https www.metropcs.mobi/en - Activate Metro PCS your Phone and SIM card

Did you purchase your new Metro phone or SIM card lately? If yes, you might be looking forward to follow-up actions to activate the Phone on MetroPCS via https://www.metropcs.mobi/EN . But, the question arises – how and where to begin?

In this guide, we shall learn about Metro PCS in detail. We'll also discuss the Metro PCS SIM Card Activation process. After reading the guide, you can insert a SIM card into your new Metro PCS phone. The article also explains the benefits of activating your MetroPCS phone. Let's begin.


What are the Requirements for a MetroPCS Activate Your Phone & SIM Card?

https www.metropcs.mobi/en - Activate Metro PCS  your Phone and SIM card

Before Activating the MetroPCS SIM Card over the MetroPCS phone, you must have certain things in place. They are as follows:

  1. MetroPCS Phone by T-Mobile and a T-Mobile-compatible SIM card are the basic requirements. You can purchase the MetroPCS SIM card online by paying a price of $10.
  2. Phone number is another requirement to activate MetroPCS Phone. You'll get a new local number from your current carrier. Ensure you have your current carrier's account number and pin to get the phone number.
  3. To complete the activation process, you should have Phone IMEI & SIM card numbers within reach.
  4. Users are asked to fill in a valid email address during activation. So, an Email address is another requirement for a new MetroPCS account by T-Mobile.


Steps to Activate My MetroPCS Phone

Step 1: First and foremost, keep basic information ready. This includes your new Phone, phone number, and SIM Card.

Step 2: Users who have decided to convert an old phone to MetroPCS purchase one from any MetroPCS or T-Mobile service center.

Step 3: The next step in activating your MetroPCS phone is to find your serial numbers. The Phone's serial number is also known as IMEI. Search for the number over your Phone's box or the surface area underneath the battery.

Note: If you don't find the serial number on the mobile phone, go to your device's settings and locate the same.

Step 4: Place your SIM Card in the Phone's slot. Follow the instructions for your particular phone model for inserting a SIM card.

Step 5: Visit the official website of MetroPCS. Go through currently available plans and choose the one under your budget.

Note: The various plans available are basic, unlimited plans, etc.

Step 6: Navigate to the official MetroPCS activation page after selecting the plan. You can even connect with the customer service hotline. 

Step 7: Use the basic information you have – SIM number, subscription plan, phone number, etc. – to complete the process.

Step 8: Your MetroPCS phone should be activated. All you need to do for the final step is pay your monthly bills post-activation.


How to Activate Metro PCS SIM Card on a MetroPCS Phone?

Now that you know how to activate and run a Metro PCS Phone, let's learn the MetroPCS SIM card activation process.

To complete the activation of a SIM Card, follow any of the three methods –


Method 1: Use the MetroPCS Online Activation Tool - The most straightforward method of activating your Metro PCS SIM card is online. You're eligible for online activation only if you don't have a Metro by T-mobile account.

Follow the steps mentioned below for online activation –

Step 1: Move to the website metrobyt-mobile.com.

Step 2: Over the website, fill in your personal information. Usually, you'll be asked for information like your 'Full Name, 'Email Address, and 'Residing Address.'

Step 3: After filling in all these, choose a PIN and security question.

Step 4: The final step is to confirm the 'I'm not a robot' box and click the 'Continue' button. Congratulations, the activation process is complete!


Method 2: Call to Complete the Activation  - Some customers don't already have an account on Metro by T-mobile. Such users can activate their new Phones by this method.

Here, all you need to do by dialing 1-888-8-Metro8 (1-888-863-8768). The customer care executive will help and help you activate a new MetroPCS SIM over the Metro PCS phone.

Method 3: Make Use of Local Store Activation - For tablets/hotspot devices/ MetroSMART Ride users, visiting a local store is the best method to activate MetroPCS Sim.

Use the link option.https://www.metrobyt-mobile.com/storelocator. The link will automatically take you to the nearest local store, where you can complete the process of activating the MetroPCS SIM Card.


Advantages of Activating MetroPCS SIM Card

  1. Users of active MetroPCS phones and SIM cards enjoy the benefit of relatively affordable contract-free plans.
  2. MetroPCS is a company that brings special promotional deals for active users. Using a MetroPCS SIM card, you get extra discounts or even free devices.



Bottom Line 

So, in conclusion, switching over to Metro by T-mobile is beneficial! Don't wait any further; activate the Metro PCS phone and SIM Card to add a new line.


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1. What are the plans available with Metro PCS SIM cards?

Available MetroPCS Plan includes $40/month (multiple lines options: 2 lines for $70, 3 lines for $100, 4 lines for $130, 5 lines for $160), $50/month (multiple lines options: 2 lines for $90, 3 lines for $120, 4 lines for $120, 5 lines for $150), & $30/month plan with 2GB of high-speed data per line.

2. What to do if my Phone needs to be activated properly despite following the steps?

Call activation or visit a local representative if any problems arise with online Metro PCS Phone & SIM activation. The local representatives are always available to assist you in fixing problems with your SIM card and device activated.

3. Can a user get a free SIM card from MetroPCS?

No. MetroPCS doesn't offer free SIM cards to its users. You have to pay $10 for SIM cards. But, if you are lucky, you can grab a free SIM card under a special deal

4. How can the Metro PCS SIM Card Not being Compatible with two phones be fixed?

To fix the issue of the Phone and SIM card not being compatible, choose any of the two solutions, i.e., purchase a new compatible phone or a new SIM card supporting your Phone.

5. Is there any feature called SIM Swapping available with MetroPCS?

Yes, using the BYOP program, MetroPCS active users can swap their SIM cards. The swapped card can be easily used with other compatible phones.

6. What's the duration for activating a MetroPCS SIM card?

A minute to 5 is the average time for SIM card activation if done online. Customers who opt for the call on in person or local store activation must give extra time. Here, the time range shall depend on the number of people in line