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Shillong Teer Club Chart Today 26-04-2018

teer club chart shillong Welcome Shillong Teer Club Charts users! let go to the point. So we are here for Today Club Chart/list of Shillong. We will provide the name of the clubs which will play today shillong teer game! Its very important to know the name of the playing clubs but why? we can easily understand the algorithm pf playing and can apply finding the best shillong common numbers. So let see today clubs

Shillong Club First Round

(26th April 2018)


Update Time 11:00 A.M

Shillong Club Second Round

(26th April 2018)


Update Time 11:00 A.M

Played Date Club playing F/R Club playing S/R
26-04-2018 Pynthor Laitkor
25-04-2018 Sengbiriaiabeitlang Kynthuplang
23-04-2018 Jaiwaw Senglang
21-04-2018 Combined 12 Clubs
20-04-2018 Laitumkhrah Pynthor
19-04-2018 Laban Malki
17-04-2018 Senglang Mawlai
14-04-2018 Combined 12 Clubs
13-04-2018 Pynthor Kynthuplang
12-04-2018 Malki Jaiaw
11-04-2018 Laban Laitkor
09-04-2018 OFF OFF
07-04-2018 Combined 12 Clubs
06-04-2018 Wahingdoh Senglang
05-04-2018 Mawlai Pynthor
02-04-2018 Laitkor Sengbiriaiabeitlang

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Here we provided the complete list of Shilllong Club Chart/List. Daily Update time is 11:00 A.M. So if you are finding only the club name of Today you may check above. Dear Users During Calculating Target Numbers if we know today playing clubs name we can easily understand the way of playing and if we do flash back of previous published shillong teer results, we can determine today goal easily. So we have to play wisely each day keeping our eye open for tomorrow (27/04/18) too. Thanks for Visiting Our site Teernews.in