How to pair via www.aka.ms/yourpc from Android Phone to Windows PC?

In this article, we will learn about "How to pair Android Phone to Windows PC via www.aka.ms/yourpc" - pairing your Android smartphone to your Windows PC with the help of www.aka.ms/yourpc. With the Link To Windows mobile application, you can pair your phone to use it on your Windows PC. So, let's get started with the most basic things first.

There have been many tools such as Anydesk that help you use your PC even at a huge distance just with the help of a code by pairing your phone with the PC/laptop. The same is true with Microsoft and its tools. The company has also released a tool to link your phone with your Windows PC via www.aka.ms/yourphoneqrc.


How To Set Up The Pairing Process via https://www.aka.ms/yourpc?

How to pair via www.aka.ms/yourpc from Android Phone to Windows PC?

Install the Link To Windows mobile application first on your Android phone via www.aka.ms/yourpc. When it's done, you are all ready to pair your phone with your Windows PC. Follow the following four major steps to pair your Windows PC with your phone:

1. Open the Link To Windows application and click on the Link Your Phone and PC option.

2. Move ahead with the Continue option.

3. Now, you will be given a few options mentioned here:

4. Now, grant all the necessary permissions and settings you think are needed and click on the Done button.

Once the pairing process is done, you will see a pop-up confirmation message. Let us now go to check out the best part of the article.

Note: We have also focussed on the topic of How to resolve the error aka ms/remoteconnect!


What Can You Do With Your Paired Windows PC?

You can send and receive text messages, make calls, access your photos, and simply - a whole gallery, and even run any application you want to on your Windows PC with your phone. It's like controlling your PC with your phone.

Moreover, you can check any notification on your PC that your phone receives. In simple words, you can check out with your PC and vice versa. Hope you are able to pair the device via www.aka.ms Yourpc


Receive Or Send A Text Message On Windows PC:

Have you ever thought of not having to pick up your phone while working to send an important text or receive one? Well, it has become possible with the Link To Windows application using https://www.aka.ms/yourpc. Let's learn how.

  1. On the top, you would be able to navigate the Messages heading, and there, your latest text messages would appear that you will get on your phone as well.
  2. Click on the text if you wanna read it. To reply, type whatever you want with your keyboard and send.
  3. If you want to send another text, click the button named New Message.
  4. Now, type the name, contact number, or email address to find his/her contact to text.
  5. Craft the text that you want to send with your keyboard and hit the send button.

Some of the activation guides we have added to our website may have a look are as follows!


Make Your Call: Windows PC

Yes, making a call from your PC seems like something that could happen 10 years in the future. But it ain't true. You can call anyone, anytime you want.

  1. Once you click the heading for Calls and then click the Get Started button.
  2. In case you're asked to enable Bluetooth on your phone and connect, do so by entering the PIN.
  3. Now, click the Send permission button to allow all the recent calls on your phone to appear on your PC on the Link application.
  4. To call a recently called number, select the number and click the Phone icon to place the call.
  5. In the contacts field, find the contact number or dial the number on the dial pad to make a call.


How Do You Receive Calls On Windows PC?

You don't receive your phone calls directly on your PC screen. Just as you can see the dial pad and all the recent calls on your Link app of your PC, you receive the calls there as well. You can answer the call from any of your devices, either PC or mobile phone.


Now that you can manage your messages and calls from your Windows PC then how can't you manage your pictures?

  1. On the heading, click on Photos.
  2. You must be able to see all the recent photos you've got on your Android phone flashed on your Windows PC. If you aren't able to see them, click Refresh.
  3. You can select any photo you want to open, copy, save, share, or delete.


Running An App

If you have the recent models and versions of Samsung Galaxy then look forward to using this feature. With this feature, you can run any Android app from your phone on your PC.

Apart from Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft's Surface Duo also supports this feature. You just have to click the app you want to access and use and it will show up on your Windows PC.


Check The Notifications

Yes, you can check your phone's notifications on your PC as well. On the left vertical toolbar, click the Notifications icon to access your notifications. The first time you click it, you'll need to grant all the permissions via your phone. The next time, you can use it effortlessly and get notified on the left vertical toolbar.


