https //www.aainflight.com movies: How do I login into AA inflight to watch movies?

Are you having a query say How do I login into AA inflight to watch movies via https://www.aainflight.com, Then we are here to help you out? Are you a frequent traveler or a travel blogger/vlogger who keeps going around American beauty to explore? If you are one of those airplane lovers who are also wanderers all around the United States and North America then American Airlines are not any sort of surprise to you for sure.

Another question emerges with the Airlines. Who on the planet likes to watch clouds out of the window instead of a movie or a show on the planet? One in a million, maybe..! Well, for the rest of the people, American Airlines have AA in-flight entertainment access which means you can access free as well as paid ones, the ones which require a WiFi connection.

To explore more about how to AA in-flight entertainment and how to log in to watch your favorite show, come on with us on the journey from American Airlines to Wrap it up taking off!


What are https://www.aainflight.com Movies? How To Watch Your Favorite Movies While On Flight [2023]?

https //www.aainflight.com movies: How do I login into AA inflight to watch movies?

Well, watching the free inflight entertainment shows and movies don't require you to purchase any WiFi subscription or plan unless you want to do something else on the Internet. That being said, let us take you on the ride.

On tablet/phone:

  1. The first step, the important one, asks you to download the American Airlines app on your device before you step onto your plane.
  2. Once installed, connect your device to the AA network. In addition to this, let us remind you to turn on airplane mode.
  3. Now, move on with your browser and follow the entertainment.aa.com/ by clicking on the "Free Entertainment" or "Live TV" tab.
  4. It's time to run your fingers….through the shows to select one.
  5. Go for the "Watch Now" or whatever play button is available.

Watch your favorite without any hassle - in the clouds.


On laptop:

  1. Cut off all the connections and turn on airplane mode. Connect your laptop with the AA Inflight WiFi signal.
  2. Go to your browser and follow the entertainment.aa.com/en/.
  3. Stumble your fingers upon the "View Free Entertainment" tab.
  4. Select your favorite movie and watch it!

You can also click on the "What's On My Flight" option and enter your flight details to get an eye on what's available on your flight.

Moreover, the most popular browsers in the world: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the ones that support free inflight entertainment.


How To Log Into AA inflight via (Www Aainflight com)?

In case you aren't redirected to the AA inflight page after you connect with the Viasat WiFi, you can always log into AA inflight through your browser. Let's take you on a short flight.

Phone/tablet - After you connect your phone or tablet with the AA inflight WiFi connection, you might be directly redirected to the AA inflight page. In case you don't, turn off the airplane mode and connect to the WiFi. Open your default browser and let your clipboard and paste option take the lead to the entertainment.aa.com/en/.

Laptop - On your laptop, you obviously don't need to turn off any airplane mode and that makes the difference. Connect to the AA-inflight WiFi and in case you aren't redirected to the link, move on with the browser to our given entertainment.aa.com/en/.


Tell Us More About The WiFi Subscription Plans.

You can either purchase a Gogo subscription or an AA inflight subscription, whichever suits you best. You can access the Gogo WiFi via browser or you can access the AA inflight WiFi via the support.aainflight.com/app/home/c/256. Don't forget that for International flights, the AA network is the only option.

Here, we have built up a table to explain the WiFi subscription plans by American Airlines. Remember, the domestic plans are for the ones within the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean or Central America.


Domestic flights


International flights


All-day pass (24 hrs)


Duration of flight pass


The traveler pass (unlimited internet/month)


4-hour pass


The traveler pass (unlimited internet/month): 2 devices



2-hour pass



If you purchase your all-day pass in advance which stays valid for twelve months (from the date of purchase) because when you do so, it costs $16. Oh, keep in mind that it is valid for all domestic flights.

Also, invest your money in the monthly subscription plan only if you are a frequent traveler who travels every month because your subscription plan renews itself in case you forget to cancel it while you aren't traveling.


