.


12. HappyForms: -

The HappyForms contact form plugin for WordPress is a simple and cost-free solution for creating contact forms. The package includes a drag-and-drop contact form builder and support for the Gutenberg text editor. Making forms for pages, articles, template files, and widgets is a piece of cake with SiteBuilder. In addition, it is possible to add many forms to the same page.

Whenever it comes to designing multi-column forms, HappyForms is the best option on the market. When a form is submitted, you can customize the message that is shown and the URL that is used to redirect users. Spam communications are also prevented from being sent by using honeyPot and Google ReCaptcha.

It is possible to get a live preview of your conversational forms before they are published on your website. Customization is straightforward, and there is a wide range of options to pick from.

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13. Caldera Forms: -

Using Caldera Forms, you can create complicated forms in a matter of minutes. In addition, you may develop responsive forms for your website quickly and easily using their drag-and-drop editor and user-friendly interface. This form builder plugin comes with a variety of pre-made forms that may be used to speed up creating forms.

According to the developer, there are more free features in Caldera Forms than in any other WordPress form builder. Conditional logic, multi-part forms, calculation fields, file uploads, and column layouts are all available straight out of the box with these free features. A basic yet effective contact form is all you need with their free edition. In addition, third-party captcha services may be used to filter out spam.

In December 2021, Caldera Forms will be phased out. Then, we'll be making the switch to Ninja Forms in stages over the year.

Best WordPress Free Form Plugins


We will discuss the best free WordPress Plugins currently available on the market. In 2022, these will undoubtedly be in high demand. It also includes a brief introduction to WordPress and the significance of WordPress Plugins in accelerating your business's growth.

Trying to extract large amounts of data from a diversified group of data sources, such as WordPress, can be difficult, but Hevo comes to the rescue!

So every function has many plugins, all of which are similar. Try a few and then decide which one is right for you. Each situation is unique, and no two users have the same preferences.

We have briefly discussed the best free-form WordPress Plugins above and Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins too. The plugins mentioned are simplest to install and use and can be easily customized for various purposes. They are also suitable for less experienced WordPress users.

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1. What is the best free-form plugin?

If you are searching for a plugin to create sophisticated forms and to Create complex forms, then Formidable Forms will be the best free plugin. Formidable allows you to create perfect contact forms. With the Formidable p[lugin you can easily customize colors, fonts, borders, and many more bundles of features with the exception of writing codes.