Activatewisely.com activate card? How one can easily activate in 2023?

Let's have a look at the Activation process of Mywisely via activatewisely.com/activate -  If you have been a finance educator for quite some time in the finance & banking industry, or if you have been a finance learner who goes around mentors every once in a while, you must have heard about MyWisely. Associated with banking and easier payment processes along with rewards and other benefits, myWisely offers a debit card to those who like to own one of their debit cards. 

As you might know, whether it's a debit card or a credit card, activating it as soon as you receive it is always advised. Well, to enlighten you about the activation process of a myWisely card via activatewisely.com activate, we are here with another article. Moving on, we hope you enjoy our company for the next few moments.


What is activatewisely.com/activate? Why activating myWisely Card Is Important? 

Activatewisely.com activate card? How one can easily activate in 2023?

Activating your MyWisely card is necessary to keep your payment card active after three months, that is, a period of 90 days. According to MyWisely, if your card stays inactive for ninety days, your enrollment may be permanently shut down and closed. 

Asking about when you should activate your MyWisely card. No worries, we got an answer for this one too. The day you receive your first paycheck onto the card, you can activate it. Before you get paid, the card won't let you do anything to it. 

Hopefully, we have added enough words to make you understand why activating your MyWisely card is important. Anyway, let us tell you how you can activate your MyWisely Pay card without any hassle.


Activating myWisely Pay Card: Not A Biggie!

There are three ways in which you can activate your myWisely pay card. Without any break, let's go!


1. Activating with the official website

You can activate your MyWisely card easily but you need to look for your residence. Yes, the process further breaks down in two categories of myWisely cardholders: non-US residents & US residents.


US residents:

If you have your card issues in the US only, then make sure you are in the United States while activating it as well. Here you go, activating your MyWisely card:

With the last step done, you will find out that you have activated your Wisely card and it's ready to use!


Non-US residents:

If you are a non-US resident but a Wisely cardholder, and looking for the steps to activate your MyWisely card, you are in the right place. Move ahead, our writings are with you in the process. 

As a non-US resident, you don't have to provide your PIN for the activation of your Wisely Mastercard. This is how you clean the slate!


2. Activating with the myWisely App:

Activating with myWisely isn't a big deal because the steps are all the same as you would go ahead with them on the official website activatewisely.com. The only minor difference is that instead of going ahead with the "Debit card" option, you will need to go ahead with the "Account" option. 


3. Activating by calling on their contact number:

You will be required to call 1-866-313-9029 to activate your MyWisely card. What would you be asked to activate your card? The same information which you would be going ahead with on the website or the app. 


Explaining MyWisely: A Better Approach To Begin With! 

The digital era has come and paper checks are another name for boredom in 2022. Also, paper checks are another expense on your work day. This is why, whether it's your job or some affiliate program you are working with, direct deposit is preferred for payment. Well, this is why let us introduce you to MyWisely. 

Wisely introducing you with their reloadable prepaid card, seems very common, doesn't it? Let us say that Wisely presents a Pay Card which you can set up direct deposit with and enjoy getting paid your handsome amount. You can also buy anything you want along with some great benefits you would want to enjoy with your Wisely Mastercard. Read more to find out why we are dragging these benefits here. 

On the Google PlayStore, the myWisely App has over a million downloads indicating a great number of people using the application to check their balance on the Wisely Pay Card and set up even more. Let us tell you more about the MasterCard. 


A Wide View On 'myWisely' safety…

The MyWisely cards, either of the two: MasterCard or Visa Cards are issued by Fifth Third Bank, N.A., Member FDIC N.A., authorized to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. In addition to this banking information, the myWisely Pay Cards are FDIC-insured which means that you will not be charged for any unauthorized purchases in case you become a victim of stolen or lost cards.

In addition to the tea, in the case of lost or stolen cards, you can always lock your card using the official myWisely® application. Not just your own efforts, myWisely also puts efforts into your financial security. Wondering about it? 

For the safety of MyWisely's Pay Card users, the cards come to your mailbox along with the EMV chip. Isn't it amazing? Your MasterCard® and Visa® Card have the EMV chip to protect you from any fraud, and secure transactions all around you. Thus, making the card a secure place for your finances. 


Why Should You Choose MyWisely? 

To figure out, there are a number of companies if we look around that Internet which is available to provide you with their own payment cards, credit cards, and debit cards. To get our answer, answer us, "What differentiates you from other people around you?" Your physical appearance, the skills you own, and the things that make you unique, right? Exactly, in the same manner, the value a company adds to its target potential customers matters the most in its success. 

If people choose MyWisely for their finances, there must be a good reason behind the act. Let us clear a major doubt that might be running around your mind. The MyWisely card is a debit card and not a credit card. Why? Because it doesn't add any credit for you to pay. Well, let's move ahead with the benefits that myWisely offers.


1. Thoughts about early payment…

Who doesn't want to get money in their bank account sooner than ever? MyWisely makes the thought come to life by helping you get your direct deposit up to 2 days early. 


2. Acceptance, everywhere!

Whether you are going to buy some groceries or shopping for a dress for your birthday, your MyWisely card will be accepted. In simple words, you can use your card at all online and offline payment requirements.