Do You Need Something Extra Other Than Money To Purchase WiFi Subscription?

There are a few things you must be/have in order to purchase an AA-inflight WiFi subscription including $$, of course! So, read more to find out the hidden clues.

An AAdvantage® member - As an AAdvantage® member, you earn points, often called "miles", as you frequently take flights. As many miles you collect, as many benefits you earn such as free checked bags and seat upgrades. Oh, to tell you more, joining the AAdvantage® program is absolutely free to join.

An email address - Having your email address saved in your AAdvantage® account is required.

A credit card saved with a U.S. billing address - Last but not least, you need to save a credit card with a U.S. billing address in your AAdvantage® account.


At What Speed Do You Get To Get Done With Your Work/Streaming?

To download something, the data speed comes around at approximately 500-600 kilobits/second for an individual. Meanwhile, to upload, the data speed follows the download one being 300 kilobits/second.

Moreover, the AA inflight internet connection is not something to rely on and this is why many of their flights have Gogo's 2Ku satellite system as well. The connection breaks at times and comes back some time later, maybe after your coffee would get cold?

Thus, not a great recommendation if you are a workaholic person or someone who needs to finish an urgent project.


Spill More Beans About American Airlines…

The largest airline in the world in terms of fleet size, the number of passengers the airline carries, and the revenue per passenger mile is not only the world's largest but is also a major airline within the United States of America. The headquarters reside in Fort Worth, Texas. Diving deep into the history of the airlines, let us figure out who dug out this incredible idea and turned it into life now.

The founder who got the airlines into life, Charles Lindbergh, flew the first American Airlines flight from St. Louis, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois for the first time on the 15th of April, 1996. If you are counting the days, then not in a long time the Airlines will be a century old. Then, after eight strong years of carrying mail, another founder C.R. Smith with Donald Douglas created the DC-3 - turning the airline industry from carrying mail to carrying passengers.

Talking about the net worth, as of October 2022, it has been calculated to be USD $7.75 Billion. Not just the largest fleet in the world, but also the largest number of planes owned in the world award goes to American Airlines. The current CEO of the airline has been under the work weather since the 31st of March, 2022.


Do American Airlines Let You Enjoy While You Fly?

A huge yes to this question, they let you entertain yourself at no trade of dollars. In case you are new here, you can watch your favorite shows, and movies, and go through the flight watching your favorite romance-genre movie in the middle of the clouds.

As you would follow the link, you will find a great number of movies on your screen. To figure out which is yours, go ahead with your flight number and enjoy your favorite movie. Oh, wait! Don't forget to install the American Airlines app before you step onto the plane. Let us tell you how you can watch these movies at absolutely no cost later in this article. First, let's get started with some Q&A.


More Tea On American Airlines' Inflight Entertainment.

If you would look for American Airlines flights that offer entertainment for completely free, you will find out that almost all the flights offer free inflight entertainment services. In simple words, you won't need to purchase any Wi-Fi subscription plan.

Are you having thoughts about your favorite Netflix documentary? No worries, AA Inflight got Netflix as well for free. Not just free movies but also have access to a huge number of TV series, and live TV along with over half a hundred million music tracks on Apple music - all for no dollars charged.

For furthering your love for music, let us tell you that American Airlines offer two connectivity options to let you connect with the Internet: Gogo 2Ku satellite and Viasat Wi-Fi. So, let us tell you that your favorite Apple music is available only on flights with Viasat Wi-Fi.


Is There Any Exceptional Flight?

Yes, the American Eagle flights do not have WiFi, and thus, no internet connection for the passengers. So, you cannot access any of the inflight entertainment services.

Note that all the inflight entertainment shows don't require any WiFi purchase but if you are willing to work or do some other stuff except watching the free inflight entertainment, you will need to purchase a subscription plan. Let's go into detail about this one!


Do you Have Gogo Subscription Instead?

