tuitravelmoney.co.uk - How to activate TUI Travel Money Card online?

Are you planning a trip? If so, consider registering for a TUI Travel Money Card via Tuitravelmoney.co.uk . The TUI Travel Money Card offers you the convenience of ordering and receiving your travel money before you leave for your destination. This way, you can ensure you have the currency you need, whether it's US dollars or the Saudi riyal. TUI offers great rates on over 50 international currencies and doesn't charge a single penny in commission.

Here in this Article, we will tell you a step-by-step guide about activating your card online, so you can start using it as soon as you receive it. Register for a TUI Travel Money Card today and activate it online via tuitravelmoney.co.uk, if you want to make the most of your trip.


How to activate a Multi-currency Travel Money card

tuitravelmoney.co.uk - How to activate TUI Travel Money Card online?

To activate a Multi-currency Travel Money card, you cannot do it in-store and must

  1. Contact the Customer Service team at 0203 1300 133.
  2. You will need the activation code, which can be found on the letter under the card.
  3. Follow the automated messages provided during the call to complete the activation process.
  4. It's important to note that standard rates apply for calls made from UK landlines, while calls from mobiles may have higher charges, so it's advisable to check with your network provider.


How do I process for tuitravelmoney.co.uk Register Card

Your vacation account at tuitravelmoney.co.uk is where you're able to:

All reservations come with an automatic account creation feature activated by clicking an activation link sent to the email address you used to make the reservation. You can still create an account if you have already made reservations or need to book.

Enter your title, name, email address, and password on the "Create Account" page to create your account. At https://www.tui.co.uk/destinations/your-account/login, you can access this page.

Use the email address you used to book the vacation if you already have one booked so you can see your current bookings in your account.


What is a Travel Money Card

A Travel Money Card is a prepaid card that offers a secure and convenient way to carry money when traveling abroad. With the Multi-Currency Travel Money Card, you can load your chosen currency onto the card and up to eight currencies. It can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash anywhere worldwide.

This eliminates the need to carry cash or exchange currency. The card can also be easily managed and monitored through an online account or mobile app. With the Travel Money Card, you can enjoy your travels without worrying about the safety of your money.


Know more details about  tuitravelmoney.co.uk Register Card.

Tui Travel Money's Register Card is a safe and secure way to take money abroad. It is reloadable, flexible, and offers 13 currencies in one card. The card is free and can be applied online or in-store. It won the 'Best Travel Companion' award in the 2015 Europe Paybefore Awards.

Tuitravelmoney.co.uk offers a Multi-Currency Travel Money Card as a secure alternative to carrying cash abroad. The card can hold up to 13 currencies simultaneously, including Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, South African Rand, Mexican Peso, Thai Baht, Bulgarian Lev, Croatian Kuna, Turkish Lira, UAE Dirham.


Key benefits of tuitravelmoney.co.uk

Load up the Travel Money Card with your budgeted amount and use it anywhere globally. With a maximum balance of £6000 and a daily withdrawal limit of £500, you can easily purchase goods and withdraw cash.


Does TUI provide a prepaid travel money card?

Yes, TUI offers a prepaid currency card that is free to purchase and can be loaded with 13 currencies, including the euro, Turkish lira, Thai baht, Mexican peso, Bulgarian lev, UAE dirham, and US, Canadian, and Australian dollars. With the travel card, you pay the exchange rate at the time of loading, which protects you from fluctuating rates.

The card is powered by Mastercard and can be used at any Mastercard-approved cash machine or ATM. TUI also offers a dedicated travel money card app to check your balance, top up your card, transfer funds, and view past transactions. TUI provides users with two cards, eliminating worry about losing one.

If you lose your card, you can switch to your backup card and continue spending immediately. TUI's prepaid currency card offers a convenient and secure way to carry money while traveling, with the benefits of fixed exchange rates, Mastercard acceptance, and a user-friendly app.



TUI Travel Money Card is a fantastic way to bring money when visiting another country. It offers convenience and security because it is reloadable, Chip and pin protected, and powered by Mastercard. It also comes with the added benefit of a dedicated app that makes managing and monitoring your finances simple and effective. It is also free to use. You can enjoy your travels to the fullest with the TUI Travel Money Card without worrying about the security of your money.

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1. Can I use my TUI Travel Money Card while traveling?

Yes, you can use your TUI travel Money Card while traveling, but you'll need a connection to the internet, and data roaming can be costly. Always verify the full costs with your data provider.

2. How do I contact customer service for the TUI Travel Money Card?

Call +44(0)203 130 0133 or email customerservice@tuiprepaidcard.co.uk to reach customer services.