5 BEST Ways to activate FlexOTC Card Online in 2023!

FlexOTC is among the significant providers of prepaid Visa and Mastercard debit cards. If you have an active FlexOTC card, you can use it at millions of locations globally. To activate the card, you must follow specific steps on the official website, i.e., flexotc.com.

In this guide, we will discuss an overview of the FlexOTC card, the method of activating your FlexOTC card, and the advantages of using a prepaid debit card. After going through the step-by-step guide, you will find it easy to access hundreds of approved health and wellness items. So, let's begin!


What are the Requirements to Activate a FlexOTC card?

5 BEST Ways to activate FlexOTC Card Online in 2023!

Before going forward with the steps of activating your FlexOTC card, specific requirements must be fulfilled. The only requirement is your card number and security code. With this essential requirement, your card is ready to be activated. Once the FlecOTC card gets activated, you enjoy personalized, low-cost, high-quality healthcare options.


Steps to Activate New Flex OTC Card in 2023

The process of activating a new FlexOTC card is relatively straightforward. Anyone can follow the given step-by-step guide to do the same.

  1. Step 1: Open a browser and visit the website, i.e., https://mybenefits.nationsbenefits.com/activate
  2. Step 2: Enter the 16-digit card number. Also, fill in the expiration date of your Benefits Mastercard Prepaid Card.
  3. Step 3: You'll find an "Activate Card" button here. Click the button.
  4. Step 4: You will be asked to enter your card number and security code after clicking. Fill details.
  5. Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to conclude the activation process.


How to Activate FlexOTC Card via Call?

You can go forward with the call method if you cannot activate your card online. Ensure you've located the activation instructions with your FlexOTC card.

To activate your FlexOTC card via calling customer service, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Call the customer service number, i.e., 866-413-2582 (TTY: 711)

Step 2: Provide your card number, security code, and personal information as the customer care executive asks.

NOTE: Ensure you've provided all the correct information over the call.


Benefits of Activating my FlexOTC Card

There are several benefits of using prepaid debit cards like those offered by FlexOTC. You will enjoy several benefits using an active card, including no compulsory credit checks, zero overdraft fees, zero interest, and global acceptance. Also, users with active cards can enjoy a loaded Visa or Mastercard (with funds), direct deposit, bank transfer, & cash are all supportable via the card.


Some other advantages of activating your FlexOTC Card include the following –


Overview of FlexOTC Card

FlexOTC runs FlexOTC cards, and for those who don't know what's FlexOTC, it provides prepaid Visa and Mastercard debit cards. The card can be used for everyday purchases, online shopping, and bill payments.

An activated card lets you load money onto the card, make online/offline purchases, have easy online account management, and view the current balance. This card is popular because it assists your healthcare spending and saving behaviors.

To use your FlexOTC card, you must activate the card on the official website of FlexOTC. This card provides several health benefits to its users. You can make better healthcare spending and savings decisions via this card.


Expenses Covered under an Active Health Care Flexotc Card 

Health care benefits covered under the FlexOTC card include the following:

  1. Medical expenses such as those co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.
  2. Your Dental health quotation. Dental expenditures such as exams, cleanings, X-rays, and braces are all included.
  3. For those with vision issues, eye examination, contact lens supplies, and laser eye surgery are all covered by these expenses.
  4. Active card users can pay for professional services such as – physical therapy, chiropractor, and acupuncture.
  5. Use your debit card for prescription drugs, insulin, and over-the-counter medicines.
  6. The card covers over-the-counter expenses, like bandages, pregnancy test kits, & blood pressure monitors.



By now, you must have learned the entire activation process of the FlexOTC card. Just remember, you will be able to use a prepaid card only after activating it. So, please don't wait any further; get the card, activate it, and use it for online shopping, everyday medical purchases, and bill payments.

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1. Do I need to remember my FlexOTC Card details?

Remember your PIN and security associated with your FlexOTC card.

2. What to do if there's trouble activating my FlexOTC card?

Contact customer service for further assistance if you face any trouble following the card activation process.

3. Can I check my FlexOTC card balance?

Yes, you can. Just log in to your account on flexotc.com. The other method to check the available balance is by connecting the customer service number.

4. What's the procedure for reloading a FlexOTC card?

To reload your FlexOTC card, follow any of the four processes, i.e., online, direct deposit, bank transfer, or cash.

5. Is the FlexOTC card eligible for online shopping?

Obviously, you can use your FlexOTC card for online shopping. The card functions similarly to that a debit card.