In case you have a Gogo subscription instead then no worries for that case as well. For you, the substitute is the Gogo Entertainment app in place of the American Airlines app. You can go ahead with airborne.gogoinflight.com on your default browser.

Select your favorite show, or movie and get started with the Gogo Entertainment app. In case you still have the Gogo Video Player app, replace it with the Gogo Entertainment app just as the company said.

Gogo inflight WiFi's speed isn't too good if you look at it here and even worse when using it in real life, being 500-600 kilobits/second the download speed and 300 kilobits/second the upload speed for every individual user.


Can You Watch AA Inflight Free Entertainment On International Flights?

Unfortunately, no! You cannot watch anything for free once you are out of the coverage area. For that purpose, you will need to invest in a pass or a subscription plan (if you travel often) to combat the internet and your entertainment cravings.

Also, don't forget that the AA-inflight WiFi is the only one available on American Airlines international flights. In case you got into some sort of trouble, we got you covered.


How To Contact American Airlines via https://www.aainflight.com?

There are three ways through which you can contact American Airlines' customer care representatives in case you want to cancel your WiFi subscription in case you aren't planning any trip anytime soon because obviously, your subscription will be renewed charging you dollars. Also, there is no such policy that you'll get a refund so it's better to save yourself from debt.

The first method is to make a call at 844-994-4646, the second option is to chat live at support.aainflight.com to make your confession, and the last one is to wear your professional shoes and email at subscription.wifi@aa.com.

Well, all these methods can iron out your issues nicely by helping you cancel your subscription. Coming to the end of the article, let us wrap it up and end this long flight.


Wrap It Up!

As we are landing and letting you all go, let us make you go through a flashback. In the beginning, we saw the unique history of American Airlines where it changed the complete history while going through a transition from carrying mail to carrying passengers. Also, we have a look at how one can contact the AAInflight team online via https://www.aainflight.com. how one can  Then, we found out about the incredible founders as well as how American Airlines will be celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Jumped then fell into the free inflight entertainment section and found out about different domestic and international WiFi subscription plans and passes. Then, we figured out the three important things required to purchase a WiFi subscription plan: being an AAdvantage® member, having an email saved, and then, a credit card with a U.S. billing address saved to your AAdvantage® account.

In case you take some time off from traveling, we told you three ways to cancel your WiFi subscription because it renews itself and you probably wouldn't get any refund. In addition to this, we mentioned a bit about the Gogo Entertainment app and its subscription plan followed by the tarnished relationship between free inflight entertainment & international flights.

As a bonus, we always add some of the frequently asked questions to make our readers stay a little. You can read them below!


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1. Do American Airlines provide free WiFi access to its passengers?

No, currently their flights do not provide any kind of free WiFi access but according to the sources, it has been highly anticipated that they might be providing free WiFi in future.

2. Is there any AAdvantage club membership?

Yes, apart from the American Airlines loyalty program where you are required to earn Loyalty points, there is an Admirals Club membership which costs you annually. In this club membership, you choose between two plans: AAdvantage® & AAdvantage Executive Platinum® starting from USD $650 & USD $550 respectively and varies according to the membership type.

3. Should I be an AAdvantage member?

If you don't fly very often, like quite frequently in a month, then it's definitely not worth it and cool for you. In case you fly frequently in a month and the cycle goes on for every month, having the AAdvantage elite status is definitely worth it.

4. Can I text someone on my AA flight?

Yes, you can with a cost as little as $10 to purchase WiFi in order to text using the Internet.

5. What if I don't put my phone on airplane mode?

It's not good for your phone as well as for the plane. The signals going on and off will not only cause trouble with the plane's navigation but also take away your phone's battery.

6. Can I listen to music on my flight?

Yes, in case you haven't purchased any inflight WiFi plan, then you can listen to music only if you have downloaded it.

7. Are bluetooth headphones allowed on American Airlines' flights?

Yes, bluetooth headphones are allowed on American Airlines' flights but you cannot make any use of them while the plane is taking off or landing.