3. Cashback always sounds cool. 

Yes, we all know how shopping is an act of rewarding yourself on its own. However, MyWisely makes it even more rewarding with up to 10% cash back rewards on eGift cards along with in-store purchasing rewards. 


4. Everything is like clear water.

MyWisely is like your honest friend who is an open book to you. There is no hidden fee or charges when it comes to your finances and its future. 


5. There won't be any ATM fee! 

Yes, you can withdraw your dollars with no consent or fee. MyWisely allows you to access thousands of surcharge-free in-network ATMs. You can find one near you on your installed myWisely app! 

After all, these benefits sound cool, don't they? Let us tell you more about adding dollars to your Wisely Mastercard.


Add Dollars To Your MyWisely Card By Reloading! 

There is a limit to how much amount you can add to your Wisely® card, that is, $1500 in a day, $3500 in a week, and $5000 in a month. You can figure out any major retailer on Google Maps such as CVS, 7-Eleven, Walmart, and more to go through the process of Reload the Register™ for an approximate fee of five dollars, that is, $4.95. 

The process does not require you to scroll up or down your phone screen or do anything. Just hand the amount you would like to add to your card to the cashier of whatever retailer you are at, and he or she will swipe your card. Due to the high technology, the money will load onto your MyWisely card on its own. 


How Much Can You Withdraw At Once? 

Well, we don't know how much you can withdraw from an ATM via myWisely card. However, we can predictably tell you according to the data found. As Forbes tells its readers, an appropriate limit to withdraw via an ATM is $300 to $1000. 
Anyway, we do know how much cash you can get in your hands via the over-the-counter teller process. You can get up to $25,000 every living day of your life from your myWisely card to your purse or pocket.


How To Get A MyWisely Mastercard? 

Well, because the early direct deposit is related to the instructions employers provide, getting your myWisely pay card is also in the hands of your employer. Thus, there are three ways through which you can get your payment card. Let us introduce you to each of them one by one. 

  1. Instant handover to you - The first possibility that can happen to you is that your employer can hand you an instant-issue card - nowhere fancy but at the employment location only. 

  2. The card coming to you on a ride - Another possibility that can make your card come to you on a good ride is that your employer might order one of the myWisely cards for you which would be shipped to your address. 

  3. You can do it for yourself - The third one doesn't include any possibility 'cause no employer or second person comes in the process. You can get enrolled for the card yourself and have it come on a ride to your home. 

You will be receiving your payment card after you have enrolled for it within a week or so, remember to only count the business days. Now, let us figure out why you need to activate your myWisely pay card and when you should go ahead with doing it.


How Do You Use Your MyWisely Card After Activating It? 

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you start using your MyWisely Pay card to make online and offline payments and to help you manage your finances even in a better way. You need to install the myWisely App and log into your Wisely account before you make a payment along with making sure to complete the following steps:

  1. The first one asks you to activate your Wisely Pay card as soon as you receive your first direct deposit via the activation link or the app. 

  2. Checking your balance won't take more than a few seconds. Managing your finances is always a great choice instead of a good one, so, click on the "manage your account" option.

  3. There are in-app purchases as well which give access to the premium features of the myWisely card such as the two days early direct deposit access. You will need to upgrade your card to access these features. 

  4. You need to load some cash onto your Wisely Mastercard to make payments because obviously, it ain't a credit card and won't let you get some credit to pay later. 

Well, now you can buy anything you want, and travel anywhere you want now that you have set up your payment via the payment card. As we have moved to the end, let's wrap it up with a bonus.


Wrapping Everything Up!

At the beginning of this article, we learned about what myWisely is, how it works if it owns some app, which bank owns it, and much more about the company itself. Then we learned about its benefits, why you should choose MyWisely Mastercard over anything else, and the activation process of your favorite card Activatewisely via Activatewisely/activate

After the theoretical knowledge, we moved on to the monetary processes and procedures. Starting with loading money onto the card, falling smoothly on the withdrawal limit, then how to make one of these Mastercards as your own, to why activation of the Mastercard is important and how to activate it. Finally, we ended up landing on how to set up the card for payments. 

Summarising the benefits, you get access to features such as an early direct deposit on upgrading your card which sounds really cool. Well, saying a see ya soon goodbye to you with a lovely bonus to make you stay with us a little longer. Read the answers to the questions you might be looking for in the article itself below!

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1. Is there a transaction limit when withdrawing from fee-free ATMs?

Yes. Even though it's not clear how much transaction you can make via a Wisely pay card, it is clear that there is a limit. There is a limit in the number of transactions you can make using fee-free ATMs.

2. What are the two major things without which I cannot make a payment via myWisely card?

You need to make sure that your card is active and there is money loaded on it for you to use the cash.

3. Why would my Wisely card decline whenever I try to make payments?

There are certain spending limits, which mean that you cannot spend any money using the Wisely card once you have reached the amount. However, you can always check or change this spending limit amount on the myWisely app.

4. In what kind of ATMs are myWisely cards accepted?

Whether you own a Visa® card or a Mastercard®, you can withdraw your money without any hassle in all the participating ATMs around you.

5. Can I upgrade my Wisely card on a call?

Yes, you can contact one of the Wisely customer service representatives at 1-866-313-6901 and let them know about your new choice, a new Personalized Card.