No, it is not possible to uninstall the Phone Link app from the Windows PC because it has been pre-installed by Microsoft. Even if you do not want to use it, just let it be there.

However, linking your phone to your PC gives you better access while you are working. So, you can always follow the instructions given above to pair your Android phone and Windows PC.


Microsoft announced the Link To Windows mobile app for connecting Windows 10 and future versions with mobile phones. However, at the same time, Microsoft introduced its Phone Link app for Windows PCs.

On all the devices such as Samsung, HONOR, and Surface Duo, the Link To Windows app is most probably pre-installed. But where do you find the Link app? In the Quick Settings menu. Remember that the Link To Windows app is available on these devices only if they have Android 7.0 versions or later versions.


Is It Really Possible To Pair Your Phone To Your Windows PC?

Yes, you can actually pair your Android phone to your Windows PC with the Link To Windows application that you can probably find on your Android phone and your Windows PC.

Anyway, you will be required to install Link To Windows only on your Android phone and not on the Windows PC. Why? Doesn't the PC require the Link To Windows application? Well, both the devices need the application in order to be paired but your Windows PC should have it pre-installed.

The application comes as a part of the Windows software making things easier for you. However, note that not all Android phones are compatible enough to pair with your Windows PC.


Well, not all Android phones are compatible with your Windows PC. Microsoft released a list of Android phone models which are compatible with the pairing application. Most of the phones in the list were Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy. Some of these mobile phones in the list had a pre-installed Link To Windows application.

So, if you have mobile phones of these brands only then you're eligible to participate in the Microsoft pairing contest (according to them) to access all the features. However, you may still be able to pair with some other phones but only get access to a few features.


What If The Mobile Device Doesn't Have The Application Pre-installed?

No worries, we will clear all your doubts right here. You can install the Link To Windows mobile application if you check the software version of your mobile device. What we mean to tell you is that, if you have Android 7.0 or newer versions running on your device, you should be able to install the mobile application.

Previously, Microsoft had released another such application which used to be known as the Your Phone application. However, it wasn't consistent with its features and that is why it's no longer in use.


On your Surface Duo or Samsung Galaxy device, follow the following steps:


Here you can see the list of the latest Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy devices released which are compatible with Link To Windows:

Well, there are many more that you can learn about here.


Concluding Everything

Microsoft is unique in its own way and has no competition with Apple. Both of them are completely different brands. However, Microsoft released its updated version of the Your Phone app as its companion rebranded as Phone Link and Link To Windows.

In this article, we discussed how to pair your Android phone to your Windows 10 or 11 PC with the help of www.aka.ms/yourpc, that is, Link To Windows. So, we went on to learn about the Microsoft application and then, how to pair your phone with your PC. We also got to know which devices are compatible with the mobile application.

In the later parts of the article, we learned about the different features you get to experience with the paired device such as, you can access your messages, calls, pictures, videos, apps, and notifications on the left vertical toolbar. We always leave our writings with some of your thoughtful questions and their answers. You can find all the answers below as you scroll.

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1. Does the iPhone have the Link To Windows app?

No, unfortunately. The iPhone doesn't have the Link To Windows mobile application and it's only available on the Android mobile devices. However, you can connect your iPhone with your PC/Mac with a USB cable.

2. Why is my Link To Windows mobile application having trouble?

Well, it could be something related to your Battery Optimization. You can always fix it from the Advanced settings of the Link To Windows app by going around Battery>Manage Battery Usage>Battery Optimization.

3. Does Link to Windows work with Windows 9?

No, it doesn't. Your Windows PC must be in the Windows 10, May 2019 updated version to use the Link To Windows application for pairing your Android phone. So, if you don't have Windows 10, you should think of getting one to use the Link to Windows.

4. Which type of Windows 10 is the best?

Windows 10 Pro is the best among all the types of Windows 10 series by Microsoft. Why so? Windows 10 Pro is the best from the security point of view because you really want to keep your data secure.

5. How much space do you need to run Windows 10?

At least 32GB of space should be there if you want to run Windows 10 on your Windows PC. If you have just 32GB of hard disc, think more on upgrading it.

6. Can I use Windows 10 as a tablet?

A huge yes. Windows 10 includes a feature known as Tablet mode which allows you to experience a tablet while you are using a PC.